Kayak Bass Fishing Trail and KBF Membership

CKA anglers won roughly $30,000 fishing in KBF events in 2019. And the winners were not only the usual suspects. About one dozen anglers won cash and prizes in on-line events and larger regional tournaments. An example – Adam Petrone qualified for both the 2020 National Championship and the Challenge Series Cup by winning the June State Challenge. He drove to Wisconsin in October and won his first big check. He’ll be fishing for another check  at Guntersville in April. His KBF membership and state challenge sign-up fees have paid for themselves, paid his entry for two major events, and left him with plenty of gas money to spare.

It all started when Adam signed up as a KBF Member.

KBF has reconfigured its 2020 Trail schedule, creating a new Mid-Atlantic region. North Carolina is in the heart of the region and no single event is more than a 4 hour drive from most CKA anglers. Santee-Cooper, High Rock/Randleman, the lower Potomac, Smith Mountain – your performances on those waters will determine the size of your checks and your qualification for the 2021 National Championship, the Trail Series Championship and the new Partner Club Championship. In short, KBF membership costs little but the returns can be amazing.

One more thing – you can qualify for the KBF National Championship at CKA events. You simply have to be a KBF member prior to the tournament.

It all begins for the Mid-Atlantic region on February 29th at Santee-Cooper.

Renew or begin your KBF membership. Book your rooms, load your gear and step up your game to become the next CKA angler to hold a big check and win national recognition this season.

Santee Cooper Sign up and tournament details here: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/20-02-kbf-trail-santee-cooper-mid-atlantic-region

Become a KBF Member here: https://www.kayakbassfishing.com/join/

Note: If you plan to fish the KBF Trail, join as a Competitor ($50). If you hope to qualify through on-line and CKA events only, join as an Ambassador ($25)


CKA & KBF February On-Line Tournaments


As large tournaments begin in Florida this week, the 2020 can be said to finally be underway!

We will have several exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks as we welcome new sponsors and roll out a new, improved payout format and other previews of the 2020 CKA season. But first we want to encourage anglers to sign up for CKA and KBF on line tournaments in February.

Here is why:

  1. CKA will be running occasional on-line events, and not all of them will be month long tournaments. We will run charity events and also weekend style events, and we want to be sure that everyone is comfortable with the new TourneyX app. The events are low-stakes with low entry fees, and the focus is on fun and practice.


  1. We encourage new kayak anglers to practice. Every season, new anglers join us and have to learn the TourneyX app and also catch-photo-release (CPR) fishing. This is an ideal way to do so.


  1. KBF State Challenge: KBF recently added a February monthly for North Carolina. It is a 2021 National Championship Qualifying event. State Challenges allow anglers to compile points toward the State Challenge Championship and to qualify for other events like the KBF Partner Club Championship. Renew your membership and sign up to compete!


  1. Anglers can post fish to both events. Additionally, fish caught in the CKA event can also be posted to the KBF Trail at Santee Cooper, if caught on that day and lake.

Here are the links for the February Monthly online events:

CKA Carolina Shootout Sponsored by Texas 2 Step ($30):


KBF February North Carolina State Challenge ($35):



We look forward to a great season and good luck to everyone fishing in Florida!

Garrett, Ron, Hank, Wayne & Cory


Carolina ShootOut 2020 by Texas 2 Step

Carolina Kayak Anglers is proud to present the “Carolina Shootout” sponsored by Texas 2 Step! The Carolina ShootOut is a month-long on-line kayak bass fishing tournament for kayak anglers fishing N.C. and S.C. waters in February, 2020.

For details and TourneyX Sign Up: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/carolina-shootout-presented-by-texas-2-step

The 2019 CKA Season

The 2019 Season and Gate City Classic

The CKA 2019 Tournament season came full circle on September 28th when we held our final check in at Get Outdoors Paddlesports in Greensboro, North Carolina. We ended our season where it began with the Burlington Bash, when the seasonal grind began on a cold March day. Over the course of the year Will Seely and the store staff fixed our boats, offered us member discounts and hosted two tournament check-ins. Yesterday he provided the generous gift cards for the Angler of the Year and Rookie of the Year prize packages.

Over the course of the year, more than 450 anglers competed in a total of 8 CKA tournaments. There were combined events (the Yadkin Slam, the Battle on the Border), a team event as well as stand-alone events, we raised over $2,000 for Heroes on the Water and a nearly one dozen sponsor companies supported our anglers. It was a year of surprises (Tuckertown – who knew!) and a year in which 8 different anglers won 1st place at a CKA event, a sure testament to the high quality of competition on our trail.

It all culminated at the Gate City Classic with the resolution of the 2019 Angler of the Year race. In 2018, the Rookie of the Year race went to the wire, with Keith McGee the eventual victor over Graham Reay in a very close finish. The 2019 Angler of the Year race was similar in that not two but three anglers fought to the very last cast. It was ultimately decided by the thinnest of margins as the top 3 were divided from one another by 6 points each. A difference of 3-4 places at any of their top 6 events would have made this a different outcome. In the end, Will Lambert won the AOY prize, and long-time CKA veteran Joey Sullivan finished second.

Additionally, Sammy Wilson won the 2019 Rookie of the Year title and also finished 3rd in the AOY race. All three anglers had a remarkable run, and we congratulate them all. Trophy presentations will be held at our 1st event of 2020, when the previous year’s champions present the trophies to the winners, and a new title race begins!

The Gate City Classic concluded with a special prize this season. Denny Romero built a custom On the Water Innovations kayak trailer as a prize for CKA anglers who fish hard to raise money every season for Heroes on the Water. Qualifying anglers had to fish a minimum of 6 events and Denny’s daughter drew the winning number for the highly anticipated prize. Teng Yang won the trailer even though he nearly missed the drawing because he was asleep on the store couch when the tickets were distributed!

CKA wishes to thank all of the anglers who fished with us this season. We also wish to thank Kayak Bass Fishing for its support of our club.

Most of all, we owe a great debt of gratitude to our sponsors. Please click on the links and buy their great products!

Get Outdoors  Boonedox On the Water Innovations  Zee Bait Co. Bending Branches YakAttack CalCoast Torqeedo

KBF 2020 National Championship Qualifiers

KBF allowed partner clubs to qualify 10% of the field at our 2019 trail events. These are known as “at large” qualifying events, and they constitute a more grassroots approach to providing anglers a chance to fish the KBF National Championship, the world’s largest and most lucrative kayak fishing tournament.

KBF streamlined the process this year by shifting more of the paperwork to a KBF statistician and to the partner clubs. Over the course of the season CKA tournament directors worked with KBF and anglers to make sure qualifying spots were submitted correctly. This week we submitted the most recent batch of angler names who qualified at the CKA Kerr-Scott event. Those names will appear on the next roster update.

In total, 20 CKA anglers qualified through our Trail for the KBF National Championship at Guntersville in April of 2020. Yes, THE Guntersville. The purse for 1st place at that event will be $75,000 and a total of $250,000 in total prizes, an unprecedented sum in our sport.* We couldn’t be happier to see the names of CKA anglers added, and we hope one of you will go there and bring the trophy home to North Carolina.

There are 2 remaining ways to qualify for the 2020 National Championship this season. First, the top 10% of the field at the Gate City Classic will be eligible. Remember you must be a KBF member prior to the event in order to be eligible. Second, CKA will receive a number of spots to award to anglers in its end of year AOY rankings. We reserve one of those spots for the Rookie of the Year, but other spots roll down to the 25th place in the standings. You must be a KBF member, however, prior to the final tournament.

In sum, you still have a chance to qualify for a ticket to attend the biggest event in our growing sport. We wish you all the best of luck, and we hope to see you in Alabama next year!

For more info about the 2020 National Championship, click here: https://www.kayakbassfishing.com/2020-kbfnc/

To become a KBF member, click here: https://www.kayakbassfishing.com/join/

To register for the Gate City Classic, click here and then follow the second link to Get Outdoors. https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/cka-2019-event-8-gate-city-classic


*An earlier version of this post mistakenly stated the 1st place payout would be $75,000. The sum was corrected.