Lake Hyco CKA Tournament Recap

Hi everyone,

Our first event of 2018 came during a good warming spell that woke up the fish on local lakes. We had 74 anglers turn out to enjoy the weather and a good bite on Lake Hyco. This was our first event on the lake; the lake staff treated us well and local businesses were happy to see us too. Thank you to everyone who attended and for patronizing our series, the lake and local stores.

As for the event itself: we shared the launch with a boat tournament and it went smoothly. There was fog on the lake at launch and it burned off by mid-morning. Not unsurprisingly, many of the best fish were caught during the early bite, which took place between two fronts – a cold front that came through late Friday and the wind and light rain that arrived Saturday in the late morning. Several early leaders held position through the day and in the end the tournament was decided by the smallest margins. On a day like Saturday, every small upgrade made a difference. Here are a few numbers:

  • 162 fish were caught
  • Nearly half the field (34 anglers) caught a limit
  • The gap between 10th place and 1st place was only 4.5 inches
  • The gap between 20th place and 1st place was only 7.25 inches

In the end, we paid out 10 places to faces new and familiar. Bob Dainton, who was director of Carolina Yakfish (the series that preceded CKA, but ended in 2013) won 1st place. By winning first place, Bob also qualified for the end of season CKA Tournament of Champions. Ron Gerber (now a CKA TD) placed 5th after not fishing with CKA for a couple of seasons. We also had two out of state anglers in the money: Casey Reed from Virginia won 4th fishing his second event with us, and Graham Reay from South Carolina won 6th place.

  1. Bob Dainton
  2. Jacob Miles
  3. Drew Blair
  4. Casey Reed
  5. Ron Gerber
  6. Graham Reay
  7. P.C. Hawj
  8. Eric Nelson
  9. Aaron Miller (Aaron also won the Big Bass pot)
  10. Shelly Efird

Additionally, Matt Hawj won the Manley Fishing Rod gift certificate, John Ladd won the Bending Branches Ace Angler paddle and Arlie Minton won the Carver Covers kayak cover. 6 anglers also won BioSpawn Lure Company lure sets.

We will post the first Rookie of the Year standings in the coming days, a photo gallery,and also other new info.

Full results can be seen here:

 Thanks again to everyone, and we will see you at Lake Hickory on March 31st!


February CKA Newsletter: Rules updates

February 2018 CKA Newsletter

Hi everyone,

With the CKA tournament season ready to begin, anglers are preparing gear, shaking off paddling rust and pre-fishing water. It’s been a long winter and we’re all ready to fish!

Please read this post, which reviews important rules changes.

Working together with Kayak Bass Fishing, our tournament directors reviewed and amended CKA rules. There are some very important rule changes to review and adopt. The following is a summary of the more important changes:

  1. Do not place your identifier anywhere on the fish. This is because between hands and ID’s it was becoming too difficult to see submitted fish. Our judges need to see as much of each fish as possible so as to identify unique markings. Therefore, if you place your ID on the fish, the photo will be denied. There are no exceptions. Place the ID on your wrist, or near the fish/board, but not over the fish.


  1. CKA follows KBF rules, but makes a few exceptions (for example, we do not allow motors at CKA only events, but permit them at KBF Trail events we host). This year, KBF adopted a 12” minimum size. CKA did NOT adopt that rule. Our minimum size remains the same at 8”.


  1. Deductions have been standardized and simplified. A fish with a mouth open more than .25” is a 1” deduction. The same deduction applies to any fish whose mouth cannot be determined to clearly be touching the fence of the Hawg Trough.


  1. KBF has clarified its rules regarding PFD type as well as the size/type of permissible paddlecraft. Please review those rules as well.


  1. Anglers will sign liability waivers once again at Hyco, and thereafter check a box online at Tourneyx. You can print, read, sign and bring the waiver to the event. Waivers are on the CKA site here

KBF has clarified many rules and changed others. Please review them. CKA rules addenda and a link to KBF rules are at this link:

CKA judges and directors enforce every rule. We do so by communicating directly with anglers, so please check your phones occasionally during competition time. We understand that mistakes happen but we cannot accommodate any request to correct an error once photo submission deadlines have passed. Our goal is to provide a safe, fair series for all kayak anglers in our sport. Thank you.

Don’t forget: we launch at Hyco in 1 week! Sign up here!

Sincerely, the CKA Staff

Larry, Henry, Wayne, Ralph and Ron

CKA Tournament 1: Lake Hyco

CKA Tournament #1

February 24, 2018

Lake Hyco

Season Five of the Carolina Kayak Anglers tournament trail begins on Lake Hyco, a new lake to the CKA Trail. Located in the northern central Piedmont, Hyco is a large power company reservoir covering 3,500 acres. Its 160 miles of shore line are dotted with docks as well as natural structure, supporting a fishery known for many freshwater species. This will be a Black Bass Tournament but Hyco recently made the news for a most unusual reason: because of its warm, calcium-rich water, NC Wildlife biologists introduced Redfish to the lake in 2016 to control the lake’s invasive Tilapia. Yes, those Redfish we catch in salt water (Redfish side pot, anyone?) (Correction/Update: We have since learned the Drum stocking was postponed, so there will not be a Drum side pot).

This will be the only single-launch event of the 2018 season. All anglers must be present at the meeting in order to fish the event as we will review some important CKA tournament changes. Please review the revised CKA Rules.

Entry:     $50.00 (includes big bass; payment taken via Paypal on TourneyX)               

Launch:   205 Pointer Drive Leasburg, NC   27291 (No launch fee)

Sign Up:  Click here to sign up on Tourneyx

Captains Meeting:     6:45am

               Launch:     7:00am

               Check In:   3:00pm


                                                         Additional Info & Accommodations

  •  If you have not fished with us before, remember to create your Tourney X profile in order to submit your photos! For information on how to do so, click here:
  • If you already have a Tourneyx account, and have not yet listed CKA as your member club, please do so when you log in.
  • We will post sponsor announcements in the coming days
  • Rookie of the Year and Angler of the Year points begin with this event!
  • Remember: we revised our payouts, and will pay deeper into the field.
  • H.o.W contribution and Big Bass pot will continue.
  • remember that pre-fishing ends at 4 pm the day prior to the event, per KBF Rules!

Finally: don’t forget to renew you N.C. fishing license. We will be asking to see them for anglers who place in the money this year!

There are a few good options for accommodations and have some listed below for easy reference.

Read more “CKA Tournament 1: Lake Hyco”