CKA 4 Badin Lake Shootout

CKA Tournament 4 Presented by Texas 2 Step

May 22, 2021

Badin Lake, NC

CKA welcomes Anglers to Event #4 on Badin Lake (last visited by us in 2017). It’s the southernmost lake we fish on the Yadkin/Pee-Dee river chain and one of the oldest impounded lakes in North Carolina. 

Badin contains 5,350 surface acres of water, 115 miles of shoreline, and an average depth of 90 feet with a maximum depth of 190 feet. This diverse fishery hosts all three major Black Bass species (Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, and Spotted Bass) as well as Striped Bass and Walleye.  With its deep structure, rocky islands, grassy shorelines, flats, points and boat docks, there is opportunity for every style of fishing.

This will be a multi-launch event. Any publicly accessible launch is permitted. 

Texas2Step is sponsoring the event and will be at the check in with swag and a special presentation to the top anglers! This is Texas2Step‘s second year with CKA and we appreciate their support! Be sure to check our the full line of detailing products including the Ship Shape product that is good for:

  • Kayak wipe down and protection!
  • Easily removes water lines and water scum on boats!
  • Cleans Ketch boards with ease and makes them look new with minimal effort!
  • Wipe down your fiberglass boat and bring out the gelcoat’s shine!
  • Works great on glass as well!

A few reminders:

  • CKA has streamlined sign up and payment system for the 2021 season. All tournament fees are now through TourneyX.
  • CKA membership fees are now paid directly to: 
  • CKA has a new payout structure. See website for details.

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CKA 3 – W. Kerr Scott Reservoir

W. Scott Kerr was a new lake to the CKA Trail in 2018 and this will be our third visit there, but our first for the infamous spring bite! 

W. Scott Kerr is located in the northwest Piedmont, near Wilkesboro. It is one of 4 Piedmont lakes run by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (this means additional regulations apply – see event details). There are (7) eligible launches. There is also camping and rental cabins available around the lake. 

We are taking donations at this event at sign up for Socks & Cookies, a great organization that sends a “piece of home” to deployed military through care packages! Socks & Cookies also puts on tournaments for the charity so be on the look out for those as well!

There is also going to be a raffle for a Carver Covers custom kayak cover that you will want to get in on! $5 per ticket that you can purchase when you sign up, through PayPal by sending $5 per ticket (via friends and family please!) to with a note that it is for the raffle. You don’t need to be present to win, but it is encouraged! All proceeds to go to the Tournament of Champions!

Burlington Brawl results are in!

Congratulations to all the anglers that placed in the top 10 today at the Burlington Brawl presented by Faircloth Chimney Sweeps! 

After a brutal season starter at Shearon Harris with Hank Veggian taking the win with a single 20.25” and only 5 other angers able to put up 1 scorable fish each, anglers were looking forward to redemption in Burlington!

After a week of warming up that was long past due for North Carolina the bass were on the move and practice for the anglers was heating up as well. Numerous photos of big fish and reports of good practice day limit totals had this event looking like we were in for a mega brawl! The cold front changed things up however and the bass changed their attitudes, and the guys that made the right adjustments came out on top!

First place and $1288 went to Christopher Decker with 93.25″ with a 20″ kicker! Chris had a slow start realizing the cold front had changed things up and was able to adjust and get the bites he needed to take the lead before the board shut off and it held up for the win!

Christopher Decker (right) receiving his CKA check from Faircloth Chimney Sweeps’ Justin Faircloth (left)

2nd Place went to Brooks Lanier with 88.25” earning him $515 with a 19.5” kicker. 

Brooks Lanier (left) receiving his CKA check from Faircloth Chimney Sweeps’ Justin Faircloth (right)

3rd Place went to Melvin Yang with 83.5″  earning him $386 with a 19” kicker. 

Melvin Yang (left) receiving his CKA check from Faircloth Chimney Sweeps’ Justin Faircloth (right)

Big Bass was a 2 way tie with 22″ slobs between Dustin Mathews and Robert Blackwell. Dustin’s second biggest fish at 18.75 was enough to give him the victory taking both the $600 pot and the lead for the 2021 Length Lunker award!

