The CKA Staff

CKA Tournament Directors donate time, resources and energy to running our club. As such, the directors divide tasks, but also have specific roles. If you are looking to contact a CKA staff member about a specific issue or topic, arrange an interview for the press, or ask a tournament related question, the following list may help you get started. The staff generally responds most quickly to inquiries sent through the CKA Facebook page.


Wayne Butler: Former U.S. Navy Submariner. Tourney X Angler Profile                              (CKA History: 2013-present)

  • Advisor

Cory Dreyer: U.S. Marine.  Tourney X Angler Profile.                                                         (CKA History: 2013-present)

  • Advisor

Henry Veggian: Tourney X Angler Profile.                                                                        (CKA History 2016-present)

  • Media Coordinator
  • Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Liaison
  • Permits and Local Event Logistics
  • Trophies

Eric Nelson: TourneyX Angler Profile                                                                             (CKA History 2018-present)

  • Standings and Statistics
  • Media/Graphic Design
  • TourneyX Liaison
  • Merchandising

Ron Gerber: Tourneyx Angler Profile.                                                                            (CKA History 2018, 2020-present)

  • B.A.S.S. Liaison

Garrett Gincley: Tourneyx Angler Profile.                                                                         (CKA History 2019-present)

  • Judging
  • B.A.S.S. Liaison
  • Sponsor Liaison


Former Directors

Garrett Phillips: Former U.S. Army E.O.D. Tech. (2014-2016).

Larry Anderson: Tourney X Angler Profile. (2015-2018)

Ralph Nolan: Tourneyx angler profile  (2017-2019)

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