The Carolina Classic

Who runs it?

Three freshwater kayak fishing clubs are based in North Carolina. From east to west, we are: Central Carolina Kayak Fishing, Carolina Kayak Anglers and Foothills Kayak Anglers. Together we span the state from the Piedmont to the Coastal Plain.

The three clubs have a history of working together to grow the sport in our state. We regularly provide advice, judges for events, and other tournament support to one another. In 2022 we asked: why not take the next step, and hold a joint event?

To that end, we founded a tournament for all kayak anglers across the state.

We call it the Carolina Classic.

How does it work?

The Carolina Classic is a freshwater kayak fishing tournament for black bass species. The format is Catch-Photo-Release (CPR), meaning that fish are caught, photographed and released, while photo submissions are uploaded to a tournament management site. On that site, they are reviewed by judges.

The 2023 FKA schedule with the Carolina Classic indicated at bottom left.

Every season, two of the three founding clubs co-host the event. One club chooses a lake, another provides logistical support, and another just enjoys the event and shows up to fish. In 2023, CKA hosts the events for points, FKA provides local support, and so forth.

Every season, the clubs rotate, hosting the event on different fisheries.

When is it?

The inaugural event of the Carolina Classic will be held on May 20, 2023. The co-hosts are Carolina Kayak Anglers and Foothills Kayak Anglers. Central Carolina Kayak Fishing will participate, too, in a competitive rather than organizational capacity.

Next season, two of the clubs will co-host the event, too, at a different lake, and every season it will rotate between clubs. The goal, as always, is to grow the sport of kayak fishing in our beautiful state, promote our anglers and clubs, and provide a competitive environment that is fair and fun.

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