CKA Online Series: 20 for 24

CKA began the 2023 season with a new online series, named 20 for 23. Why that name? That’s because you posted your twenty best bass for the month, and the registration cost was twenty three dollars each month. With each year, the cost would increase by one dollar to match the new year.

The fun new series provided opportunities for new anglers to practice before committing to long tournament drives. It also provided additional qualifying opportunities to end of season events, as well as monthly payouts. After a successful first season, the “20 for….” series became an institution and a permanent addition to the CKA event portfolio.

How Does it Work?

The series allows CKA members to submit bass from any river or lake that Carolina Kayak Anglers (CKA) has fished for a live tournament event (including the lakes on the 2024 schedule). The complete list of eligible waters is at the bottom of this post and will be posted on every series event page on Fishing Chaos.

Series highlights include:

  • Unique sponsors and prizes, including Ketch trophies for the top 3 spots
  • Events that run through August of each season
  • Two qualifying spots for the CKA Tournament of Champions
  • The top three finishers qualify for the 2025 KBF National Championship.

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Rules (updated for 2024)

All KBF and CKA standard rules apply, with the following exceptions, additions and/or points of emphasis:
  1. The monthly tournament begins at 12:00 a.m. of the first day of each month and concludes at 11:59:59 pm on the final day of each month;
  2. No sandbagging: anglers must post their fish within 72 hours of the time stamp for each catch;
  3. Anglers must post their catch within 24 hours of the time stamp during the last 72 hours of each month;
  4. Tournament of Champions qualification: the top 2 finishers will receive an invitation to the 2024 CKA Tournament of Champions. The top two will be determined by the total overall length of their best five monthly finishes;
  5. Only paid CKA Members may register and submit fish to the 20 for 24 series;
  6. There are no designated pre-fishing periods;
  7. The minimum submission length is 10”;
  8. The angler with the longest overall length for their verified catches will win the month. This means you can win without catching a limit. An angler who has a 20 fish limit of 189” would lose to an angler who lands 19 fish for 192”;
  9. The 2024 CKA identifier must be clearly and fully visible in each submission;
  10. The tie breaker is largest fish, in descending order from longest to shortest.


The 20 for 24 series will withhold $3.00 from every fee for the CKA Tournament of Champions, which is a 100% payout event. A $1.00 amount is withheld for credit card fees. The remaining twenty-one dollars is paid out using the following scale:

Only the top spot pays out (100%) if 2-9 anglers are registered.

The top two spots pay out if 10-14 anglers are registered:

  • 1st place: 60%
  • 2nd place: 40%

Top 3 spots are paid out if 15 or more anglers are registered:

  • 1st place: 50%
  • 2nd place: 30%
  • 3rd place: 20%

*(Any applicable Paypal fees are subtracted prior to payout)

Eligible Waters

Only the following waters are eligible for CKA’s 20 for 24 monthly online series.

  • Badin Lake
  • Cape Fear River
  • Falls Lake
  • Farmers Lake
  • High Point City lake
  • High Rock Lake
  • Graham Mebane Lake
  • Jordan Lake
  • Kerr Scott Lake (Wilkesboro)
  • Kerr Lake (Buggs Island)
  • Lake Brandt
  • Lake Cammack
  • Lake Gaston
  • Lake Hickory
  • Lake Higgins
  • Lake Hyco
  • Lake James
  • Lake Lucas
  • Lake Mackintosh
  • Lake Mayo
  • Lake Norman
  • Lake Reese
  • Lake Sutton
  • Lake Thom-A-Lex
  • Lake Tillery
  • Lake Townsend
  • Lookout Shoals
  • Oak Hollow reservoir
  • Salem Lake
  • Shearon Harris Reservoir
  • Randleman Reservoir
  • Salem Lake
  • Stony Creek Reservoir
  • Tuckertown Reservoir
  • Yadkin River


2023: Will Lambert was the season champion. Garriett Chavis won second place, and Brian Falbe won the thrid place trophy. Click here for complete standings, and click here for a complete article.

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