Tuckertown Preview

CKA enters the final quarter of its season with a ton of prize opportunities and qualifying chances on the line. In fact, the races have not been this wide open in a few years, so everything sets up for an exciting finish at event 6 on Tuckertown, presented by Yadkin River Crappie Trail and powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries!

What’s at Stake

Tuckertown Reservoir is a small fishery that puts up big numbers. This year, those numbers won’t just translated into prizes for CKA anglers. There is a lot more at stake, and here’s a look:

  • The CKA Angler of the Year and Rookie of the Year races presented by Get Outdoors are wide open. Will Brooks Lanier finally win the title? Will Leland Stiff sweep both AOY and ROY? Will Bryan Tsiolkas repeat? Will another angler heat up and shock the standings?
  • The CKA Tournament of Champions (September 30) has thousands of dollars in guaranteed payouts. Need more motivation to fish the last two events? Wait until you see the custom trophy!
  • North Carolina B.A.S.S. kayak nation qualification remains open. With the championship scheduled for Lake Norman on November 4th, everyone still has a chance to qualify for the 2024 Bassmaster Classic.
  • The inaugural 2023 NCKAR rankings at Basstrail.com have several CKA anglers in the top 10. The winner of that event will win a custom trophy.

That’s a lot of rankings, prizes and trophies. And as the TV ad says – but wait, there’s more!

  • The Str8Upmounts Big Bass is currently held by Jeremy Way. Tuckertown has a history of putting up big fish and big limits (see below). Could it put up another monster?
  • There is still a chance to close out strong in the CKA 20 for 23 online monthly standings. Registration is still pen for August (click here!).
  • The 2023 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship will be held in Alabama and paired with the new KBF Trail format in April of 2024. CKA members who are also KBF members are eligible to qualify through the club!

Tuckertown also previews the 2024 schedule, when CKA begins to focus on more lakes in the Triad region – including the upper Yadkin chain!

History in Tuckertown

You would think that CKA would have a longer history on Tuckertown, but the fact is that in over 80 tournaments, we have only fished the lake three times. Why haven’t we fished it more? All of the past events were memorable, to say the least, and the lake has put up some very big limits at times. It’s also in CKA’s proverbial backyard, right on the upper Yadkin Chain.

The historical record has some heavy hitters on it. At the first CKA event on Tuckertown, a former FLW pro angler named John Ladd made his presence known, when he won the tournament on a hot July morning.

In 2019, Sammy Wilson won a nail biter. He posted a limit of 61.5”, averaging more than 20” per bass. The next three spots all held limits of 59” or longer. In that event, Tuckertown put up fourteen fish of 20” or longer!

And in 2020, Charles Crews† won the tournament there on his way to placing in the money in 7 of 8 events, and taking both the Angler of the Year and Rookie of the Year titles. In that event, Tuckertown put up seven fish of 20” or longer!

Click on the link to register: https://app.fishingchaos.com/tournament/auhFYkX0bOSqHzZTvlp9

Additional Info

CKA Event 7 at Tuckertown is presented by Yadkin River Crappie Trail.

CKA’s 2023 Season is brought to you by Dakota Lithium Batteries

Click here to see the full 2023 schedule.

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First Published August 7, 2023

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