Trailer Giveaway update

Hi everyone,here is the updated list of eligible (and almost eligible) anglers for the giveaway of the On the Water Innovations trailer. Visit their website and check out their great product line, too!

The drawing will be held at Get: Outdoors after the Gate City Classic next week. Sign up for the event is open!


Will Lambert
Joey Sullivan
Sammy Wilson (R)
Brooks Lanier
Chris Linville
Jacob Miles
Keith McGee
Ryan Freeman
Bobby Bowers
Matthew Dunn
Calvin Keller
Jason Leach (R)
Eric Nelson
William Queen
Nathan Naturile
Dustin Matthews
Denny Romero
Marcus Smith
Mark Phillips
Mitchel Rhodes
Jason Chapell


Must fish Gate City Classic to Qualify:

Ricky Rowland
Melvin Yang
Bob Dainton
Adam Petrone (R)
Derrick Hood
Arlie Minton
Ron Gerber
James Wevers
Drew Blair
Henry Veggian
Mike Wimmer
Rick Morris (R)
Jason Nuy

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