The 2018 CKA Tournament of Champions

At the end of every season, the CKA hosts a bonus tournament for its top competitors. Last year, Melvin Yang won the 2017 crown at Lake Norman and the year before that it was Denny Romero on the Yadkin River. Who will be this year’s champion?

What follows is a timeline for the tournament, a list of anglers who qualified/accepted roll down spots and a map showing the check-in spot. We hope the trophies will be shipped in time, but we can assure you, the other prizes are ready!


Friday Night (10/12) – ID released at 8:00pm on CKA Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites. No “in person” Captains Meeting.

Saturday Morning (10/13) – Anglers may go directly to their preferred ramp at any time. Anglers WILL NOT be permitted to have their kayaks in the water until 6:00am. After you put in at 6:00am, you may then pedal/paddle to your location (be sure to have your safety lights on). First cast/Lines In is at 7:00am.

Saturday Afternoon (10/13) – Lines out at 2:00pm. We will meet at the Harris Teeter satellite lot no later than 3:00pm. Anyone that checks in after 3:00pm will have their day’s entire catch disqualified. We will judge the fish quickly and determine the Top 10 for Sunday.

Saturday Evening (10/13) – We have secured sites at Holly Point Campground. We will have sites at Loop 3 Sites 82-84.

Sunday Morning (10/14) – Anglers in the top 10 may go directly to their preferred ramp at any time. Anglers WILL NOT be permitted to have their kayaks in the water until 6:00am. After you put in at 6:00am, you may then pedal/paddle to your location. First cast/Lines In is at 7:00am.

Sunday Afternoon (10/14) – Lines out at 1:00pm. We will meet at the Harris Teeter satellite lot no later than 2:00pm. Anyone that checks in after 2:00pm will have their day’s entire catch disqualified.

• We strongly encourage any Anglers that have not made the TOC or do not make the Top 10 for Sunday to secure a site at Holly Point and come join us Saturday Night.

• TourneyX will not be used for this event. Make sure you have good pictures. We will not judge them until end of day.

• Lengths from Day 1 will carry over to Day 2.

• Holly Point Campground launch is in play for both days. For a Saturday morning launch from that location, you will have had to secure your own campsite Friday evening. CKA will be paying Saturday night for the sites for Top 10.

• Harris Teeter: 1432 Brogden Woods Dr Creedmoor Village, Wake Forest, NC 27587

• Holly Point: 14500 New Light Rd, Wake Forest, NC 27587


*** Bob Dainton
*** PC Hawj
*** Jim Lor
*** Jacob Miles
*** Matt Hawj
*** Eric Nelson
*** Ronald Gerber
*** Derrick Hood
*** Melvin Yang
*** Matthew Dunn
*** Calvin Keller
*** John Vue
*** Ryan Freeman ( R )
*** Mike Wimmer ( R )
*** Dustin Matthews
*** Terry Wheeler Jr ( R )
*** Bobby Bowers
*** Austin Vang
*** Teng Yang
*** Kou Yang
*** Ronnie Murphy
*** Yee Vue
*** David Golding
*** Joey Sullivan

Big Bass Brawl at KBF Trail (Gate City Classic)

Hi everyone,

As we gear up to compete in the Gate City Classic  this coming Saturday, we want to remind anglers who signed up for the KBF Trail of the option to compete for additional prize money. KBF runs a Big Bass Brawl at every major Trail and Open event. Here is how it works:

  • Sign up at the KBF store for the Gate City Trail Big Bass Brawl (see link below)
  • The biggest bass posted every hour wins $50 for the event (your bass can rollover from one hour to the next – it has to be knocked down by a longer fish).
  • $500 goes to the angler with the biggest bass in the tournament.
  • Up to $950 in Big bass money may be paid out over the course of the event

The cost to sign up is only $25. If you do not sign up, you are not eligible. Register at this link:

Remember that you can also sign up for the CKA event (3 fish format) that runs parallel to the Trail!

To register for the CKA event, click here:

To pay the registration for the CKA event, click here:

Updated AOY and ROY Standings!

