Tournament Payout Chart

CKA Tournament payouts are calculated according to the number of anglers participating in each event.  When entry fees exceed a certain threshold of anglers, payout places increase as the tournament pot is divided by the number of places to be paid. For example, through 2017, events with up to 39 anglers paid out to 3rd place. When an event had 40 or more anglers, payout places increase by one place for every 10 anglers, so 40 or more anglers paid 4th place, 50 or more paid 5th place, and so on for 10% of the field.

The payout scale changed beginning in 2018, as CKA will pay more places deeper into the field. For example,at the High Rock tournament in April of 2018, CKA paid out 9 places in a field of 64 anglers.

Anglers must be present in order to receive payouts, which take place after standings are tabulated and finalized at a tournament’s conclusion. An angler who is not present at the end of the tournament forfeits his/her winnings to the next placing angler. Additionally, the payout for a disqualified angler rolls down to the next angler in the standings.

Amounts in this payout chart may vary slightly (for example, if we do not have exact change in coins, we may round a payout up or down to the nearest dollar). The chart also shows tournament related expenses (Tourneyx Fee) and charitable donations (CKA supports Heroes on the Water) that are deducted prior to payouts. If Paypal fees are incurred, they will also be reflected in the payout.

The $20 membership fee instituted in 2019 does not affect or change the listed payouts – it is a separate item used to cover operating expenses for the end of the year Tournament of Champions, printing costs, website hosting fees, judging fees and occasional shipping costs.

CKA Tournament directors do not profit from or benefit in any way from angler entry fees. Our work is entirely voluntary, and we pay tournament fees just like every other angler does.

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