CKA Tournament 4: Kerr Scott Lake

CKA Tournament 4

Scott Kerr Lake, NC

May 12, 2018

Advance notice: please read the info below the paragraphs carefully!

Kerr Scott is another new lake to the CKA Trail. There is a story as to how it was chosen. While debating lakes for the 2018 season, the CKA directors reached a deadlock over a May date and lake. Rather than concede, one of us chose a random lake from a map, a lake he had never heard of, fished or seen in his life. One of his opponents then said, “you know, that’s a great lake. That could work out.” Therefore, all the usual factors for lake selection went out the window. We did not choose this lake based on popularity or season, angler feedback or another trail’s schedule or for any reason at all. It was random.

In sum, 3 of the first 4 lakes of the 2018 CKA season (Hyco, High Rock, and Scott Kerr) were new to our series and the 4th (Hickory) is a recent addition. We set out to shake everyone out of their comfort zone. The result we hoped for has come to pass: attendance is far outpacing 2017 and this year’s AOY standings are more competitive, making for wide open AOY and ROY races.

Scott Kerr is located in the northwest Piedmont, near Wilkesboro. It is one of 4 Piedmont lakes run by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. There will be (7) launches eligible listed below. There is also camping and rental cabins, which can be found at this link.

  • Anglers will sign up through TourneyX at . You will not pay through Tourneyx. The Entry Fee for this event will be paid at the Dam Site Park morning sign in between 5:00am -5:45am. Anglers will leave after a brief Captains Meeting to reach their ramps.
  • Anglers are to remain within 30 yards of a launch area prior to the 6:15am start time. Anglers may have kayaks in the water but will not be permitted to leave early to get to fishing areas.
  • Blank identifiers will be available on TourneyX approximately one week prior to the event (we recommend printing a few extras).
  • Unique identifier CODES will be released Friday 5/11 at 8:00pm EST on the CKA social media (Facebook and Twitter). We will provide instructions at that time for how to populate the identifier.
  • TourneyX sign up will be cutoff on Friday 5/11 at 11:00pm EST.
  • Budget time for travel from your launch to check in.
  • Remember you must be present at check in no later than 2:45 pm. If you need help with or have issues uploading your fish, please make an attempt to be at the Check-In Area early.


Event Info

Sign up TourneyX
Fee $50.00 Entry (includes H.O.W, TourneyX, Big Fish fees).

Pay Saturday morning at ramp!

Event Date May 12th 2018
Format 3 fish (8” minimum). Approved measuring board required.     
Lines In 6:15 am
Lines Out 2:15 pm
Check in No Later than 2:45pm


Eligible Ramps

Note: Ramps have launch fees. Launch fee is not included in the tournament fee.

Dam Site Park

499 Reservoir Rd, Wilkesboro, NC 28697

24 Hour Access, $5 launch


Boomer Park

101 Boomer Rd. Boomer NC 28606

24 Hour Access, $5 launch


Keowee Park (at Warrior Park Campground)

7659 NC-268, Boomer, NC 28606

24 Hour Access, $5 launch


Ft. Hamby Park

S., 1534 Recreation Rd, Wilkesboro, NC 28697

Call for hours; $5 Launch


Smithey’s Creek Park

S Minton Rd, Wilkesboro, NC 28697

24 Hour Access, $5 launch


Bandits Roost Park

667 Jess Walsh Dr, Wilkesboro, NC 28697

Call for hours; $5 Launch


Marleys Ford Canoe Launch

S Marley Ford Rd, Ferguson, NC 28624

24 Hour Access ; Possible Fee


Angler of the Year Race Update

AOY Update April 25, 2018

Hi everyone, and thanks again to all who fished at High Rock. Below you can see the top 30 in the Angler of the Year race and the full AOY standings can be accessed at 2018 AOY page of our website.

Angler of the Year (Top 30, after 3 events)

Read more “Angler of the Year Race Update”

Rookie of the Year update

Hi everyone,

We posted the updated ROY standings after 3 events. This race keeps shifting and it’s fun to watch all the new anglers (26!) battle for position. A lot can change because only your top 4 scores count, and anglers will begin replacing low scores after the next event at Kerr Scott on May 12th.

You can see the standings at this page:


Tournament of Champions Qualifier Announcement

The CKA donated a qualifying spot to its Tournament of Champions (Oct 21-22) to the winner of the Boonedox Yadkin Slam Big Bass division. That winner was Jacob Miles, who qualified with free entry for the ToC event with his big fish. Congratulations, Jacob!

To date, the roster of qualified ToC anglers is as follows:

  •            Bob Dainton (1st place, Hyco)
  •            Keith McGee (1st Place, Hickory)
  •            P.C. Hawj (1st place, High Rock)
  •            Jacob Miles (Big Bass, Yadkin Slam)
  •            Rookie of the Year (tbd)

April News: High Rock Photo Gallery and Assorted news

Hi everyone, and thanks to all the folks who attended CKA event 3 at High Rock! As always, we gathered and posted all the photos in our 2018 season gallery, which you can see at this link:

Since many of us are busy with the upcoming KBF/Boonedox event and the Get:Outdoors demo on Saturday, CKA will be quiet until next week.If you are in the market for a new kayak, or know someone who is, the demo is a great place to try a boat and find the best fit!

Upcoming posts will include, in no particular order:

1. Tournament sign up for event 4 at Scott Kerr Lake, the last of the new lakes for this season (Shearon Harris, Jordan and Macintosh are next after Scott Kerr!).

2. ROY and AOY updates

3. Announcement of prize packs for AOY and ROY (these are going to be awesome).

Thanks again, everyone!

Sincerely, the CKA staff