Angler of the Year Overview


Angler of the Year (AOY) recognizes the top CKA series angler for each season. The AOY designation is earned by the angler’s cumulative score from his or her 5 best events plus the Gate City Classic. An AOY victory is a difficult victory to achieve: every cast, every paddle, and every point counts over the course of a long season. While hundreds of anglers fish the entire CKA tournament season, there is only one AOY.

Here is how it works:

A0Y points are awarded to every angler who participates in a tournament and pays a one-time fee to retain points. Points in each tournament are awarded based upon the overall cumulative length of the top 5 fish an angler has landed, photographed, submitted and accepted through TourneyX. Overall length determines the final tournament standings, which are posted live at the end of each event. 

CKA staff tabulates and tracks point totals for each event, then updates and posts the AOY standings file on a regular basis. The final AOY standings are determined by the sum total of an angler’s top 5 event scores (plus the Gate City Classic)  and a victor is announced at CKA’s final annual competition, the Gate City Classic, in September of every calendar year, hosted by Get: Outdoors.

AOY points determine a range of benefits for anglers:

  • The overall Angler of the Year designation and associated prizes
  • A percentage of the AOY standings qualify for the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship (KBF NC spots do roll down in the case of anglers who previously qualified, but not past the 25th spot; some KBF spots are awarded to top rookies).
  • The top 25 in the AOY standings qualify for the CKA Tournament of Champions

The AOY tabulation system functions as illustrated below, using the older “tournament dry erase board” system, which has since been replaced by Tourneyx:

A. Points System

A points system is used to track the AOY race. CKA awards 200 points for 1st place, 197 for 2nd place, 194 for 3rd, 191 for 4th, 190 for 5th, 189 for 6th, 188 for 7th, and so forth. An angler without a fish will receive 20 points.

An angler’s 5 best finishes plus their Gate City Classic score will count toward the final AOY tally. Those 6 scores are added together at the end of the season following the Gate City Classic. In the event of a tie, the total inches caught during the 6 scored events will determine the AOY score.

B. Event scoring
  1.  The leader board is confirmed after review of angler CPR submissions, and angler placement indicates the angler’s event standings. CKA uses the TourneyX event page for each event in the same way in order to tabulate scores – every angler can see the submissions.


2. Complete results from live events are then tabulated and compiled into a spread sheet file that shows each angler’s AOY point totals. AOY totals are based on the cumulative score of the angler’s top 5 single event scores plus the Gate City score. Files are updated and posted  to the AOY/ROY overview page of the website following each event.


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