March Newsletter: CKA & KBS in 2018

Hi everyone,

While our Lake Hickory event (March 31) is next on the Trail schedule, the CKA Directors are always looking at opportunities for anglers to participate in additional events. This year we are excited to announce that we have paired with Kayak Bass Series (KBS) to offer (1) live event that will coincide with the CKA Event at High Rock Lake in April and (6) online events throughout 2018. If you pay the membership fee (not required for participation), you can enter the KBS AOY standings for the chance to fish the year end KBS Classic on the infamous Lake Fork in Texas.


  • KBS events will be judged using TourneyX and you can cross submit CKA fish at High Rock to the KBS board
  • Online events are $25 and the High Rock Live Event is $50.
  • There is a membership fee of $50 if you choose to compete for the Classic invite but it is not required.
  • AOY Score will consist of one KBS Qualifying event and your best 3 Online events (Membership Required).
  • Sign Up for events can be found at

Events schedule

  • 3/24 – ONLINE #1 SPRING BASS BLUES (KBF National Contenders can also participate)
  • 4/14 – LIVE EVENT / HIGH ROCK LAKE (this is concurrent with the CKA event)
  • 8/11 – ONLINE #5 ONE PLUS ONE = TWO

Remember that Manley Fishing, a company affiliated with KBS, has also provided eight certificates for rods for us to give away at each CKA Event this season, so please sign up and thank them for their generosity! For more info, see the links below:

Looking ahead, our anglers are preparing for the KBF National Championship and pre-fishing for CKA on Lake Hickory. We will post more on these events soon.


Larry, Henry, Wayne, Ralph and Ron




Lake Hyco CKA Tournament Recap

Hi everyone,

Our first event of 2018 came during a good warming spell that woke up the fish on local lakes. We had 74 anglers turn out to enjoy the weather and a good bite on Lake Hyco. This was our first event on the lake; the lake staff treated us well and local businesses were happy to see us too. Thank you to everyone who attended and for patronizing our series, the lake and local stores.

As for the event itself: we shared the launch with a boat tournament and it went smoothly. There was fog on the lake at launch and it burned off by mid-morning. Not unsurprisingly, many of the best fish were caught during the early bite, which took place between two fronts – a cold front that came through late Friday and the wind and light rain that arrived Saturday in the late morning. Several early leaders held position through the day and in the end the tournament was decided by the smallest margins. On a day like Saturday, every small upgrade made a difference. Here are a few numbers:

  • 162 fish were caught
  • Nearly half the field (34 anglers) caught a limit
  • The gap between 10th place and 1st place was only 4.5 inches
  • The gap between 20th place and 1st place was only 7.25 inches

In the end, we paid out 10 places to faces new and familiar. Bob Dainton, who was director of Carolina Yakfish (the series that preceded CKA, but ended in 2013) won 1st place. By winning first place, Bob also qualified for the end of season CKA Tournament of Champions. Ron Gerber (now a CKA TD) placed 5th after not fishing with CKA for a couple of seasons. We also had two out of state anglers in the money: Casey Reed from Virginia won 4th fishing his second event with us, and Graham Reay from South Carolina won 6th place.

  1. Bob Dainton
  2. Jacob Miles
  3. Drew Blair
  4. Casey Reed
  5. Ron Gerber
  6. Graham Reay
  7. P.C. Hawj
  8. Eric Nelson
  9. Aaron Miller (Aaron also won the Big Bass pot)
  10. Shelly Efird

Additionally, Matt Hawj won the Manley Fishing Rod gift certificate, John Ladd won the Bending Branches Ace Angler paddle and Arlie Minton won the Carver Covers kayak cover. 6 anglers also won BioSpawn Lure Company lure sets.

We will post the first Rookie of the Year standings in the coming days, a photo gallery,and also other new info.

Full results can be seen here:

 Thanks again to everyone, and we will see you at Lake Hickory on March 31st!


Setting up your TourneyX account and Submitting Catch Photos

Hi everyone,

CKA will continue to use Tourney X to judge tournament photographs for the 2018 season.  This is a great website and very easy to use. Consulting with kayak anglers year round, TourneyX continually improves its functions. There are a few changes to be aware of on the site/app. These include:

  • Option to upload fish to multiple events at once
  • Select CKA as the club you represent (you can find the list under “Clubs” in the main menu)

If you are a new angler, practice using the site, and even if you are a veteran angler please familiarize yourself with the new features. Please review the information below. If there are still questions, ask CKA staff (or join the TourneyX group on Facebook).

What is it?

TourneyX is a website and app (the app is free) for live check in of fish caught in Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) tournaments. You can download the app or save the home page to your phone for easy access. Anglers catch a fish, take a photo of it on their board (with ID) and upload it to the site for live scoring.

What does it cost and what are the benefits?

Read more “Setting up your TourneyX account and Submitting Catch Photos”

January 2018 CKA Newsletter: Payout Updates, ROY, etc

January 2018 CKA Newsletter

This post address a number of different additions and changes we will implement with CKA for the 2018 season. Topics include payouts, registration fees, the new Rookie of the Year prize, operational costs and the revised Tournament of Champions format. While each change is unique, they are also interdependent.

