Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is membership required to fish in CKA events?

No. CKA is not a membership-based series. Anglers sign up on Tourneyx, pay a fee, and fish the event. Captain’s Meetings are required for many events, however, and we appreciate when angler list CKA as their primary club when creating a Tourneyx account or enlisting as KBF members.


2. Am I required to sign a liability waiver?

Yes. An angler who does not read and check the liability waiver box in Tourneyx will not be permitted to fish a tournament.


3. Does the CKA payout the entirety of the tournament fees that it collects?

Yes, but only after three deductions: a charitable contribution to Heroes on the Water is deducted, a TourneyX fee is paid and a percentage is set aside for the Tournament of Champions. Please see the new 2018 payout chart in the tournament section of the website: payout chart.


3. When do tournaments begin?

Launch time will depend on a number of factors including sunrise and safe light, weather conditions, and other factors at the launch ramps. Generally speaking, all launch times are posted well ahead of every event, but subject to change. CKA will immediately inform its anglers of any change to a posted launch time or event.


4. How do I collect a tournament prize?

All anglers who are in prize contention must be present at the announcement of final standings at the end of each event. CKA uses Paypal to distribute winnings, but you  must still be present at the end of the event, without exception. In order to collect a prize, anglers must be present at the event. This rule applies to both single event prizes and end-of-season awards.


5. Does the CKA Tournament Staff compete in CKA events?

Yes. In order to guarantee thorough and fair judging of photos CKA has adopted the TourneyX system. A portion of the angler’s entry fee goes to pay an external judge to evaluate event catches submitted by CKA anglers to the site. Catches submitted by directors are subject to the same rules as yours. In case you are wondering, a CKA Tournament Director has only won 1st place one time in the history of the series (2014-present, spanning more than 40 tournaments), and that was Wayne Butler’s victory at Lake Hickory in 2017.


6. Do I have to be a KBF Member to participate in KBF events?

No. CKA is a partner of the KBF (and follows KBF rules with some modifications), but CKA anglers are not required to be KBF members. CKA’s KBF partnership provides CKA members with a chance to qualify in national events sponsored by KBF, and the arrangement provides CKA members with a chance to participate in another level of our growing sport. CKA encourages participation and membership in KBF, but it is not required to fish CKA events.

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