Liability Waiver

All anglers are required to sign a liability waiver before each event. This is true for single-launch events that have a morning Captains Meeting, multi-launch events with no morning check-in, and joint CKA/KBF events.  The waiver must be printed and signed and brought to the morning launch (if requested) or read and checked when registering online at GetOutdoors or Tourneyx. Anglers who do not sign or check the waiver will not be considered competitors and their fish will not be scored.

Click the file below for a copy of the waiver .



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2 thoughts on “Liability Waiver

  1. Kevin Cain

    Why can I not see the waiver form? Where am I supposed to get or sign it electronically?

    1. Kevin,
      It appears when you register on Fishing Chaos. There will be a box to check, too.
      hank – CKA

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