Carolina Kayak Anglers (CKA) 2020 Event Rules Standard

All Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) rules standards apply with the exception of the CKA Event Rules Standards listed below. KBF rules are periodically updated at this link.

The list below shows where CKA diverges from a KBF rule.

  1. Participation and Eligibility
  2. Fish Eligibility
  3. Competition Period
  4. Pre-fishing
  5. Competition Area
  6. Cooperation and Assistance
  7. Fishing Tackle, Equipment and Methods
  8. Watercraft & Propulsion
  9. Photo Standards
  10. Scoring
  11. Penalties
  12. Awarding of Prizes
  13. Taxes
  14. Sale of Prizes
  15. Safety
  16. Competitor Conduct
  17. Disputes and Appeals
  18. Public Comment
  19. Unavailability and Force Majeure
  20. Compliance with Laws
  21. Waiver and Release


1. Participation and Eligibility: Membership with CKA or KBF is not required to fish CKA events.

2. Fish Eligibility: (Length) The minimum length of bass scored in competition is 8 inches. Photos of bass shorter than the minimum will be denied.

3. Competition Period: With exception of co-hosted events, where CKA will follow KBF times, CKA will set its own times for individual CKA events.

4. Pre-fishing: Anglers must discontinue pre-fishing activity on eligible waters by 6 pm on the day prior to the event.

5. Competition Area No deviation.

6. Cooperation and Assistance No deviation.

7. Fishing Tackle, Equipment and Methods No deviation.

8. Watercraft & Propulsion  No deviation.

9. Photo Standards No deviation.

  1. Scoring

CKA will award 200 points for the 1st place angler, and deduct 3 points for each following place. (ie. 1st: 200 pts, 2nd: 197 pts. etc.)

Anglers that have been disqualified (DQ’d) for any reason will not receive Angler of the Year points, nor be able to use that event as a qualifying event for event participation requirement based award.

The minimum points a non-DQ’d angler will receive for participation is 20.

Participating and not providing a scrabble fish will result in a “Skunk” and the angler will receive the minimum participation points.

11. Penalties: Check-in tardiness will result in a 1” reduction in total length score per minute up to 5 minutes at which time the angler will be fully disqualified for not checking in on time and will receive no score, and no CKA Angler of the Year points.

CKA events are Catch, Photo and Release only. That means all fish must be released during the event. Fish can only be attached to a grip, stringer or in a net while preparing photograph of a catch and must immediately be released upon completion of taking the photo. An angler who is found to have a stringer of bass attached to or in his kayak will be disqualified.

12. Awarding of Prizes No deviation.

13. Taxes No deviation.

14. Sale of Prizes No deviation.

15. Safety No deviation.

16. Competitor Conduct No deviation

17. Disputes and Appeals

Any disputes or appeals must be provided in writing to a CKA Director by midnight of the event day. Methods of submitting includes Direct Facebook Message or by Email to

If an angler registers for a tournament and then disputes a charge after the event (regardless of whether or not the angler has fished the event) as manner of demanding a refund for the event, that angler will be permanently banned from future participation in CKA events.

18. Public Comment

CKA reserves the right to disqualify or ban any angler from participating in future events if the angler uses any public platform(s) to denigrate the CKA organization, the Kayak Bass Fishing organization, any of either organizations directors/employees or fellow anglers.

CKA works hard to provide events for your enjoyment and our participation is completely voluntary, as is your participation. If CKA is not all you want it to be, by all means feel free to volunteer and/or help make it better with positive engagement.


19. Unavailability and Force Majeure No deviation.

20. Compliance with Laws No deviation.

21. Waiver and Release No deviation.


It is an angler’s responsibility to become familiar with and follow the rules as stated above and in the KBF updates. CKA judges and directors must enforce rules fairly. Anyone can make a mistake and if you make one and are penalized, the ruling isn’t personal. We want anglers to have fun, catch fish and compete. Conversely, you are welcome to make a reasonable challenge to a ruling; even when challenges are not successful, CKA makes a point of listening to anglers and modifying rules after a review at the end of each season. CKA will not however modify a rule within the course of a season.

KBF publishes rules addenda for individual events such as Trail Series and KBF/FLW tournaments. An angler fishing in a KBF event that is co-hosted by CKA is expected to read and understand the additional rules. If you have questions, email us and ask them. Our tournament directors contribute to KBF’s discussions of national rules standards, and you point might make a helpful difference in wording or a rule change.

For a full listing and explanation of all current KBF rules, please click here:


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