OTWI Tourney Double Trailer Giveaway Update

At the end of last season, long time CKA angler Denny Romero approached us with an idea: he wanted to reward CKA anglers who consistently compete in events. His motive was simple: through their tournament entry fees, those anglers have raised the lion’s share of the money that CKA donates to Heroes on the Water every season.  And so to reward them, he decided to build a custom kayak trailer. Scroll down our Facebook page, and you will see some of his photo updates of the trailer’s construction. As many people know, Denny’s engineering and craftsmanship are second to none; he is also a kayak angler, so he knows exactly what anglers need from a trailer.

To qualify for the giveaway, an angler must fish a minimum of 6 events this season. Below is a list of anglers who have qualified, followed by those who must fish one of the final two events, and followed last by a list of those who must fish both of the final two events. If you are in that final category, and want a chance to win a great trailer, then get signed up for Saturday’s event at Kerr-Scott!


Will Lambert
Joey Sullivan
Sammy Wilson
Brooks Lanier
Chris Linville
Jason Leach 
Jacob Miles
Keith McGee
Ryan Freeman
Bobby Bowers
Mitchel Rhodes
Jason Chapell
Dustin Matthews
James Wevers

1 Event Needed

Matthew Dunn
Calvin Keller
Adam Petrone
Eric Nelson
William Queen
Marcus Smith
Ron Gerber
Nathan Naturile
Drew Blair
Henry Veggian
Denny Romero
Mark Phillips
Jason Nuy
Melvin Yang

2 Events Needed

Ricky Rowland
Bob Dainton
Derrick Hood
Arlie Minton
Adam Puleo
Mike Wimmer
John Dunnavant
Rick Morris
Chad Newman
Austin Vang
Tj Swansey
Chimeng Vang
Kou Yang
William Hayes