CKA 4 Badin Lake Shootout

CKA Tournament 4 Presented by Texas 2 Step

May 22, 2021

Badin Lake, NC

CKA welcomes Anglers to Event #4 on Badin Lake (last visited by us in 2017). It’s the southernmost lake we fish on the Yadkin/Pee-Dee river chain and one of the oldest impounded lakes in North Carolina. 

Badin contains 5,350 surface acres of water, 115 miles of shoreline, and an average depth of 90 feet with a maximum depth of 190 feet. This diverse fishery hosts all three major Black Bass species (Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, and Spotted Bass) as well as Striped Bass and Walleye.  With its deep structure, rocky islands, grassy shorelines, flats, points and boat docks, there is opportunity for every style of fishing.

This will be a multi-launch event. Any publicly accessible launch is permitted. 

Texas2Step is sponsoring the event and will be at the check in with swag and a special presentation to the top anglers! This is Texas2Step‘s second year with CKA and we appreciate their support! Be sure to check our the full line of detailing products including the Ship Shape product that is good for:

  • Kayak wipe down and protection!
  • Easily removes water lines and water scum on boats!
  • Cleans Ketch boards with ease and makes them look new with minimal effort!
  • Wipe down your fiberglass boat and bring out the gelcoat’s shine!
  • Works great on glass as well!

A few reminders:

  • CKA has streamlined sign up and payment system for the 2021 season. All tournament fees are now through TourneyX.
  • CKA membership fees are now paid directly to: 
  • CKA has a new payout structure. See website for details.

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