CKA Anglers at 2019 KBF Events

2019 was a breakthrough year for the sport of kayak fishing, and CKA anglers were widely represented ambassadors of the sport on the regional and national stages. Profiled in outdoors magazines, featured on podcasts and radio broadcasts, and even taking the podium at KBF-FLW tournaments, CKA anglers reminded the world that North Carolina remains a hotbed for elite kayak bass fishing talent.

This page recognizes their hard work and celebrates their achievements. Before proceeding, CKA staff thanks everyone who represented North Carolina in these events. It was a great year for CKA anglers on the national competition circuit, and it was fun to follow events and see the results.

KBF events are sorted into 4 categories below: Challenges, Trail/Pro tournaments, FLW-KBF Events and the KBF National Championship. A photo gallery is at the bottom of the page.

  1. KBF Challenges

Kayak Bass Fishing holds two categories of “Challenge” events every season. First, there are the popular KBF Monthly Challenges, which are organized by state. Second, there are the “Special Challenges” that generally run Friday – Sunday and are regional events. These are divided into Night Fishing Events (“One Night Stands”) and Special Challenges that mark important calendar dates like Father’s Day, etc.

KBF held roughly 15 Special Challenges in 2019, and the best finishes by CKA anglers were as follows:


o        Arlie Minton 1st place o    (Armed Forces Challenge)
o        Henry Veggian 2nd place o    (Spring Froward Challenge)
o        Henry Veggian 2nd place o  (Armed Forces Challenge)
o        Henry Veggian 2nd Place o   (Dog Days Challenge)


In the other category, the North Carolina Monthly Challenges, CKA anglers earned the following notable finishes:

o        Joey Sullivan 1st place o        (March)
o        Henry Veggian 1st place o         (May, September)
o       Bob Dainton, 1st Place o        (April)
o        Adam Petrone 1st place o        (June)
o       Will Hayes 1st place o        (July)
o        Jacob Miles 1st place o        (August)
  o       Brooks Lanier 2nd Place           (May)
     o    Jacob Miles, 2nd place           (April)
Jamie Denison, 3rd Place

Adam Petrone, 7th Place

KBF Challenge Championship, LaCrosse

KBF Challenge Championship, LaCrosse




  1. CKA Anglers in 2019 KBF Trail & Pro Series Events                                    

Where the National Championship (see section 4 below) is currently the largest kayak fishing tournament event in the world, KBF Trail events are large regional events where anglers must travel, compete on large lakes and earn AOY points. KBF added a Pro Trail to its 2019 schedule, creating more opportunities for competition.

CKA anglers represented North Carolina at a high level in Trail and Pro events in 2019.  Four of our anglers placed in events. Additionally, many other CKA regulars traveled to Trail and Open events. This post lists the most notable results of the season.

The best KBF Trail finishes by CKA anglers were as follows:

o        Brian Falbe, 3rd place o        KBF Trail, Lake Anna
o      Henry Veggian, 3rd Place o        KBF Trail, Lake Chickamauga
o         Jamie Denison 4th Place o        KBF Trail Championship, LaCrosse
o      Cory Dreyer 6th Place o        KBF Trail, Santee Cooper
o       Jamie Denison 7th place o       KBF Trail, Lake Chickamauaga
o       Eric Nelson 11th place o        KBF Trail, Santee Cooper

On the Pro Trail side, the best finishes by CKA anglers were as follows


o       Henry Veggian, 2nd Place o       KBF Pro Trail, Lake Chickamauga
o       Jamie Denison, 2nd Place o       KBF Pro Trail Championship,     LaCrosse
o       Jamie Denison, 3rd Place o        KBF Pro Trail, Lake Chickamauga
o       Cory Dreyer, 4th place  o       KBF Pro Trail, Santee Cooper  
o       Jamie Denison 6th place  o       KBF Pro Trail, Guntersville


3. CKA Anglers at FLW-KBF Events

The kayak bass fishing world saw its first collaboration with a long-standing professional bass fishing league in 2019 when KBF partnered with FLW for 2 large tournament events. The first was an FLW-KBF Open event at Lake Nickajack in May, 2019, and the second was an invitational event, where qualified KBF anglers competed in the 1st ever FLW-KBF Cup in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The best finishes by CKA anglers were as follows:

o        Cory Dreyer, 6th Place o        KBF-FLW Open, Nickajack
o      Henry Veggian, 7th Place o        KBF-FLW Cup
o          Jamie Denison 11th Place o        KBF-FLW Open, Nickajack
o      Arlie Minton 16th place o        KBF-FLW Cup
o       Shelly Efird 17th place o       KBF-FLW Cup


4. The 2019 KBF National Championship

Once again Carolina Kayak Anglers rose to that challenge and fished extremely well at the KBF National Championship. The 2019 event changed locations (to Shreveport, Louisiana) and format (a 3 day event, with a cut after day 2).

CKA continued its streak of placing anglers in the money, as Cory Dreyer took 20th place. Additionally, Shelly Efird, Eric Nelson, Jamie Denison, Brandon Jessup and Will Hayes all made the cut, and Larry Anderson barely missed it by 4 spots.


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