2022 Season Kickoff Notes

Its that time of year and we are about to kick off another Carolina Kayak Anglers season! We wanted to give you a last minute checklist none the less to make sure you are ready to climb the leaderboard and cash a check!

The Law

Anglers need to have a valid NC fishing license – renew online at https://www.ncwildlife.org/

Kayak’s with trolling motors are required to be registered and have proper numbering on the vessel and appropriate lighting

Kayaks and other small craft are required to have a torch (flashlight) at minimum, we ASK that you use a 360 degree light during dark launch hours.

PFD are required to be on board, we REQUIRE that they be worn at all times during competition. (see rules)

CKA Rules

Read the rules. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know the complete rules and abide by them. We use the KBF Rules Standard with some minor changes you can find in our rules here and under the Tournament menu above.

Ketch boards are the only acceptable measuring devices – get one at Get Outdoors in Greensboro, NC

The Event ID Code will be released in the Fishing Chaos app at 8pm the night before every event. You should receive notifications automatically.

Anglers who place in the money will have to furnish both their Fishing License and Ketch Board before prizes are awarded.

Points are only available to paid members, and are not retroactive. If you want to fish for points, you must be a member first! Register at FishingChaos.com by finding CKA’s club page.

We are a Kayak Bass Fishing AmBASSador club, and will award the top 10% a National Championship qualification. Make sure you are a KBF member in good standing! You can register for KBF at FishingChaos.com as well. This year’s National Championship will be at Kentucky Lake in Tennessee.

This year’s minimum length is 10″

Your hand must be placed forward of the Caudal peduncle (fleshy, scaled part of the bass’ body at the base of the caudal fin). Competitor’s hand may not contact any portion of the Caudal Peduncle past the back edge of the fish’s dorsal or anal fin. See KBF Rules 9 section G for more clarification.

The mouth must be completely closed or a 1/2″ deduction will be applied, no exceptions.

Be sure that the mouth is closed fully and the CKA ID with code is not on the fish, visible and clear.

Check In “On the Water” and Check Out “Off the Water” using the Fishing Chaos App

Check Ins at designated Headquarters are not mandatory but are highly recommended. We won’t deliver trophies or prizes, and only attending anglers will be eligible to win give-away prizes.

If you are new paid member to CKA, meaning you have not fished more than 1 event in previous years and have paid your membership fee, let us know to ensure you are on the Rookie of the Year list.

We will utilize the Low Resolution option in Fishing Chaos to speed up submissions for the anglers. This means you need to be prepared to send the full size photo if requested and it is also recommended to perform a video release whenever possible which can easily end any potential protests or issues.

FishOPS 2022 is optional for the largest bass in 2022. Cash prizes for 1st-3rd at the end of the year.

The event’s Big Bass is included in the $60 entry fee and will be paid out after each event.

If you have any questions, concerns or issues and have already read the rules, please contact CKA Directors through private messages or through the CKA page in a private message. We are glad to spend the time to answer any questions IF you have spent the time to read the rules first.

Final Decisions – CKA Judges and TD’s have final say and any disputes must be handled privately with respect. Failure to do so can be a ban from participating in future events.

Properly conducting yourself on the water and off, including with social media as a respectable Carolina Kayak Angler is also required. Any unsportsmanlike behavior that reflects poorly on CKA and/or its anglers can be cause for removal from participation in any future CKA events and on social media pages.

And finally, let’s all have a good time in 2022 and catch some monster bass!

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