First, CKA has adjusted its payout format on several occasions over the years. It has done so in order to account for several factors, including the growing popularity of the series as well as to balance sponsor giveaways with cash prizes. Additionally, CKA always considers feedback from the anglers who participate in the series. We listened last season and came up with a solution that was as close as possible to what anglers requested. In these ways and others, the payout update below is no different from past changes. Here are the major points:


  1. CKA will pay out more places at each 2018 event. Last season we paid out 10% of the field, or 1 in 10 spots. This season we will pay out deeper into the field, or roughly 1 in 8 spots. For example, we average 58 anglers per event 2017. At an average 2017 event, we paid 5 spots. This season, that will be 8 spots at a 58 angler event (58 being our average attendance). Big Bass payouts will continue for each tournament.
  2. In 2018, the 2-day Tournament of Champions will have a new priority as the culminating event of our season. The new payout structure makes this possible. Please stay tuned for a follow up post with all of the details pertaining to this exciting event, but as it stands, we are budgeting to make it a “free” event so that qualifying anglers will only pay a nominal Tourneyx fee.
  3. CKA will continue to donate to H.O.W. but we have restructured contributions to increase tournament payouts.
  4. CKA will deduct a small amount from each registration fee to cover operating costs. As CKA has grown, tournament directors have paid out of pocket for many costs including user Paypal fees, payments to Tourney X, merchandise advances, compensation of judges and equipment purchases. Rather than ask anglers to pay a membership fee, we will deduct
  5. For the first time in our existence, one new CKA angler will be crowned Rookie of the Year. Details to follow but we are excited about seeing new anglers compete for this title.

During this off season, all four tournament directors debated the best way to sustain the series, expand payouts, maintain charity commitments and reward anglers. We consulted anglers and discussed with series sponsors. It was a long process with one goal in mind: to improve the rewards to anglers. This was our solution, and we hope you will find it reasonable. Thank you for your support.

CKA Anglers in 2017 KBF Open & Trail Events

CKA Anglers in 2017 KBF Open& Trail Events

This is the last of three posts reviewing CKA anglers in national competition. The first post reviewed CKA results at the National Championship, while the second reviewed on line Challenge tournaments. Where the National Championship is currently the largest and potentially most lucrative tournament event in the country, and the on-line events are longer yet pay out less, the Open and Trail events are intermediate between them: they pay out more, tend to be large regional events and also earn more AOY points for KBF Members.

CKA anglers represented North Carolina at a high level in Trail and Open events in 2017.  Two of our regular anglers – Jamie Denison and Rick Rowland – spent the entire season in the top 5 of the KBF AOY race, with Rick Rowland holding the number 1 spot for the majority of the season. This was largely due to their participation and performance in Open and Trail events. Additionally, many other CKA regulars traveled to Trail and Open events. This post lists the most notable results of the season.

Before proceeding, CKA staff thanks everyone who represented North Carolina in these events. It was a great year for CKA anglers on the national competition circuit, and it was fun to follow events and see the results.
First, the Open events. With a guaranteed payout of $10,000, both KBF members and non-members may compete in these events. Held on large, well-known lakes, there are only a handful of Open events every season (there were only 2 in 2017, but there will be 6 in 2018), but they are very well attended, with hundreds of anglers participating for prizes and points. 

The best finishes by CKA anglers were as follows:

o        Rick Rowland 1st place o        KBF Open, Kentucky Lake
o        Cory Dreyer 3rd place o        KBF Open, Kentucky Lake
o        Austin Vang 13th place o        KBF Open, Kentucky Lake
o        Cory Dreyer 13th Place o        KBF Open, Toledo Bend
o        Shelly Efird 16th place o        KBF Open, Kentucky Lake


In the other category, the KBF Trail Events, CKA anglers fished often, traveling long distances to compete on a regular basis. We only included top 10 finishes in the list below due to the large attendance of CKA anglers in Trail events. Note that the Chickamauga and New River events listed below reflect results for two separate Trail events that were held at each of those water bodies at different times.


o        Rick Rowland 1st place o        Falls Lake
o        Rick Rowland 1st place o        Smith Mountain
o        PC Hawj 1st place o        Lake Randleman
o        Buster Swisher 2nd place o        Lake Randleman
o        PC Hawj 2nd place o        Falls Lake
o        Calvin Keller 3rd place o        Lake Randleman
o        Matt Hawj 3rd place o        Falls Lake
o        Marcus Smith 4th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Rick Rowland 4th Place o        Santee Cooper
o        Jamie Denison 4th place o        Chickamauga
o        Austin Vang 4th place o        Falls Lake
o        Austin Vang 5th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Shelly Efird 5th Place o        Falls Lake
o        Aaron Trexler  6th place o        New River
o        Matt Hawj 6th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Tony Uselman 6th place o        Falls Lake
o        Matt Dunn 7th place o        Falls Lake
o        Melvin Yang 7th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Mitch Rhodes 8th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Jamie Denison 9th Place o        Lake Randleman
o        Brandon Jessup 9th Place o        Smith Mountain
o        Brandon Jessup 9th Place o        Falls Lake
o        Rick Rowland 9th place o        New River
o        Rick Rowland 10th place o        Chickamauga
o        Shaun Applegate 10th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Bob Dainton 10th place o        Falls Lake