Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) has emerged in recent years as a leader in the sport and also the country’s primary venue for competitive kayak fishing. As a KBF affiliate, CKA anglers who register as KBF members enjoy a range of benefits and opportunities. Those include KBF member benefits for gear, the chance to compete in large KBF Trail events in North Carolina and the chance to qualify for the KBF National Championship. 

Since 2014 CKA Anglers have competed at a high level against the nation’s top kayak anglers in KBF events.

  • In 2015, Cory Dreyer won 5th place at the KBF Open on Kentucky Lake.
  • In 2016, 4 CKA anglers (Jamie Denison, Cory Dreyer, Henry Veggian and Aaron Miller) finished the season in the top 30 of the KBF AOY rankings (2nd, 7th, 25th and 28th places, respectively).
  • In 2017, CKA veteran Rick Rowland won both a KBF Open event (on Kentucky lake, winning $10,000) and two KBF Trail events ($1,000 each). In that same year, 9 CKA anglers qualified for the prestigious “100 Challenge” on Toledo Bend.
  • CKA anglers competed at a high level, collectively winning tens of thousands of dollars at the 2016 and 2017 National Championships and making North Carolina’s reputation as one of the most competitive kayak fishing states in the nation. Click here for more details on CKA results at those two events.

CKA membership is not required to compete in CKA events but we do encourage anglers to join KBF, where they can travel, meet kayak anglers from around the country and test their skills in KBF regional and national events.

Click on the images below for highlights from 2014 to the present of CKA anglers attending and competing in:

  • Kayak Bass Fishing Open Events
  • Kayak Bass Fishing Trail Series Tournaments
  • The Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship