CKA Tournament 1: The Burlington Battle

CKA Tournament 1

March 9th, 2019

Lake Mackintosh. Stony Creek, Graham-Mebane and Cammack

4 Lakes, 5 Launches…..

Central location, on both new and familiar lakes….

The 2019 CKA season begins…..

It’s time to fish!

Welcome Anglers to 2019 season. If you are new to the Trail, welcome aboard and good luck in the Rookie of the Year race. If you are a CKA regular then you know the battle for Angler of the Year will be long and difficult against some of the best competition in the entire country.

We begin our season with a multi-lake event in the Burlington area. The largest of those lakes is Mackintosh, a lake familiar to CKA. The other three lakes – Cammack, Stony Creek and Graham-Mebane – are new to the Trail. With the exception of Graham-Mebane all are Burlington City lakes with special restrictions. Please abide by all state and local rules. A few general points:

  • please bring exact change for launch fees. Lake authorities stressed this point, and it speeds up check in. Your launch fee is not included in the sign up.
  • If you contact lake authorities and ask them to open early, then any angler who is present at that time can enter, pay and launch.

We will release the identifier code across our social media (FB, Twitter, IG) on Friday night at 8 pm.  Contact: CKA on Facebook:

Note: The same time must and will apply to all ramps and lakes for lines in. As it stands, the time below will apply to all anglers, regardless of when gates open.

More information about each lake is available below the summary. Please read it all.

Event Info

Sign up:

Tournament Registration Fee: $50. Fee includes H.O.W. donation, Big Bass fee and Tourneyx fee. You can sign up on Tourneyx and pay later at the Get:Outdoors link, but all anglers must complete both steps (sign up and payment) prior to competition time.                   

Payment link:

Format: 3 longest fish (8” minimum length), submitted on approved measuring device (Fish Stik, Hawg Trough or Ketch Board only), entire fish and correct ID entirely in photo. ID will be available for download and printing in the days prior to event.

Event Schedule

Lines in: 8:00 am

Lines out: 3:00 pm (photo cut off is 3:05 pm. Upload your photos early – No Exceptions!)

Check in: 4 pm at Get:Outdoors. Must sign in or lose AOY points. Anglers must pay CKA member fee to keep AOY points.

Lake info & Permitted Launches

  1. Lake Mackintosh Marina, 2704 Huffman Mill Road, Burlington, NC 27215 Tel: 336-538-0896 

Hours: Gate opens at 8 am

Launch Fee: Yes

Lake Size: 1,100 acres

  1. Guilford-Mackintosh Marina (Lake Macintosh), 1345 NC 61 South, Whitsett, N.C. This is the western side of the lake, with an area that restricts use of gas-powered engines.

Hours: Gate opens at 8 am

Launch Fee: Yes

3.      Lake Cammack: 4790 Union Ridge Road, Burlington, NC 27217 Tel: (336) 421-3872

Hours: Gate opens at 8 am

Launch Fee: Yes ($5)

Lake size: 850 acres

4.      Stony Creek: 1785 Faulkner Drive ,Burlington, NC 27217  Tel. (336) 229-7509

Hours: Gate opens at 8 am

Launch Fee: Yes

Lake size: 140 acres

  1. Graham-Mebane Lake: 3218 Bason Road, Mebane, NC, 27253. Tel: 919-563-6544

Hours: Gate opens at 8 am

Launch Fee: Yes


7 thoughts on “CKA Tournament 1: The Burlington Battle

    1. Hi Rick, Thanks for the question. There won;t be a pre-event meeting for this event. We will send a check list of necessary things anglers must review and have for the tournament, and then we all meet up after fishing at Get:Outdoors. There are 4 tournament directors and we will try to have one at each lake, and many anglers have helped run events, too, so if you have questions at the ramps, don;t hesitate to ask. Good luck!

  1. Hank-

    I spoke with the Marina at Guilford and they said that they can open the gates early to allow everyone on the water before lines in and that the price would be $3 for Kayaks. Have you guys reached out to the lake management teams to make suitable arrangements for the anglers?

    1. Steven, thanks for the question. We have worked with the marina before, but our policy is to leave those discussions to anglers. All of the marinas are aware of our event, but we can;t ask them to open early and risk that nobody shows up. So it is up to anglers to make those arrangements, but if the ramp opens early, then everyone on line gets in, not just CKA, so keep that in mind. Rules require equal access for all.

      As for the good folks at the Guilford ramp, they know us. They like to have a single sheet with names, and exact change. It speeds up the process. We hope this helps.

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