Thanking the CKA Sponsors

As we head into the final two events of the CKA tournament season, we want to take a moment to thank our sponsors for their continued generosity. Whether it is a new kayak, a cooler, a store discount, some fishing lures or a kayak accessory, the items we raffle to anglers or that they win in competition are nice to take home at the end of the day. It is important to remember that the companies who donate their products do so not only so that anglers will promote the products; they also want you to use and enjoy them. In the end, their generosity is a way of showing appreciation to the anglers who fish the events and help us grow the sport at a competitive level.

Please take time in September to show your support for our sponsors. Visit their websites and stores, order their products, or just say write them to say thank you. We all work hard together to make the tournaments possible, and it’s time for us to show our gratitude to the sponsors who donate that extra bonus  prize or two or three to each event. 

Our Sponsor Sites

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CKA Photo Gallery: Shearon Harris

Hi everyone, we updated the photo gallery to include images from CKA Tournament #7 at Shearon Harris. Remember to patronize all our great sponsors who provide us with raffle products and show your support for them on line and in store whenever possible.

You can see the photos here:


August CKA AOY Update

Hi everyone, and thank you to all those who attended the Shearon Harris event ten days ago. We have more news to post in the coming days and weeks, but for now – the updated Angler of the Year standings are up!

You can see the new rankings in the pdf file attachment beneath this paragraph. We have fished 7 tournament events this season and your lowest score was culled. This has created additional movement on the board, as anglers who did well at Shearon Harris advanced several places, while another restored his lead. The race is not yet finished but it has tightened up near the top. Remember that qualification remains open for the CKA Tournament of Champions, so a spot in the top 25 remains within reach for many anglers.

Click on file for CKA AOY update (August 7, 2017): CKA AOY Standings 08072017

Additionally. Mr. Butler has updated the “Big Bass” lake, limit and angler stats. As you can see below, Harris surpassed Falls (and nearly caught Randleman) for the number of big bass the lake gave up, Harris fish took 3 of the top 5 big bass slots, and we have a new top limit as well.  

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