Tournament of Champions qualifying to heat up at Jordan Lake

Tournament of Champions Qualifying

As it stands, only two CKA anglers are locked into spots for the 2024 Tournament of Champions. Having won individual tournaments each, both Justin Faircloth and Will Lambert are qualified.

The rest of the field remains open as we head into the next event at Jordan Lake, presented by Carolina Waters. With four events to go and thousands of dollars in prizes on the line, the remaining spots will go to:

  • 15% of the CKA membership will qualify (18 spots)
  • 2024 Angler of the Year
  • 2024 Rookie of the Year
  • Four remaining event champions
  • Top two finishers in the 20 for 24 series.
CKA standings after 4 events; Travis Rogers has the spot between Dontrell Sullivan and Drew Blair…

That’s 26 possible spots (with roll downs). The current standings are in the screenshot to the right. What does it mean? The second half of the CKA season starts at Jordan Lake on June 29th, and TOC qualifying is wide open.

Get signed up for Jordan at the link below, and bookmark the CKA points race by clicking here!

Jordan Lake

The second half of the CKA season is a season to itself, and this year everything remains wide open.

We have reached the exact mid-way point of the 2024 CKA season. With four tournaments completed, the race for Angler of the Year has tightened up, the Rookie of the Year race remains wide open and qualifying for the Tournament of Champions is also largely indeterminate.

Looking ahead, Jordan, Mackintosh, Mayo and the Gate City Classic remain on the regular season schedule, followed by the Tournament of Champions and the Battle on the Border. That’s a lot of good fishing, and a lot can change between now and then.

Jordan Lake presented by Carolina Waters will be on June 29th, 2024. The lake has been fishing well; at the most recent kayak tournament (a CCKF event in April), Bryan Tsiolkas put 95” on the board to win it. With Florida strain brood stock recently added to the fishery, anglers are excited for the lake’s future.

Summer fishing on Jordan presents unique opportunities and challenges. The lake’s grass offers cover for hungry bass, its tributaries hold fish and deep off-shore points and roadbeds offer good fishing, too.

Get signed up and ready to start the season, and lock up your spot in the 2024 CKA Tournament of Champions!


CKA fishes Jordan Lake on June 29, 2024. Register here:

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First published June 22, 2024

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