CKA 8: Gate City Classic

CKA Tournament 8 Presented by Get:Outdoors Paddlesports

September 18th, 2021

The Gate City Classic

Multi-Lake Event

The Gate City Classic is an institution, a party and a fishing tournament. It marks the end of every CKA tournament season as anglers compete on the final day for a number of prizes, including qualifying spots in the Tournament of Champions, 2022 KBF National Championship qualification, and sponsor giveaways. The AOY and ROY races officially conclude, we meet up to eat and drink and relax, and we thank Get:Outdoors Paddlesports for their generous support of the CKA Trail. 

Get:Outdoors Paddlesports has been our exclusive kayak dealer shop for many years and continues that tradition in 2021! Get:Outdoors carries an extensive line of fishing kayaks including Native Watercraft, Jackson, Wilderness Systems, Bonafide and more. Get:Outdoors also has a full service shop to help you customize or repair any kayak. The store is full of rigging gear from rail accessories to carts and offers all CKA Members a 15% discount. 

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Because this is a multi-lake event, please read carefully. 


In order to register for the event, sign up using TourneyX. Create an angler account for event registration and CPR submissions if you have not done so – the basic account is free.

Tournament Fee: $50

Big bass (optional): $10

H.O.W. Donation (optional): $5

Sign up here:

Note that Lake use fees are not included. Bring cash to the ramp to pay launch fees, preferable exact change to keep things smooth at the ramp facilities.

Register for CKA event 8 here: 

Tournament Identifier

The blank CKA identifier card will be posted several prior to the tournament. It can be found in your TourneyX dashboard as a printable pdf file. Be sure to print spares. 

The CKA event code will be released on CKA social media and the Captains Meeting prior to the tournament at 8:30 pm on Friday, Sept 17, 2021.

Do NOT use the TourneyX generated code.

Format and Rules

Format: 5 longest fish (8” minimum length), submitted on approved measuring device (Ketch Board only), entire fish and correct ID entirely in photo.

The CKA event will largely follow KBF rules. Therefore, anglers must be familiar with and follow KBF rules as well as all North Carolina fishing laws and local regulations as they apply. Additionally, the lakes have specific rules that must be followed. CKA/KBF Rules can be found at the link below. Links to lakes are in the last section of this post.

CKA RULES PAGE:                

Please be sure to obtain a valid N.C. license. CKA asks for proof of a valid license for anglers who win prizes.

Follow parking regulations at launches. Be respectful and follow good ramp etiquette.  

Remember: All CKA Tournaments are 2021 KBF National Championship Qualifying Events, but you must be a KBF member prior to the CKA event. To become a KBF member, click here:

The tournament standings will be unavailable for public view beginning at around 2 pm but you can still post fish until the cutoff. We strongly encourage anglers to post fish throughout the day, especially their first fish.

Note: Be sure to update your phone so that browsers and apps run well. CKA Directors and Judges cannot be expected to solve technical problems with phones. If you are using the TourneyX app, be sure to download the TourneyX Pro app to replace the older app, which is now obsolete. Be sure also that all phone settings are set to allow TourneyX access to picture data. If you use the web browser to upload to TourneyX, make sure the browser settings in your phone’s privacy features allow the site to access your location. Any and all photos submitted without GPS catch data will be denied.

Upload photos early from the water so that CKA directors can contact you if there is a question or problem with your submissions.

CKA will use the Check In/ Check Out function on TourneyX for this event. All anglers MUST Check in and Check out virtually.

Boundaries and Launches

You are responsible for reading and following all CKA rules. All local lake rules also apply, so be careful to read the regulations for the lake you choose to fish. You can read CKA rules at this link:

Remember that certain areas of lakes are clearly marked as being off limits. This is true of some areas of Randleman Lake, for example. Anglers who fish in off-limits areas risk substantial fines. Furthermore, they will have their fish removed from the standings.

The tournament is a multi-launch event, and the listed lakes and access areas (below) will be the only eligible locations to launch. Keep in mind that some launches have limited space and different hours. Be sure to know the lake rules, arrive early, respect fellow boaters and be careful and helpful at the launches. There may also be additional launch fees. If you plan to ask for early opening of the gate, coordinate with other anglers. Any and all anglers must be allowed to enter and launch once a gate opens. 

Please keep in mind that CKA does not control access to the ramps and if a gate is closed or it opens late, there is nothing we can do to change that fact.  Competition times (Lines in-Lines out) remain the same regardless of when ramps open.

We encourage anglers to coordinate early launch openings for the event, but some lakes may not be willing to provide early access, or may only do so for a fee. Anglers should cooperate and contribute in such cases, but CKA is not involved in arranging early gate/launch opening. Contact marinas/launches with your inquiries.

Event Info

Sign up TourneyX
Fee $50.00
Event Date September 18, 2021
Format 5 fish (8” minimum). Ketch board only.     
Launch 6:30 am
Lines In 7:00 am
Lines Out 3:00 pm
Check in / Upload Cut Off 4 pm

Tournament Check-In

Use the virtual check in/ check out in your TourneyX dashboard.

Post Event Meet up location will be

Get:Outdoors Paddlesports
1515 West Gate City Blvd
Greensboro, NC 27403

Tel: 336-294-3918

Tournament Lakes

You can fish your choice of the following launch locations as soon as the lake allows on the morning of the event. Hours vary at each launch, and launch fees apply.

Lake Higgins is no longer an option. Ramp is closed to the public on 9/18.

Randleman Regional Reservoir
Southwest Park
3403 Wall Road, Greensboro, NC 27407 – $5
336-641-3544 – No gasoline motors – No SUPs – 513 acres with no gas motors, 3,007 acres total
9.7 miles from GET:OUTDOORS

Randleman Marina
7123 Adams Farm Road, Randleman, NC 27317 – $5
336-498-5281 – Maximum speed limit 25 mph – No SUPs – 3,007 total acres
15.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS

Oak Hollow Lake
Oak Hollow Marina
3431 North Centennial Street, High Point, NC 27265 – $5
336-883-3494 – No horsepower restrictions – SUPs allowed – 800 acres
18.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS

Lake Townsend
Townsend Marina
6332 Townsend Road, Brown Summit, NC 27214 – $6
336-373-3694 – No horsepower restrictions – SUPs allowed – 1,542 acres
14.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS

Lake Brandt
Brandt Marina
5945 Lake Brandt Road, Greensboro, NC 27455 –
336-373-3741 – No horsepower restrictions – SUPs allowed – 816 acres
8.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS

High Point City lake: Marina

Lake Mackintosh
Lake Mackintosh Marina
2704 Huffman Mill Road, Burlington, NC 27215 – $5 launch fee. Tel: 336-538-0896 – No horsepower restrictions, but large area for non-gas – No SUPs – 1,100 acres
20.0 miles from GET:OUTDOORS

Guilford-Mackintosh Marina
1345 NC 61 South, Whitsett, N.C. This is the western side of the lake, with an area that restricts use of gas-powered engines.