CKA Tournament 5: Randleman lake

Randleman Lake

June 22nd, 2019


Welcome anglers to Event #5 of the 2019 CKA tournament season, and welcome back to one of our favorite lakes! We haven’t fished Randleman for a single lake event since the CKA/KBF Trail event in 2017. Randleman has a special place in CKA history: it was the site of the first CKA event in 2013, it is where we set the club record for attendance (96!) and it is where Rick Rowland won the largest payout in CKA history ($2k+). It is also known for being one of the best big bass lakes in North Carolina. If CKA has a “home lake,” then Randleman is it.

This post contains

  • lake information,
  • rules, launches
  • registration links
  • Captains Meetings time and location info
  • Tournament Start/End Times
  • Post-Event Check-In info

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  1. Lake Info

Randleman Lake is a young 3,007 acre reservoir located on the Deep River south of Greensboro, North Carolina.  The lake was opened in 2010 and quickly earned a regional and national reputation as a great Largemouth Bass fishery. Due to its status as a water supply lake Randleman is carefully managed and does not allow overnight fishing or boats to run in excess of 25 mph. Additionally, boats are not allowed north of the Highway 62 bridge. Native and stocked fish as well as significant shoreline structure and vegetation combine to make Randleman an excellent fishery.

2. Boundaries, Launches and Rules

Rules: Certain areas of the lake are off limits to fishing, and marked by buoys. Do not fish beyond those markers.

CKA largely follows KBF rules. Remember that the top 10% of the field qualifies for the 2020 KBF National Championship at Guntersville, but you must be a KBF member prior to the event to qualify.

Please be sure to obtain a valid N.C. fishing license, and follow parking regulations at the lake’s two launches. Note that motor boats do launch at the south ramp as well (please be respectful and follow good ramp etiquette), whereas the north ramp is limited to paddle craft and electric motors.

The tournament is a multi-launch event, and the listed access areas (below) will be the only eligible locations to launch on Lake Randleman. Keep in mind that launches at Randleman have limited space and driving access, so there will be lines. Be sure to arrive early, respect fellow boaters and be careful and helpful at the launches.

Of the 2 available launches, both will be open at 6 am. There are additional launch fees. Please keep in mind that CKA does not control access to the ramps and if a gate is closed or it opens late, there is nothing we can do. We will do our best to have the gates open early, so follow Facebook for updates.

3. Registration Links

If you have not yet done so, please create a Tourney X angler account for event registration and CPR submissions.

4. Captains Meetings

There will be a brief Captains Meetings at the Southwest Park ramp, where anglers will sign in and pay the entry fee. CKA identifiers will be available online the week prior to the event, in your TourneyX dashboard. The event ID code will be released Friday evening at 8 pm.

Anglers are free to launch/park vehicles prior to the meeting at Southwest Park, but must stay within hearing distance of the dock.

5. Tournament Start/End Times

Lines In: 6:00 a.m.

Lines out: 2:00 p.m. (photo cut-off: 2:00 pm)

You will not be able to post fish to TourneyX after 2:00 pm. This is so that judging can be completed prior to the end of check in. If you have trouble posting, be sure to leave the water early to find a signal so as to avoid delaying the judging of photos. We will not make exceptions for anglers who arrive near the end of check in asking for assistance with uploads.

6. Tournament Check-In

We will meet at the Southwest park launch. All anglers must be checked in by 2:45 pm. The check in area will be under the picnic area near the main building/lot. 

Anglers must be present at the post-tournament check-in in order to collect prizes. If you leave the event early and will not attend the check-in, we ask that you send us a message via Facebook so we know you are safe.

7. Event Info

Sign up Tourneyx ($5)
Fee $50.00 Entry (includes H.O.W,  Big Fish fees)
Event Date June 22nd 2019
Format 3 fish (8” minimum).
Check in/Payment 4:45:-5:30 am
Lines in 6:00 am
Lines out/Photo Cut-off 2:00 pm
Check in 2:45 pm


  •  Southwest Park, 6309 Southwest Park Drive, Randleman, NC 27407
  •  Randleman Marina 7123 Adams Farm Road, Randleman NC 27317

Tuckertown Recap!

We rarely hold tournaments at Tuckertown, a lake that we took a chance on this year having only fished once there before. The gamble paid off. Storms swept through the area Friday, breaking a long heat wave. Low humidity, cool air temperatures and cool water temperatures greeted the 60 anglers showed up to a perfect morning with a strong bite. How strong was it?

  • 91.6% of the field submitted fish (55 out of 60)
  • 47 out of 60 anglers submitted limits
  • More than one-third of the field caught over 50”

The lake’s fish cooperated, to say the least.

