CKA Tournament 7 Kerr Scott Lake

August 3rd, 2019

Scott Kerr was a new lake to the CKA Trail in 2018 and we are returning to it by popular demand. We are also adding an optional twist – a random draw team event that will take place on the side!

Kerr Scott is located in the northwest Piedmont, near Wilkesboro. It is one of 4 Piedmont lakes run by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (this means additional regulations apply – see website below). There will be (7) eligible launches (listed below). There is also camping and rental cabins, which can be found at this link.

  • Anglers will sign up through TourneyX at:
  • The Entry Fee for both the single angler and team events will be paid at the Dam Site Park during morning sign in between 4:45am -5:30 am.
  • Anglers may have kayaks in the water but will not be permitted to leave launches prior to 5:30 to get to fishing areas.
  • Blank identifiers will be available on TourneyX approximately one week prior to the event (we recommend printing a few extras).
  • Unique identifier codes will be released Friday 8/2 at 9:00pm EST on the CKA social media (Facebook, IG and Twitter). If you have been using the same ID all season, it will be time for a new card.
  • TourneyX sign up will be cutoff on Friday 8/2 at 9:00pm EST. This is so that Tournament Directors can prepare numbers to be drawn for the team event.
  • The Saturday morning meeting is mandatory.
  • All anglers must check in at the DAM SITE PARK BY 2:45PM. Those who do not will forfeit prizes, fish and AOY/ROY points.
  • If you need help with or have issues uploading your fish, please make an attempt to be at the Check-In Area early.


Single angler event: 3-fish limit with an 8” minimum. AOY points awarded.

The “Triple Shot” team event:

At the morning meeting, anglers will be drawn into 3-man teams

  1. Only anglers who are signed up and pay for the single angler event can participate.
  2. The team event is also a 3 fish limit (one fish per angler)
  3. The top single fish by length on the event’s TourneyX leaderboard will be used from 2 of the 3 anglers on each team.
  4. The third angler, whose top fish is smaller than the top fish of the other two anglers on his team, will have his smallest fish submitted to fill out the 3 fish limit. As follows, with the team limit fish in bold letters::

Angler 1                            Angler 2                                  Angler 3         

21” (score for team)        20” (score for team)              18.50”

19”                                    17”                                          14”

16”                                   16.50”                                     13” (score for team) 


In this format, you are also competing against both other teams and teammates to upgrade your smallest fish, as well as the largest fish.

5. If one angler on the team does not catch any fish, the smallest fish caught by angler #2 above will be counted.

6. If two anglers do not catch any fish, all 3 fish caught by one angler #1 above will count.

7. If the registered anglers do not produce complete sets of 3 man teams, and there is a two man team, the two anglers may fish as a two-man team and CKA will cover the difference in the missing entry fee. In that case, the team angler with the biggest fish will also have his smallest fish counted. Anglers cannot however opt to fish as a two man team.

8. If there is an odd man out scenario, and a single angler is left over when all the 3-man teams are set, that angler may choose to pay $60 out of pocket to fish as a single man “team” and have his 3 fish TourneyX limit count against the entire team field. Otherwise, he will have his $20 entry fee returned.

9. The entry fee for the team event is $20, with 100% payout. If there are 10-19 teams, only the top 3 teams will win payouts. If there are 20-29, an additional spot will be paid, and so forth. Payouts will follow a 50/30/20 format, with the last amount (20%) dropping by 5% for each additional payout place.

10. Teams may choose to split winnings among themselves however they please.

11. No AOY points will be awarded for the team event. It is purely for fun as a side pot.


Event Info

Sign up TourneyX
Fee $50.00 Entry (includes H.O.W & Big Fish fees).

Team Event: $20.00

Pay Saturday morning at ramp!

Event Date August 3rd, 2019
Format 3 fish (8” minimum). Approved measuring board required.     
Lines In 6:00 am
Lines Out 2:00 pm
Check in No Later than 2:45pm

Kerr Scott Website:


Eligible Ramps

Note: Ramps have launch fees. Launch fee is not included in the tournament fee.

Ramp hours may vary!

Dam Site Park

499 Reservoir Rd, Wilkesboro, NC 28697

24 Hour Access, $5 launch

Boomer Park

101 Boomer Rd. Boomer NC 28606

24 Hour Access, $5 launch

Keowee Park (at Warrior Park Campground)

7659 NC-268, Boomer, NC 28606

 $5 launch

Ft. Hamby Park

S., 1534 Recreation Rd, Wilkesboro, NC 28697

Call for hours; $5 Launch

Smithey’s Creek Park

S Minton Rd, Wilkesboro, NC 28697

24 Hour Access?, $5 launch

Bandits Roost Park

667 Jess Walsh Dr, Wilkesboro, NC 28697

Call for hours; $5 Launch

Marleys Ford Canoe Launch

S Marley Ford Rd, Ferguson, NC 28624

24 Hour Access ; Possible Fee

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