Kayak Bass Fishing Trail and KBF Membership

CKA anglers won roughly $30,000 fishing in KBF events in 2019. And the winners were not only the usual suspects. About one dozen anglers won cash and prizes in on-line events and larger regional tournaments. An example – Adam Petrone qualified for both the 2020 National Championship and the Challenge Series Cup by winning the June State Challenge. He drove to Wisconsin in October and won his first big check. He’ll be fishing for another check  at Guntersville in April. His KBF membership and state challenge sign-up fees have paid for themselves, paid his entry for two major events, and left him with plenty of gas money to spare.

It all started when Adam signed up as a KBF Member.

KBF has reconfigured its 2020 Trail schedule, creating a new Mid-Atlantic region. North Carolina is in the heart of the region and no single event is more than a 4 hour drive from most CKA anglers. Santee-Cooper, High Rock/Randleman, the lower Potomac, Smith Mountain – your performances on those waters will determine the size of your checks and your qualification for the 2021 National Championship, the Trail Series Championship and the new Partner Club Championship. In short, KBF membership costs little but the returns can be amazing.

One more thing – you can qualify for the KBF National Championship at CKA events. You simply have to be a KBF member prior to the tournament.

It all begins for the Mid-Atlantic region on February 29th at Santee-Cooper.

Renew or begin your KBF membership. Book your rooms, load your gear and step up your game to become the next CKA angler to hold a big check and win national recognition this season.

Santee Cooper Sign up and tournament details here: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/20-02-kbf-trail-santee-cooper-mid-atlantic-region

Become a KBF Member here: https://www.kayakbassfishing.com/join/

Note: If you plan to fish the KBF Trail, join as a Competitor ($50). If you hope to qualify through on-line and CKA events only, join as an Ambassador ($25)


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