Dustin Mathews (top right) scored this giant 22″ for Big Bass and new 2021 Length Lunker leader!

Burlington Brawl 2021 Top 10 

Place Angler Total Inches Payday
1st Christoper Decker 93.25” $1288
2nd Brooks Lanier 88.25” $515
3rd Melvin Yang 83.5” $386
4th Marcus Smith 83.25” $258
5th Luke Greco 80.25” $129
6th Dontrell Sullivan 77.50” $100
7th Justin Finger 75.25” $100
8th Bobby Bowers 71.50”
9th Sammy Wilson 71.25”
10th Mike Wimmer 71.25”

Angler of the Year 

The second event has mixed up the Angler of the Year points and we have a new leader! Dontrell Sullivan is the only angler to have cashed a check in both events and has taken the lead from Hank Veggian who had a limit at Burlington but had struggled to find the higher quality bites needed to get further up in the standings. 





Total Points


Dontrell Sullivan





Henry Veggian*





Shelly Efird





Christopher Decker*





Chris Dragotta





Melvin Yang





Marcus Smith





Bobby Bowers





Brooks Lanier





Richard Vanmeter




* TOC Qualified

Side note:

Our apologies to the anglers that fished out of Graham-Mebane Lake for the morning debacle. Although we had contacted the ramp weeks in advance, and were on the schedule at the lake there was some sort of issue with communication (nice way to put it) with the staff there. Although we spoke to them the previous Saturday and was handed the event sign in sheet and told to call back Friday to ensure they would be able to get us in as early as possible, we seemed to have been treated like an unwanted stepchild. After all the fuss in the office, denial, excuses of “if I had known” from the Assistant Warden who handed us the sign up sheet last week, we were able to get everyone in. I also heard comments of even more poor attitude received from the Assistant Warden who checked you all in. 

We assure you CKA did what was required per what we were told the previous week, and hope to make sure this not an issue in the future.

All the other Burlington area ramps were courteous and friendly, and we appreciate their hospitality and willingness to work with CKA to get everyone on the water early and efficiently! Thank you to those kind folks, who some we will work with for the Gate City Classic in September!

CKA 2 – Burlington Brawl

CKA Tournament 2 Presented by Faircloth Chimney Sweeps and Wildlife Removal

March 13, 2021

The Burlington Brawl

Lake Mackintosh. Stony Creek, Graham-Mebane and Cammack

4 Lakes, 5 Launches. 

Our second event is a multi-lake event on the Burlington area lakes. The largest of those lakes is Mackintosh, a lake familiar to CKA. The other three lakes – Cammack, Stony Creek and Graham-Mebane – are relatively new to the Trail. With the exception of Graham-Mebane all are Burlington City lakes with special restrictions. Please abide by all state and local rules. A few general points:

please bring exact change for launch fees. Lake authorities stressed this point, and it speeds up check in. Your launch fee is not included in the sign up. 

If you contact lake authorities and ask them to open early, then any angler who is present at that time can enter, pay and launch. 

We will release the identifier code across our social media (FB, Twitter, IG) on Friday night at 8 pm.  Contact: CKA on Facebook:

Note: The same time must and will apply to all ramps and lakes for lines in. As it stands, the time below will apply to all anglers, regardless of when gates open.

View the event details here:

2021 Pre-Tournament Checklist

  • Do you have a valid North Carolina fishing license?
  • Do you have exact change/cash to pay launch fees at the ramps?
  • If you plan to keep your tournament points, did you pay your membership fee?
  • Did you review the rules, practice using Tourneyx, and check the competition and post-tournament meeting times?
  • Are your location settings turned On in both the “Privacy” settings and web browser settings on your smart phone? (This will allow you to upload fish)
  • Did you register for the event at Tourneyx? 
  • Did you print out multiple identifier cards, and put a spare (with a sharpie) in your kayak in case you lose one?
  • Do you have an approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD)?
  • Do you have a 360 degree visible light for early launches?
  • Do you have a Ketch measuring board?
  • If using a motor, is your vessel registration current?
  • Are you ready to catch some fish?!?!?!?!

p.s. We will release the event code to write on the ID card on Friday at 8 pm. It will appear on CKA Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. It will not appear in TourneyX or on the CKA website.