The CKA Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions is the grand finale of the CKA tournament season. CKA established the Tournament of Champions in 2016 to reward the top 25 anglers in the AOY standings with an opportunity to fish for one last prize – a winner take all event.With every season, the competition has expanded to make qualification more competitive, the prizes more extensive and the event more fun.


The 2016 Tournament of Champions was a single day event held on the Yadkin River. The roster of qualified anglers competed for a single, winner take all prize. CKA veteran Denny Romero won the top prize with his 3 best fish on a cold, windy day.

The 2017 Tournament of Champions was held as a two day event on Lake Norman. It pitted the top 25 CKA anglers (a few roll down spots were included) against one another. Unlike the first edition of the Tournament of Champions, this was a 2 day event, with a 3/2, 5 fish aggregate limit. The top prize remained unchanged – the winner took home the entire entry purse. CKA veteran Melvin Yang won the 2017 Tournament of Champions with an 87′ limit. Tommy Xiong and PC Hawj rounded out the top 3 spots, and won additional prizes.


The 2018 Tournament of Champions will be held October 13th & 14th on Falls Lake. Additionally,

  • $1,000 guaranteed for 1st place

  • An additional $1,000 in cash prizes spread out over the field (day 1 and day 2)

  • The 2018 edition will be a best 10 fish event (5/5 over two days).

  • The field will expand slightly: in addition to the top 15, winners of individual events, the AOY and ROY will qualify (we also awarded a spot to the winner of the Bass event at the Boonedox Yadkin Slam).

  • Free overnight camping accommodations on Saturday night for the top 10

  • Sponsor product giveaways

  • A Custom engraved trophy, designed by artist Ross Myer (FL) at Bass Trophies.

The list of CKA anglers who qualified/accepted a roll down spot for the Tournament is as follows:

Bob Dainton
PC Hawj
Jim Lor
Jacob Miles
Matt Hawj
Eric Nelson
Ronald Gerber
Derrick Hood
Melvin Yang
Matthew Dunn
Calvin Keller
John Vue
Ryan Freeman
Mike Wimmer
Dustin Matthews
Terry Wheeler Jr
Bobby Bowers
Austin Vang
Teng Yang
Kou Yang
Ronnie Murphy
Yee Vue
David Golding
Joey Sullivan