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  1. I am interested in fishing some of your tournaments. I would like to do the Yadkin river tournament. What time is launch off? Is everything tournament 7am? Thanks Cody

  2. Good morning! Not new to bass fishing but new to kayak fishing. Just bought a Hobie pro angler and i am interested in fishing these tourneys and meeting new people who enjoy fishing as much as I do. I have a tournament rules question. Does the measuring device have to say “Hawg Trough” or be brand specific? Can I use the hawg trough sold by Austin Kayak that has the “ACK” logo or the Hobie Hawg Trough? Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you all.

    1. Marc thanks for reaching out to us. We would love to have you come out. It just has to be a hawg trough model measuring board. Doesnt matter what sticker or logo is there.

      Hope to see you out there man!


  3. Thank you for the reply! Not sure i will be fully ready for Lake Norman in February but will definitely be ready for the next one in March. I look forward to it. Thanks again!

  4. My son and I are thinking about doing the upcoming tournament on Lake Hickory but he is only 11, is there a minimum age limit? Also about the Hawg Trough, I have one that’s expandable would that be legal? What time is the captains meeting and registration. I’ve printed off the waiver, is that the only document that I need? As you can tell from all the questions I am a newbie.

    1. Hi Trey,
      Thank you for the questions. We’re glad to hear you are considering the event!

      So far as the waivers are concerned, that will be all you need for you and your son. Be sure he has a well fitted, comfortable pfd – it’s a long day, and CKA enforces the pfd rule because angler safety is a priority.

      As for the Hawg Trough, there is only one brand, and it is not expandable, so whatever ruler you have is probably incorrect. The judges will disqualify any fish submitted on a non-regulation ruler. We always bring a few extras to sell at the events ($20). Let us know and we will bring you a pair of regulation sized rulers.
      Our judges review photos all day off site, and will contact you and let you know if there is a non-regulation size ruler i9n a photo, but you want to avoid that eventuality.

      Sign up times are posted to the tourneyx registration. You will need an account there for photo uploads (they are free). You can pay registration there, too. We have shifted to on-line payment only because the series has gotten so big we found that we were carrying too much cash around, and it was a liability.

      We appreciate the questions. Keep them coming. The best thing to do is review rules, and practice taking correct photos of fish you caught.
      See you soon!
      Hank and the CKA Staf

  5. Good afternoon fellow yakers, couple of questions for you. I am super excited to be moving back to the great state of NC. I currently reside in Clarksville TN and fish with a local kayak fishing group. I am familiar with kayak bass fishing tournaments however I am not fimilar with local groups in NC. Looking to do some competitive tournaments and or just fishing with a group of guys. I was added to the old CKA FB group but haven’t seen any activity in quite some time. I think I saw something about you guys going back to the older version and that one I do not have access to, is it possible to get added to the new(older) group, if that makes sense? I will be moving back this time next month and looking to get after it chasing bucketmouths. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you! TIGHT LINES!

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for the message. We were all near Clarksville last month, fishing the KBF events on Kentucky Lake.

      As for the FB page, you can find it through the link on the front page of this website. It will take you back to the page, and you can click ‘like’ to follow it. We don;t have to add you.

      It sounds like you will be back in NC for our event at Badin Lake in early June. We hope to see you there – have a great trip!

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