The CKA 2017 Tournament of Champions

Tournament of Champions

October 21-22, 2017

Lake Norman

The Tournament of Champions pits the top 25 anglers in the CKA final regular season standings against each other to determine a winner in this final tournament round of the season. Last year’s championship tournament crowned Denny Romero the winner, and like that event, this is a winner-take-all event: the 1st place finisher will win the entire prize purse. Yes, 2nd and 3rd place will also win prizes, but there is only one cash purse to win and it is the total sum of all entry fees minus the big bass pot. This year’s Tournament of Champions will take place on Lake Norman, and so the 2017 CKA season will come full circle to end where it began.

About the lake:

For those who did not fish the February CKA event, Lake Norman is fed from the north by the Catawba River, and its 520 miles of shoreline with average depths of 33 ft. and clear water will present a dynamic challenge for anglers. The upper end (where we will launch) has many structural features such as boat docks, submerged brushpiles, rock piles and long points that invite many different styles of fishing. Since this is a fall event, bass will be following different feeding patterns than those we encountered at our late winter event. In short – whether you fish for schooling bass chasing shad or bass gravitating to structure, the entire lake will present diverse fishing options.

Notes about the format: 

  • This is a two day tournament. The first day begins on Saturday, October 21st; the event ends on Sunday, October 22nd. If you do not live close to the lake, you may wish to find local camping or hotel accommodations.
  • The event is a 3/2 format. The aggregate of your 3 longest fish from Saturday and your two longest fish from Sunday will determine your total score.

Qualified Anglers: The list below is based upon the CKA final season standings. The list below includes 3 anglers who qualified because three anglers cannot attend the event.  

  1. P.C. Hawj
  2. Matt Hawj
  3. Melvin Yang
  4. Austin Vang
  5. Calvin Keller
  6. Tommy Xiong
  7. Mitch Rhodes
  8. Jacob Miles
  9. Drew Blair
  10. John Vue
  11. Wayne Butler
  12. Brian Falbe
  13. Larry Moua
  14. Nathan Naturile
  15. Mark Phillips
  16. Mickey Hang
  17. Cory Dreyer
  18. *Yia Vue
  19. *Teng Vue
  20. *Chris Linville
  21. *Aaron Miller
  22. *Eric Nelson
  23. *Randall Pearman
  24. *Brandon Bullard
  25. *Jamie Denison

(note: the asterisk denotes a roll down spot. last update 10/13/17)


Launch Site:

Stumpy Creek Boat Landing

160 Stumpy Creek Rd.

Mooresville, NC 28177

** $2.00 launch fee required (not included in entry fee / angler’s responsibility)**

Sign Up:

Dates:    October 21-22, 2017

Launch Day 1:    7:00am

Check In Day 1:    3:00pm

Launch Day 2:   7:00am

Check In Day 2:   3:00pm

Fee: $50.00 Entry (TourneyX)

Format: 3/2 (3 fish Saturday, 2 fish Sunday, 8” minimum). Hawg Trough measure required.

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