Hi everyone,

We hope everyone is riding out the remainder of Hurricane Florence in safety. Based on current conditions and the current forecast, we are planning to conclude the regular season this coming Saturday at the Gate City Classic/KBF Trail. Sign up!

As you will see in the standings, the race remains open in both categories. In the Angler of the Year race, defending AOY PC Hawj holds a slim lead with a couple anglers breathing right down his neck. Mathematically speaking, any one of the top 16 anglers could take the crown, although probabilities decrease the farther down you go on the list.

In the Rookie of the Year race, the top 8 anglers all have a shot, and only 2 points separate the top 2 anglers!

We finish it this Saturday, Sept 22nd, at the Classic!!!!!

The ROY/AOY file is below in Excel spreadsheet format. To toggle between AOY and ROY standings, go to the bottom of the Excel file, here: CKA 2018 AOY ROY Update 09142018



CKA Event 8: The Gate City Classic and KBF Trail

The Gate City Classic

Multi-Lake Event

October 6th, 2018

Hi everyone, and get ready for the Gate City Classic! The Classic is when we conclude and celebrate our season with fishing and food. This year it will also be when we determine – for the first time – the CKA Rookie of the Year! A number of prizes, qualifications and details are also determined on this final day of the regular season. They include:

  • AOY winner. The CKA Angler of the Year wins a custom prize package
  • KBF National Championship slots for the top 5.
  • The final standings to determine anglers who will proceed to the Tournament of Champions on October 13th.
  • Location selection for the Tournament of Champions. The lake is announced after the Classic and Final standings are announced.

Additionally, this year’s event is notable because we will also host a KBF Trail event. Remember that the 2019 KBF National Championship will be a multi-lake event, so the Gate City Classic is an excellent practice event for qualified anglers. And because the KBF AOY race is tight, and many KBF anglers are jostling for position in “The Ten” at Bienville Plantation, we expect a large turnout for the combined events. 

  1. Event Details

As noted above, the Classic will be held in conjunction with a KBF Trail Event.  Anglers may fish either the CKA and KBF event separately, or fish both events simultaneously. The CKA event is a 3 fish limit event and the KBF Trail event is a 5-fish limit event, but an angler’s 3 CKA fish can be cross-posted to the KBF event on Tourney X. Additionally, non-KBF members can compete in the KBF event but we encourage anglers to sign up as KBF members.  This post contains

  1. Registration
  2. Tournament Identifiers
  3. Boundaries and rules
  4. Launches
  5. Captains Meeting time and location info
  6. Tournament Start/End Times
  7. Post-Event Check-In info & KBF Trail Payouts
  8. Lake info

For additional updates, visit CKA on Facebook:

Now for the event details. Because this is a multi-lake event, please read carefully. Note that anglers pay to the Get Outdoors site below, and also register on Tourneyx!

  1. Registration

Entry fee for the classic is $50 and this will include your donation to HOW, your entry for big bass and placing.

To register for the CKA event, click here:

To pay the registration for the CKA event, click here:

To sign up for the KBF Trail, click here:

If you have not yet done so, please create a Tourney X angler account for event registration.

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Event 7: Lake Mackintosh

CKA Tournament 7

Lake Mackintosh

August 11, 2018

 Welcome Anglers to 2018 Tournament #7, and the second to last event of the regular season! Please note the important info below about launch times.

Both the AOY and ROY races are tight. Here is what is at stake in the final two events:

  • CKA Tournament of Champions Qualification
  • KBF National Championship Qualification
  • Angler of the Year & Rookie of the Year crowns

We last fished Mackintosh for a single event in August of 2016. Lake Mackintosh (1,100 acres) has no horsepower restrictions for gas boats, but a large area for non-gas watercraft and boats on the western, Guilford County end.  It is a city lake with special restrictions so please abide by all state and local rules.

This will be a multi-launch event using both the Guilford and Alamance ramps. CKA staff will be available at both launches to collect entry fees in the morning beginning at 6 am. We will hold the check in at the Guilford ramp at the end of the day.

Sign up here at Tourneyx:—carolina-kayak-anglers/

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