Setting up your TourneyX Account and Photo Submissions


CKA will continue to use Tourney X to judge tournament photographs for the 2019 season.  This is a great website and very easy to use because the designers consult with kayak anglers year round.

If you are a new angler, practice using the site, and even if you are a veteran angler, please familiarize yourself with the new features. Please review the information below. If there are still questions, ask CKA staff (or join the TourneyX group on Facebook), and remember to select CKA as the club you represent (you can find the list under “Clubs” in the main menu)

What is it?

TourneyX is a website and app (the app is free) for live check in of fish caught in Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) tournaments. You can download the app or save the home page to your phone for easy access. Anglers catch a fish, take a photo of it on their board (with ID) and upload it to the site for live scoring.

What does it cost and what are the benefits?

The basic account is free but there is also a verified account option with more features if anglers choose to buy it (we do not require it). Additionally, Tourneyx charges every series a fee per angler. That fee is included in your tournament registration and we pay it after the event. We minimize cost by using a trained judge as opposed to paying Tourneyx to judge your fish. The site allows for the following:

  • All anglers can see submitted photographs
  • The site automatically culls smaller fish without making anglers sort through photos later in the day
  • Upload fish to multiple tournaments
  • A tournament record for each CKA event
  • Faster payouts when accounts are linked to your Paypal
  • The basic Tourneyx account is free; verified account allows you to use other features
  • Friends or family can follow events on-line in real-time
  • Expedited results at the end of the day

In addition, a TourneyX account allows anglers

  • Access to other kayak fishing events from around the country.
  • The site allows anglers to “map” their catches, creating a useful record of where fish were caught, that only the angler can see.


How do I set up an account?

Register for an angler account at this link:

The TourneyX tutorial video is also useful. You can view it here:

Can I fish in events if I do not use a smart phone?

Yes. But an angler who uses a digital camera must still have a TourneyX account as the judges will manually upload photographs (see more on this point in the summary below) from your SD card. If you do not have an SD card, we will be unable to upload your fish and they will not be scored. Texted photos will not be scored either because the text message may change the geo-location data and time stamp on the image. Note however that it is possible to synch some digital cameras with smart phones via Bluetooth, so you can photograph the fish with your camera and upload it from your phone without exposing your phone to water or other accidents. We strongly recommend that Anglers create an account and use their phone but there are other options as listed above. Anglers who use a digital camera/SD card camera must be present at check in at least 30 minutes prior to the end of the vent so a judge can review and manually transfer/upload photos.

Can I still fish in an event if I do not have a TourneyX account?

No. If you do not have an account, your fish will not be scored. There are no exceptions: every angler must create an account.

Final Points

We encourage all anglers to practice and learn the proper landing techniques so as to minimize injury to the fish (or angler). Equally as important, anglers must submit a clear photograph with the fish correctly displayed to the tournament judges in order to receive points for the catch.

TourneyX is an excellent photo upload site, and as you will see it makes the tournament experience more transparent and exciting. Please let us know if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “Setting up your TourneyX Account and Photo Submissions

  1. I have a problem getting pics because the flop off when I am holding them with one hand while trying to the the photo with the other. Any tips on how to make it easier?

    1. George,
      There are a few tricks that help.
      1. Leave the fish in a net or attached to a leash, in the water. This helps calm a tired fish, making them less likely to jump.
      2. Dip your board in the water a few times before placing the fish on it. A hot board makes a fish jump.
      3. Tilt the board slightly, with your right leg. This slides the fish mouth against the fence to keep it closed.
      4. If you put your hand on the fish, don’t squeeze. Pressure makes them jump.
      5. You can leave the lure in their mouth. This is recommended with single hook lures (not trebles), so long as the mouth is fully closed.
      6. Practice. Over time, it gets easier.
      Hope this helps!

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