Additionally, about a half dozen new anglers entered to compete, we gave away new $200 Torqeedo gift certificates and six anglers potentially qualified for the KBF National Championship, pending confirmation. Most importantly, Sammy Wilson took 1st place, qualifying him for the Tournament of Champions!

The money spots are below:

  1. Sammy Wilson 61.50”
  2. Chimeng Vang 59.75”
  3. Hue Vang 59.75”
  4. Hank Veggian 59”
  5. Will Hayes 57.75”
  6. Joey Sullivan 56.25”
  7. Kou Yang 55.75”
  8. Jacob Miles 54.50”

Congratulations to Kou Yang for winning the Zee Baits Lunker Length Big Bass prize with his 22.50” toad!

AOY and ROY updates

Hello all,

The CKA standings are heating up as we approach mid season!

In the AOY race, Joey Sullivan has emerged as a favorite after three strong events, but with 5 remaining anything can happen. Will the Hawj dynasty finally be dethroned?

Last year’s ROY race was a burner and this year’s race is no different. The leaders are tightly bunched, and two rookies (Jason leach and Adam Petrone) are in the top 10 of the overall AOY rankings, too.

Looking ahead, remember that Tuckertown (June 1st) is the last chance for anglers to retain their AOY points. If you plan to do so, please bring $20 to the event. This is especially important for rookies who plan to fish with us, as there are still enough events remaining (5) for a first year CKA angler to fish the minimum number of events (4) for that title.

Here are the updated standings. As always, send us an email if you spot an error!

2019 CKA AOY Race – 2019 AOY

2019 CKA AOY Race – 2019 ROY(1)

KBF National Championship Qualifying Update

As a long standing affiliate of Kayak Bass Fishing, CKA enjoys the highest level of coordination with Kayak Bass Fishing. We receive event support and sponsor support from them and KBF has entrusted CKA to manage multiple Trail events. In return, our best anglers compete at KBF events where they have repeatedly proven themselves against the best. We all take pride in the work we do in North Carolina, but when one of our anglers has success on the national stage, we are particularly proud.

We want each of you to have that chance. And so we want to remind everyone that anglers can qualify for the KBF National Championship through individual CKA events (and also through the final AOY standings). CKA can award spots to the top 10% of the field at each event and also distribute “at large” spots to the AOY field (for more on how that works, see this link). However, anglers must be KBF members prior to the event. If you hope to qualify, please sign up.

We will post occasional reminders and updates this season, as we always do, but if you are hoping to qualify for the 2020 National Championship at Guntersville, please renew your KBF membership. We want you guys to represent CKA, Get Outdoors and North Carolina at Nationals.

And yes, the CKA event at High Rock on May 4th will be a qualifying event!

The following anglers have qualified for the KBF National Championship through CKA.  Join us in congratulating them!

Event 1 (Burlington Bash) Attendance: 87 anglers = 8 spots

Rick Rowland  (4th place)

Ryan Freeman  (7th place)

Event 2 (Jordan Lake) Attendance: 60 anglers = 6 spots

Bob Dainton  (3rd place)


CKA at the 2019 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship

North Carolina anglers have represented CKA in all 4 KBF National Championship tournaments. Fields have expanded, lakes have changed and competition has intensified as our sport has grown. CKA anglers have represented us all while competing, earning us national recognition as one of the nation’s top kayak bass fishing trails. Why is that? Because CKA events are hard to win, and being battle tested at home translates to fishing well on the national stage.

This year, 6 CKA competitors made the cut for day 3 of the National Championship. They were Jamie Denison, Brandon Jessup, William Hayes, Eric Nelson, Shelly Efird and Cory Dreyer. Of that group, Cory finished in the top 20 (19th place). Congratulations to everyone who qualified, attended, competed and made the cut.

Next year’s Championship is closer to home – at Guntersville! If you are interested in competing to qualify, you should know that CKA is a platinum partner with Kayak Bass Fishing. That means that a percentage of our anglers can qualify for the National Championship; the percentage is based on our participation numbers over the course of the season and the number of KBF members fishing our Trail. The number of qualifying slots are determined at the end of the season, after the Gate City Classic. Last year, the top 10% of our field qualified – we do not however let qualifying spots roll down beyond the top 25. If you want a spot, you have to earn it.

We are always excited when both CKA veterans as new anglers qualify to represent us at the National Championship. Anglers can also qualify through the regional KBF Trail events and KBF on-line tournaments. Membership sign up is easy – just visit the KBF website: