CKA Event #4 Tuckertown Reservoir


Welcome anglers to Event #4 of the 2019 CKA tournament season. The tournament will be held on Tuckertown Reservoir. We have not fished Tuckertown since 2015 when John Ladd won 1st place on a hot July day. Tuckertown is another Yadkin chain lake, but with a unique profile for a water body, the upper half being a tailrace and river and the lower half being a lake that grows wide and deep as it approaches Badin Lake. It sets up well for both river and lake fishing, and the coves, banks and islands are filled with vegetation, too, making it one of the more dynamic fisheries we will face this season!

We will use a multi-launch format (see the list of allowed ramps at the bottom of the post).The NC Wildlife ramp off of River Road (SR 2512) will be the event HQ for the morning sign-up and afternoon check in. It’s a smaller lot, so please be mindful of parking, and travel in pairs whenever possible.

As always, print your ID early and fill in the code when it is released Friday night before the event. You can also re-use your ID card from the last event – just be sure to put the code in the right box.

Note: This is the last event at which anglers can pay the member fee to keep their points for the AOY and ROY races.

Sign up ($5) on Tourneyx:

Fee: Anglers will pay 50$ (cash only, bring exact change) for the event on Saturday morning at the Captains Meeting.

Sign up/Captains Meeting: 4:45- 5:30 am

Lines in: 6:15 am

Lines out: 2:15 pm

Photo Cut-Off: 2:45 pm

Check in: NC Wildlife Ramp. Anglers must be present and signed in by 3:30 pm.

We will release the identifier code on Friday night at 8 pm. For that and additional updates, visit:

CKA on Facebook:

Event Info

Sign up Tourneyx ($5)
Fee $50.00 Entry (includes H.O.W,  Big Fish fees)
Event Date June 1st 2019
Format 3 fish (8” minimum).
Check in/Payment 4:45:-5:30 am
Lines in 6:15 am
Lines out/Photo Cut-off 2:15 pm/2:45pm
Check in 3:30 pm

If you have not yet done so, please create a Tourney X angler account for event registration and CPR submissions!

Please review all event rules at

Remember you must pay the $20 CKA member fee to keep your AOY/ROY points. You can pay for the previous event before this event begins. This is the last chance to pay membership for the season!

The following sites are the only approved launch areas.

  1. Bringle Ferry

3301 N. Bringle Ferry Rd.

Denton N.C.


  1. Highway 49 Boat Ramp

New London, N.C.


  1. Flat Creek Boat Launch (Captains Meeting and Check in here)

Off of SR 2152 (River Road).

Link to Map

  1. Stokes Ferry Road

(Limited Parking/Primitive Launch)







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