CKA Welcomes Dakota Lithium as an Official Sponsor

In recent years, Dakota Lithium as emerged as the go-to choice of battery for kayak anglers. Innovatively designed, durable and reliable, it is the choice of champion anglers who seek an edge when powering their electronics. You know their tag line – “Half the Weight, Twice the Power”®

We are very excited to welcome Dakota Lithium and its outstanding American made products  aboard as a 2020 CKA sponsor!

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Bigguns for the Dunns Update

When we asked everyone to step up and catch some bigguns, we were thinking as much in terms of big moral support as well as actual fish. You all crushed the moral support angle, raising $2600 to date through this event and then you went out and crushed some real bigguns. Have a look at the top 3 bags on the Tourneyx Leaderboard – they are impressive, to say the least!

We are happy to see everyone having fun and being safe on the water. Submissions have gone smoothly, too, with only a few minor open mouth deductions and the new Tourneyx app is working smoothly.

Sign up remains open, too, so keep spreading the word. Thank you so much for helping out and supporting the Dunns, and thanks again to the event sponsors – please visit their websites and buy their products!

Swagger Tungsten