CKA Tournament #4: Lake Hickory

CKA Event #4
Lake Hickory, NC
May 13, 2017

CKA welcomes anglers to Event #4 on the naturally beautiful Lake Hickory.  CKA moves operations to the western side of North Carolina for its first ever visit to this 4200 acre gem on the upper end of the Catawba River chain. Crystal clear waters, steady water levels and sandy bottom will have anglers fishing docks, points and natural shorelines.

This will be a single launch event from the Wittenburg Landing Access area. Anglers will also check back into this same area at the conclusion of the event. Additional prize and raffle items will again include the Lucky Draw Bag Prize Package from Picasso Lures for the first angler out of the money a selection of Gandy Lures and a new Bending Branches paddle!

Remember that CKA takes the angler’s best six event finishes for the season towards your AOY points, so with 5 events left there is still a great opportunity to work towards both AOY and the top 25.

Sign Up:     5:15am – 6:00am

*** Sign up ends sharply at 6:00am, we will not be able to accommodate late Anglers***

Blast Off:     6:15am 

*** Captains meeting on the water just before blast off. Anglers must stay within designated area***

Check In:        2:30pm (late penalties start at 2:31pm)

Photo Upload Cutoff:    3:00pm

Sign up and Pay at Tourney X:


Launch Address:

Wittenburg Landing

193-229 Wildlife Access Rd.

 Hickory, NC 28601


CKA Photo Gallery Update, News, etc

After a busy start, our 2017 kayak fishing season has a short break between events. We are currently preparing all the write up info, sign up and event logistics for our next tournament at Lake Hickory (for launch info, see the new banner on the website).

The CKA staff is also taking this time to adjust the site. Let us know if you have comments or questions and we will make changes. We’ve already clarified some language in the sign up instructions on the “Tournaments” page, for example (Thanks, Garrett!).

In addition, we have updated the photo gallery with photos from Lake Jordan. You can see it here: If you’d like your pics added to the site, email them to us!

Thanks again to our anglers and sponsors for making this a special season. Remember: there are 5 events left so there is plenty of time to catch up in the AOY standings!


Cory, Wayne, Larry and Henry




CKA Angler of the Year Standings (April 2017)

The attached PDF file contains the official AOY standings through the first 3 events of the 2017 CKA season. Click the link below to access the file.

Overall, attendance is up and the race to AOY is close! But it isn’t over, because 5 tournaments remain. Remember: only your top 5 event scores count toward AOY, so there is plenty of time to compete, catch up to and displace anglers currently at the top of the standings.

AOY points determine the Angler of the Year, anglers (5) who will qualify for the KBF National Championship, and also the 25 anglers who will qualify for the CKA Tournament of Champions in October.

Thanks to everyone who has come out for events, thank you to our generous sponsors, and we will see everyone at Lake Hickory on May 13th!

CKA AOY Standings 04122017


CKA at the 2017 KBF National Championship

Competitive fishing against the nation’s top kayak anglers requires considerable determination and skill. Once again our Carolina Kayak Anglers rose to that challenge and fished extremely well at the KBF National Championship and related events on Kentucky Lake this past weekend. The CKA staff is grateful and thankful that CKA anglers devoted time and resources to making the journey to Kentucky Lake for the KBF Championship in 2016 and 2017.

Below is a side by side example of how our anglers performed this year when compared to last. We have listed only the anglers who placed or were near the top of the standings.

We also want to thank others who competed – Jim Lor, Matt Hawj, John Ladd, Joey Sullivan, Brian Falbe, Dustin Matthews, Duane Houser and Hank Veggian – with respectable showings in all events this past week. The larger national events give us more than money to compete for, and that is the opportunity to travel, have fun and enjoy fishing on a great bass lake. We also thank KBF, all the sponsors and families who support our anglers, our fellow competitors from the U.S. and Canada who participated, and the great states of Kentucky and Tennessee.

2016 KBF National Championship                     2017 KBF National Championship

5th place Shelly Efird                                            3rd place Rick Rowland

7th place Jim Lor                                                  5th Place Cory Dreyer

16th place Cory Dreyer                                         14th place Stewart Venable

20th place Jamie Denison                                      16th place Shelly Efird

29th place Aaron Miller                                          31st place Denny Romero
                                                                         35th place P.C. Hawj

2016 KBF Open KY Lake                                    2017 KBF Open KY Lake

11th place Jamie Denison                                      1st place Rick Rowland 

13th place Henry Veggian                                       3rd place Cory Dreyer

                                                                          12th place Austin Vang

                                                                           13th place Shelly Efird 

2016 Big Bass Brawl KY Lake                             2017 Big Bass Brawl KY Lake

9th place Cory Dreyer                                              5th place Bob Dainton

13th place Henry Veggian                                        16th place Brandon Jessup

15th place Shelly Efird                                             20th place Rick Rowland

17th place John Ladd

18th place Buster Swisher





















Announcement: CKA Adopts Paypal

I can’t thank everyone enough for the incredible support for the CKA over the first two events. As a first year group working together (Cory and Wayne are the veterans) running CKA, we are continually reflecting on what we can do to continue to improve the series.

Starting with the Jordan Lake event (April 8th), anglers will see improvement in the efficiency of the check-in and weigh-in processes. We want to ensure that we properly highlight our sponsors, highlight the achievements of the winning anglers and also be fully aware that everyone has had a long day (and at times a long drive home) so we can let anglers be on their way in a timely manner. And so we will begin now with raffles and sponsors (while staff finalizes submissions and prepares the winner’s circle), then proceed to winnings.

One major adjustment we are making is the manner in which we collect entry fees. We have become increasingly uncomfortable with having the large amounts of money  generated at these events being held by an individual with risk that it could be compromised (lost, stolen etc.).  In addition, it is simply just a matter of safety.

With that being said, starting with this tournament cycle and the Jordan Lake sign up, we will be introducing PayPal as the preferred manner of paying for entry fees. Cory will be setting up the account which will be published ASAP with the Jordan Lake Tournament details to allow people to get familiar with the payment system. I know there may be hesitation from some but I assure you it is completely safe, insured, free and super easy to set up. Cory and I have personally used it since it was introduced several years ago. Many of you most likely already use it and it can be linked to your bank account, credit card and a few other methods. It will also allow us to funnel winnings directly back into accounts without having to handle large amounts of cash.

We would definitely like to get 100% PayPal participation for Jordan but I do understand we need to get everyone comfortable with using it. I would like to offer anyone who may be skeptical using this method to contact us via the CKA Message option on this Facebook page with questions and concerns, I will also gladly touch base with anyone to help work through any questions and concerns with this change.

Again, thank you all for the incredible support and we look forward to bigger and better things to come.

Larry and CKA