Photographing and Submitting a Catch

Submission & Scoring of Fish

CKA follows Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) protocols. We encourage all anglers to practice and learn safe and proper landing techniques so as to minimize injury to the fish (or angler). Equally as important, anglers must submit a clear photograph to judges with the fish correctly displayed on an approved measuring device  in order to receive credit for the catch.

CKA uses the Fishing Chaos site and app for tournaments. All participating anglers are required to create Fishing Chaos accounts (the basic account is  free). Without exception, all anglers must register for tournaments and upload photos on that site. We strongly recommend that anglers practice use of the site and become familiar with CPR fishing.

Register at this link:

Taking and submitting clear, correct photos is essential to the sport of kayak fishing. A few general principles to keep in mind are:

  • Always keep the fish’s mouth facing left, dorsal fin up
  • Keep the fish’s mouth closed
  • Never cover a fish’s eyes, put your hand under the gill plate, or touch its tail
  • Never put your ID card or any other object ON the fish.
  • Take multiple photos! The best photos are the clearest photos.
  • Wet your board: a hot, dry board is more likely to make a fish flop around.
  • If a fish flops off your board, and you only have a choice between submitting a photo with the mouth open (1″ deduction) and a photo that would be denied, always choose the photo that will be penalized rather than denied.
  • Practice! Go through your picture taking motions and gear handling.
  • Take your time, because a green fish is more likely to flip off the board.

Example of a correct submission

Below is a great example of a fish submission that is correctly done. Note that the fish is also on a Ketch measuring board – that is the only permitted brand for use in CKA competition. We thank our friends at Northern Virginia Kayak Bass Anglers for permission to use the graphic.


Common Errors

The examples below illustrate common deduction and disqualification scenarios. For more information, see the Rules page as well.

fish-2-mouth-791x1024        Pictured above is a fish that has a fish grip in its mouth. It would receive a score of “0”.

fish-2-mouth   fish-5-upside-down fish-6-eyes

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