CKA Anglers in the News: Cory & Jamie in “The Ten”

The CKA celebrates and promotes the accomplishments of all CKA anglers, and this week the CKA staff asks you to join us in wishing the best of luck to two of our very own. Our skipper Mr. Cory Dreyer finished 7th in the 2016 KBF AOY standings and one of our top anglers, Mr. Jamie Denison, finished as runner up in that same AOY. As this post goes up, they are attending the Captains Meeting for an exclusive high-stakes tournament that begins tomorrow….The Tournament known as “The Ten.”

With the Ten, Kayak Bass Fishing rewarded the top ten AOY anglers by pitting them against each other in an exclusive competition at the famous Bienville Plantation in Florida. In “The Ten” format, 10 anglers catch 10 fish. The angler who finishes first takes home 10 thousand dollars. Competition begins on Friday and ends Saturday.

Follow the event live on Tourneyx at this link:

Remember: CKA anglers who accumulate points in the KBF events co-hosted by CKA can accumulate points in the KBF AOY standings, too. For example, CKA will co-host KBF Trail events at Falls Lake (March) and Randleman (July) this coming season. Those points, combined with participation in KBF on-line events, attendance at KBF Open Events, and the National Championship accumulate over the season as AOY points for KBF member anglers. In sum: you could qualify for events like “The Ten” next season.

More importantly, whenever CKA anglers do well, our sport grows and we all benefit. Please join us in wishing Jamie and Cory the best of luck.


CKA Sponsor Announcement: Get Outdoors

Get Outdoors returns in 2017 as the major sponsor for CKA. Get Outdoors has sponsored CKA from the start and we are proud to continue building our great relationship. Get Outdoors will be giving an item/s away at every tournament and also a $500 gift card to the AOY! 

UPDATE: All active CKA fishermen will receive a 15% discount at Get Outdoors. Please contact Cory for details….

The AOY prize package for 2017 is growing by the day – you definitely do not want to miss out on this season! 

We thank Get Outdoors for its steadfast support of the CKA tournament series. Visit their website here.


CKA Tournament Prep: Setting up your TourneyX account

CKA has adopted Tourney X to upload (in real time) tournament photographs for the 2017 season. This is a great website and very easy to use. Please read through the material below and if there are still questions, we have answers. We promise, once you put this to use, it will be a valuable tool. And the account set up is free.

What is it?

TourneyX is a website (soon to have an app, too) for live check in of fish caught in tournaments. You can save the home page to your phone for easy access. It is used primarily by kayak angling tournaments and series because of the CPR format we use: Catch – Photo –Release. Anglers catch a fish, take a photo of the fish (with ID tag) on their Hawg Trough and upload it to the site for live scoring.

What are the benefits?

While the basic account is free, each CKA angler pays a $5 use fee for each tournament. Anglers pay that fee at tournament check in. The fee brings the following benefits:

  • Impartial, off-site judging of photographs
  • All anglers can see submitted photographs
  • A tournament record for each event
  • Anglers can cull fish without sorting through photos later in the day
  • Friends or family can follow events on-line in real-time
  • Expedited results at the end of the day

In addition, a TourneyX account allows anglers

  • Access to other kayak fishing events from around the country.
  • A profile upgrade that features top catches, top performances and other fishing data
  • The new website will allow anglers to “map” their catches, creating a useful record of where fish were caught, that only the angler can see.

How do I set up an account?

Register for an angler account at this link:

The TourneyX tutorial video is also useful. You can view it here:

Can I fish in events if I do not use a smart phone?

Yes. But an angler who uses a digital camera must still have a TourneyX account as the judges will manually upload photographs (see more on this point in the summary below) from your SD card. If you do not have an SD card, we will be unable to upload your fish and they will not be scored. Texted photos will not be scored either because the text message may change the geo-location data and time stamp on the image. Note however that it is possible to synch some digital cameras with smart phones via Bluetooth, so you can photograph the fish with your camera and upload it from your phone without exposing your phone to water or other accidents. We strongly recommend that Anglers create an account and use their phone but there are other options as listed above.

Can I still fish in an event if I do not have a TourneyX account?

No. If you do not have an account, your fish will not be scored. There are no exceptions: every angler must pay the $5 TourneyX fee at tournament check in and create a free account.

Final Points

We encourage all anglers to practice and learn the proper landing techniques so as to minimize injury to the fish (or angler). Equally as important, anglers must submit a clear photograph with the fish correctly displayed to the tournament judges in order to receive points for the catch.

CKA will reserve the right to make further adjustments to the photo submission format.

We thank everyone for making the transition to TourneyX with us. It is an excellent photo upload site, and as you will see it makes the tournament experience more transparent and exciting. Please let us know if you have any questions and remember to set up your accounts.

New CKA Sponsor: Gandy Lure Company!


CKA is honored to welcome Gandy Lure Co. as one of our new tournament sponsors for the 2017 season!! Gandy has generously donated two of their high-quality hard baits to be distributed at each of our Tournament events in the 2017 season! Please visit the Gandy website and read about their lures, which have been featured  as “Hot products” on the Bassmaster site.

Thanks to Gandy Lures for donating its American-made products to our tournament series. We look forward to seeing their lures in your hands, and in fish’s mouths!

CKA Sponsor Announcement: Jackson Kayak

Carolina Kayak Anglers is honored to announce Jackson Kayak as a tournament sponsor for 2017!!! Jackson Kayak has generously donated a kayak that will be awarded to the 2017 CKA Angler of the Year. We will announce the specific kayak model at a later date.

The AOY prize package for 2017 is growing by the day – you definitely do not want to miss out on this opportunity this season! 

We thank Jackson for donating its quality American-made products to our tournament series. Visit their website here.