Gate City Classic 2017

CKA Tournament 8

The Gate City Classic

Multi-Lake Kayak Fishing Tournament

September 30th, 2017

Hi everyone, and get ready for the Gate City Classic! As many of you know, the Classic is when we celebrate our season with fishing and food and announce the AOY. A number of prizes, qualifications and details are also determined on this final day of the regular season. They include:

  • AOY winner. The CKA Angler of the Year wins a Jackson Cuda HD, Yak Attack Black Pak, a Bending Branches paddle and a $500 Get:Outdoors gift certificate
  • Five KBF National Championship slots,
  • The kayak raffle winner (every angler has one entry for each tournament he or she fished). If you fished even a single event this season, you could win a Native Slayer Propel 13!
  • The final standings for the top 25 anglers who will proceed to the Tournament of Champions of October .
  • Location selection for the Tournament of Champions. The lake is drawn after the Classic and Final standings are announced.

This is a multi-lake event. All details are below:

  1. Sign up

There is a cut off time for sign up so that we will know how much food to order. You will have until 3 pm on September 29th to register.

Entry fee for the classic is $55 and this will include your $10 donation to HOW, raffle ticket, food, prizes and your entry for big bass and placing.

Sign up: Click here to register at TourneyX

Tournament ID’s

Your ID number will be posted to the CKA Facebook page on Friday night before the tournament. Each person who enters will have a unique ID to their name. Please write the ID posted on your hand or a card. The number must be visible in the photo and we must be able to read the ID number for the fish you submit to Tourneyx to be valid.

Example for Cory Dreyer. His ID will be written as: GC01 (Next angler GC 02 etc).

 You are responsible for reading and following all CKA/KBF rules. All local lake rules also apply, so be careful to read the regulations for the lake you choose to fish. You can CKA rules at this link:

  1. Times

Lines in water: 6 am. If the lake gate opens later than 6 am, then that’s when you begin.

Lines out of water: 3 pm. No uploads after 4 pm.

  1. Check-In

Anglers must check in with one of the four tournament directors at Get Outdoors by 4:00pm. We will have a sign-in sheet available. No exceptions!

Check-in location will be

Get Outdoors Address
1515 West Gate City Blvd
Greensboro, NC 27403

Tel: 336-294-3918

You must be signed in at Get Outdoors by 4:00 p.m. or standard deductions apply (see rules). 

  1. Tournament Lakes

You can fish your choice of the following launch locations as soon as the lake allows on the morning of the event:

  • Randleman Regional Reservoir
    Southwest Park, 3403 Wall Road, Greensboro, NC 27407 – $5
    336-641-3544 – No gasoline motors – No SUPs – 513 acres with no gas motors, 3,007 acres total
    7 miles from GET:OUTDOORS
  • Randleman Marina, 7123 Adams Farm Road, Randleman, NC 27317 – $5
    336-498-5281 – Maximum speed limit 25 mph – No SUPs – 3,007 total acres
    15.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS
  • Lake Higgins
    Higgins Marina, 4235 Hamburg Mill Road, Summerfield, NC 27358 – $6
    336-373-3739 – No horsepower restrictions – SUPs allowed – 226 acres
    8 miles from GET:OUTDOORS
  • Oak Hollow Lake
    Oak Hollow Marina, 3431 North Centennial Street, High Point, NC 27265 – $5
    336-883-3494 – No horsepower restrictions – SUPs allowed – 800 acres
    18.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS
  • Lake Townsend
    Townsend Marina, 6332 Townsend Road, Brown Summit, NC 27214 – $6
    336-373-3694 – No horsepower restrictions – SUPs allowed – 1,542 acres
    14.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS
  • High Point City Lake
    HPCL Park, 602 West Main Street, Jamestown, NC 27282 – $4
    336-883-3498 – Gas motors under 10 HP – SUPs allowed – 340 acres
    12.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS
  • Lake Brandt
    Brandt Marina, 5945 Lake Brandt Road, Greensboro, NC 27455 – $6
    336-373-3741 – No horsepower restrictions – SUPs allowed – 816 acres
    8.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS
  • Lake Macintosh
    Lake Macintosh Marina, 2704 Huffman Mill Road, Burlington, NC 27215 – $5 launch fee. Tel: 336-538-0896 – No horsepower restrictions, but large area for non-gas – No SUPs – 1,100 acres
    20.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS
  • Guilford-Macintosh Marina (Lake Macintosh), 1345 NC 61 South, Whitsett, N.C. This is the western side of the lake that restricts gas-powered engines.

4 thoughts on “Gate City Classic 2017

    1. Hi Doyle,
      Sorry for the delayed reply, but the staff was all out of town in the past few days. No, the Gate City Classic is open to everyone. The top 25 will compete in October.
      We hope you will fish the classic – it’s a great end of season event!

  1. Just curious what I would have to do to be able to fish with you guys in these tournaments? I’ve been fishing for years and would love to get in the tournament fishing starting next year probably, thanks I live in the High Point area

    1. Hi Marc, CKA directors were all out of town, so we apologize for the delay. CKA is not a “club” so there is no membership required. Furthermore, while we are a KBF affiliate, you do not have to be a KBF member to fish CKA events. In sum, you sign up for an event on Tourneyx, pay the registration fee, show up and fish! If you are interested in meeting folks, we will all be at Get Outdoors in Greensboro after the Gate City Classic on Sept 30, where all the anglers check in and we wrap up our regular season. Even if you don;t fish, stop by and check things out!
      best regards, the CKA staff.

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