Rookie of the Year update

Hi everyone,

We posted the updated ROY standings after 3 events. This race keeps shifting and it’s fun to watch all the new anglers (26!) battle for position. A lot can change because only your top 4 scores count, and anglers will begin replacing low scores after the next event at Kerr Scott on May 12th.

You can see the standings at this page:


Tournament of Champions Qualifier Announcement

The CKA donated a qualifying spot to its Tournament of Champions (Oct 21-22) to the winner of the Boonedox Yadkin Slam Big Bass division. That winner was Jacob Miles, who qualified with free entry for the ToC event with his big fish. Congratulations, Jacob!

To date, the roster of qualified ToC anglers is as follows:

  •            Bob Dainton (1st place, Hyco)
  •            Keith McGee (1st Place, Hickory)
  •            P.C. Hawj (1st place, High Rock)
  •            Jacob Miles (Big Bass, Yadkin Slam)
  •            Rookie of the Year (tbd)

April News: High Rock Photo Gallery and Assorted news

Hi everyone, and thanks to all the folks who attended CKA event 3 at High Rock! As always, we gathered and posted all the photos in our 2018 season gallery, which you can see at this link:

Since many of us are busy with the upcoming KBF/Boonedox event and the Get:Outdoors demo on Saturday, CKA will be quiet until next week.If you are in the market for a new kayak, or know someone who is, the demo is a great place to try a boat and find the best fit!

Upcoming posts will include, in no particular order:

1. Tournament sign up for event 4 at Scott Kerr Lake, the last of the new lakes for this season (Shearon Harris, Jordan and Macintosh are next after Scott Kerr!).

2. ROY and AOY updates

3. Announcement of prize packs for AOY and ROY (these are going to be awesome).

Thanks again, everyone!

Sincerely, the CKA staff


AOY and ROY Updates

Hi everyone, and thanks again to all who fished at Hickory. We have created new pages for the 2018 ROY and AOY standings. AOY and ROY charts with the top of the standings as well as pdf files of complete standings can be accessed at the links below. We will update them periodically.

The TD’s have noticed that the early AOY race is tighter than it has ever been in years past and there are many new names, as well as familiar names having great early season runs. The ROY race is also exceeding our expectations, and it is great to see so many new folks competing hard in the events. Additionally, it looks as though the new, expanded points system will create increased shifts in the standings as the race continues. In short, keep grinding!

We are grateful for everyone’s participation and we’ll see you all at High Rock this coming Saturday for the combined CKA/KBS event!

The 2018 ROY page:

The 2018 AOY page:

CKA Tournament #3: High Rock Lake

CKA Tournament #3

April 14, 2017

High Rock Lake

CKA Tournament #3 takes us to another new addition to the CKA Trail, a lake familiar to many North Carolina anglers: High Rock Lake. High Rock has hosted many Bassmaster events (including three very memorable Bassmaster Classics). It is a tournament favorite on many kayak and boat circuits. From its river-fed northern end to the deeper waters in its southern pool, High Rock is a diverse fishery loaded with bass and structure.

Our CKA event coincides with a live Kayak Bass Series (KBS) event. Anglers can register and submit the same fish to both events. KBS has provided CKA with not one, but six Manley rods as giveaways for this event! You can sign up for both events on TourneyX (the folks at Ketch Co. may also be present with their CKA & KBS tournament approved boards!).

Remember also that Boonedox will host a KBF Trail at High Rock the following week (April 21st), so this will also be a great chance for anglers to pre-fish for that event.

Get:Outdoors, Yak Attack, BioSpawn, Dave’s, and TRC Covers have generously provided giveaway items. Additionally, Manley Rods is providing the previously mentioned additional giveaways for this event. Don’t forget: if you fished a CKA event this season, you receive a discount at Get:Outdoors, so stock up on kayak fishing gear, as this event is close to the store!

  • Multi Launch (six ramps listed at bottom of page are the only legal launches).
  • Anglers are to remain within 30 yards of the launch area prior to the 6:30am start time. Anglers may have kayaks in the water but will not be permitted to leave early to get to fishing areas.
  • Blank identifiers will be available for print approximately one week prior to the event (we recommend printing a few extras).
  • Unique identifier CODES will be released Friday 4/13 after 8:00pm EST. We will provide instructions at that time how to populate the identifier.
  • TourneyX sign up will be cutoff on Friday 4/13 at 10:00pm EST.
  • If you plan to camp or be away from a printer on Friday, please print your ID in advance, then fill in the code the evening it is released to Facebook.
  • Budget time for travel from your launch to check in. Remember you must be present at Southmont check in by 3:00 pm. If you cannot upload photos and show up at 3:00 pm asking for help, tournament directors may deny your request. Therefore budget time wisely.


Sign up

Fee $50.00 Entry (includes H.O.W, TourneyX, Big Fish fees)
Event Date April 14, 2018
Format 3 fish (8” minimum). Hawg Trough measure required.     
Lines in 6:30 am
Lines Out 2:30 pm
Check in/Photo upload ends 3:00 pm
Check in Address:             Southmont Access

899 Wildlife Recreation Area

Lexington, NC 27292


Approved Launches

1. Southmont

899 Wildlife Recreation Area Access Rd, Lexington, NC 27292


2. Flat Swamp Creek

16646 NC-8, Denton, NC 27239


3. Dutch Second creek

10799-10895 Bringle Ferry Rd, Salisbury, NC 28146


4. Tamarac Marina

9120 Bringle Ferry Rd, Salisbury, NC 28146


5. Buddle Creek

2882 Holloway Church Rd, Lexington, NC 27292


6. York Hill Boat Access (Must fish south of I-85; waters north of I-85 are off limits)

Trading Ford Way

Linwood, NC