2019 CKA Tournament Rules

Carolina Kayak Anglers follows the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Competition Rules, with the following exceptions:

  1. Each CKA angler must sign the on-line CKA liability waiver prior to competition.
  2. A CKA angler who wishes to retain his/her points for the AOY and ROY must pay the $20 fee at the end of the first event in which he or she participates. Anglers cannot pay after event 2 and keep points from event 1, for example. Conversely, an angler does not have to pay the member fee if he or she wants to fish an event.
  3. CKA has an 8″ minimum length rule for fish submissions. If a CKA angler is fishing a KBF event that is hosted by CKA, then the 12″ minimum only applies to submissions to the KBF leader board, and the 8″ minimum remains for the CKA leader board.
  4. CKA uses separate identifiers for photo submissions, not the KBF ID cards. Blank CKA ID cards are uploaded to the Tourneyx dashboard 2-3 days before each event. Codes are released the night before the event.
  5. An angler who fishes a KBF event co-hosted by CKA is NOT required to fish the KBF event that runs parallel with the CKA tournament on that day.
  6. Refunds are not offered after the start of competition time.

The exceptions listed above specify points where CKA rules diverge from KBF rules. KBF rules are periodically updated at this link.


  1. Competition Area: CKA Anglers must launch from the public ramp(s) advertised by CKA unless otherwise specified for special multi-launch and multi-lake events (such as the Gate City Classic & Burlington Battle).
  2. CKA permits the use of legally registered electric motors during CKA events
  3. Anglers must be present before the check-in deadline at the post-event drawings in order to collect any prizes won or to keep their competition points. This includes all end of season prizes, such as AOY or kayak prizes. The Tourneyx “check-in” function is not a substitute at this time for being physically present and signing in at the post-event meeting. If you will not attend the post event meeting and awards, please contact CKA so we know you are safe.

It is an angler’s responsibility to become familiar with and follow the rules, as stated below and in the KBF updates. Please understand that our judges and directors must enforce rules fairly. Anyone can make a mistake, and if you make one and are penalized, the ruling isn’t personal. We want anglers to have fun, catch fish and compete. Conversely, you are welcome to challenge a ruling, within reason, and we make a point of listening to anglers and modifying rules after a review at the end of each season.

KBF publishes rules addenda for individual events such as Trail Series and KBF/FLW tournaments. An angler fishing in a KBF event that is co-hosted by CKA is expected to read and understand the additional rules. If you have questions, email us and ask them. Our tournament directors contribute to KBF’s discussions of national rules standards, and you point might make a helpful difference in wording or a rule change.

For a full listing and explanation of all current KBF rules, please click here:


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