CKA Tournament 7: Shearon Harris Lake

CKA Tournament #7

Shearon Harris Lake, NC

August 5, 2017


Welcome anglers to event #7 of the 2017 CKA tournament season. The tournament will be held on August 5th at Shearon Harris Lake. This will be a multi-launch event using the two  public ramps at the lake. The format is a 3 fish (black bass) limit tournament with anglers posting fish to Tourney X.

This post contains

  • lake and license information,
  • rules (and links to complete rules)
  • registration links
  • launch information
  • Captains Meetings time and location info
  • Tournament Start/End Times
  • Post-Event Check-In info

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  1. Lake and License Info

Shearon Harris is an annual stop on the CKA Trail but we generally fish it in the springtime (as did our precursor series, Carolina Yakfish). Therefore this will be the first time a large, multi-launch kayak fishing tournament has been held on the lake in deep summer. Harris is a legendary bass lake with a local and national reputation (B.A.S.S. ranked it #4 in the USA this season). And by now you’ve all heard about the 2 consecutive 40+ lb bags that were caught there this spring…..

Harris impounds Buckhorn Creek to create a 4,100 acre reservoir.  The lake is carefully managed with a slot limit that sustains breeding populations of large black bass. With a complex food chain of species ranges from abundant bait fishes to apex predators such as catfish, bass, pickerel and bowfin, Harris is a unique fishery and one that regularly produces trophy size fish. Lake levels have been high all season long keeping the lake at full pool with abundant vegetation. In short, the lake is primed to produce some very large limits for the event!

Please be sure to obtain a valid N.C. license and follow parking regulations at the lake’s two launches. Note that motor boats do launch at both ramps (be respectful and follow good ramp etiquette).

Boundaries and Rules

This event will follow KBF rules with the standard CKA exceptions (i.e. no motors, etc). This means that an angler is still responsible for following KBF rules. Therefore, anglers must be familiar with and follow KBF rules as well as all North Carolina fishing laws and local regulations as they apply to Shearon Harris. Exceptions and rules can be found at the link below:



NOTE: The Captains Meeting is mandatory. If you arrive late and miss the meeting you will be issued a refund and not permitted to fish the event. NO EXCEPTIONS! In addition, if you launch and paddle away during the meeting, you will be DQ’d. We do not care how many times you have heard the standard meeting points: you must comply with the rules or suffer penalties and consequences. Pay attention, be respectful of the tournament directors while they speak and remember that you if you are a veteran CKA angler, you are also setting an example for anglers new to the CKA.


  1. Registration Links

In order to register for the event, sign up using TourneyX. Please create a Tourney X angler account for event registration and CPR submissions if you have not done so – the basic account is free! Note: Be sure to update your phone so that browsers and apps run well.

  • CKA Event Fee: $45

Register & pay here:

If you will require a manual upload with the assistance of a tournament director, you should plan to be off the water a bit earlier so as to allow directors to help you and avoid holding up the event. Tournament directors cannot be responsible for working out technical glitches and waiting for update son phones to complete. If technical problems cannot be resolved, your fish will simply not be accepted.



  1. Launches

The tournament is a multi-launch event using both the Holleman’s boat ramp and Crosspoint boat ramp. These two launch areas will be the only eligible locations to launch (addresses are below). This is because KBF rules require equal access for all anglers; therefore launching from the lake’s primitive launches will NOT BE ALLOWED for this event. Keep in mind that launches at Harris have limited ramps, with the renovated Crosspoint ramp being the more accessible and ample of the two. There will be lines, however, so arrive early, respect fellow boaters and be careful and helpful at the launches.

Both ramps are 24 hour ramps and there are no launch fees.

  1. Captains Meetings

There will be two simultaneous Captains Meetings. Therefore, anglers should attend the meeting at the ramp from where they wish to launch. Again: if you do not attend one of the two meetings, you cannot fish the event.

CKA will provide identifiers at the Captains meetings.

Captains Meetings

  1. Place: Holleman’s Crossing

4420 Bartley Holleman Rd, New Hill, NC, 27562

Time: 5:00-5:45 a.m. check-in, 5:45 am meeting. Launch upon conclusion.

Lines in: 6:15 am

  1. Place: Crosspoint Boat Ramp

233 Crosspoint Rd, New Hill, NC 27562

Time: 5:00-5:45 a.m. check-in, 5:45 am meeting. Launch upon conclusion.

Lines in: 6:15 am

  1. Tournament Start/End Times

Lines In: You may paddle to your spots but you may not start fishing before 6:15 a.m.

Lines out: 2:30 p.m. Remember that you will not be able to post fish to TourneyX after 3:00 pm, so upload early or quickly after lines out. The tournament standings will be unavailable beginning at around 1 pm but you can still post fish until 3:00 pm.


Tournament Check-In

We will hold the end-of-event meeting at the Hollemans boat launch. All anglers must be present by 3:30 pm. This means that you must present yourself at the check in desk by that time, without exception. The check in area will be located on the grassy area on the left-center side of the lot. Look for the CKA banner there.

Anglers must be present at the post-tournament check-in to collect prizes. If you leave the event early and will not attend the check-in, we ask that you send us a message so we know you are safe.

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