KBF National Championship Qualifying Update

As a long standing affiliate of Kayak Bass Fishing, CKA enjoys the highest level of coordination with Kayak Bass Fishing. We receive event support and sponsor support from them and KBF has entrusted CKA to manage multiple Trail events. In return, our best anglers compete at KBF events where they have repeatedly proven themselves against the best. We all take pride in the work we do in North Carolina, but when one of our anglers has success on the national stage, we are particularly proud.

We want each of you to have that chance. And so we want to remind everyone that anglers can qualify for the KBF National Championship through individual CKA events (and also through the final AOY standings). CKA can award spots to the top 10% of the field at each event and also distribute “at large” spots to the AOY field (for more on how that works, see this link). However, anglers must be KBF members prior to the event. If you hope to qualify, please sign up.

We will post occasional reminders and updates this season, as we always do, but if you are hoping to qualify for the 2020 National Championship at Guntersville, please renew your KBF membership. We want you guys to represent CKA, Get Outdoors and North Carolina at Nationals.

And yes, the CKA event at High Rock on May 4th will be a qualifying event!

The following anglers have qualified for the KBF National Championship through CKA.  Join us in congratulating them!

Event 1 (Burlington Bash) Attendance: 87 anglers = 8 spots

Rick Rowland  (4th place)

Ryan Freeman  (7th place)

Event 2 (Jordan Lake) Attendance: 60 anglers = 6 spots

Bob Dainton  (3rd place)


CKA at the 2019 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship

North Carolina anglers have represented CKA in all 4 KBF National Championship tournaments. Fields have expanded, lakes have changed and competition has intensified as our sport has grown. CKA anglers have represented us all while competing, earning us national recognition as one of the nation’s top kayak bass fishing trails. Why is that? Because CKA events are hard to win, and being battle tested at home translates to fishing well on the national stage.

This year, 6 CKA competitors made the cut for day 3 of the National Championship. They were Jamie Denison, Brandon Jessup, William Hayes, Eric Nelson, Shelly Efird and Cory Dreyer. Of that group, Cory finished in the top 20 (19th place). Congratulations to everyone who qualified, attended, competed and made the cut.

Next year’s Championship is closer to home – at Guntersville! If you are interested in competing to qualify, you should know that CKA is a platinum partner with Kayak Bass Fishing. That means that a percentage of our anglers can qualify for the National Championship; the percentage is based on our participation numbers over the course of the season and the number of KBF members fishing our Trail. The number of qualifying slots are determined at the end of the season, after the Gate City Classic. Last year, the top 10% of our field qualified – we do not however let qualifying spots roll down beyond the top 25. If you want a spot, you have to earn it.

We are always excited when both CKA veterans as new anglers qualify to represent us at the National Championship. Anglers can also qualify through the regional KBF Trail events and KBF on-line tournaments. Membership sign up is easy – just visit the KBF website: https://www.kayakbassfishing.com/join/

KBF Southeast Region Trail at Santee Cooper

Every season, dozens of CKA anglers divide their efforts between our  series and the national KBF trail and major tournaments. The results have often been spectacular –Rick Rowland simultaneously won the KBF Open on Kentucky Lake and also placed 3rd at the 2017 KBF National Championship, Jamie Denison won the 2018 AOY and the 2019 events at Toledo Bend, Cory Dreyer won the “Ten” at Bienville and extended his legendary streak of placing in the money at consecutive Open and National Championship events. In these examples and others, CKA anglers have performed at a high level at KBF events from the start.  

KBF has reconfigured its 2019 Trail schedule, dividing states into regions and reducing the number of Trail events. Lakes are big and the stakes are bigger, with Regional Championships, National Championship qualifying and the new Pro Series category all in play.

And it all begins nearby for the Southeast region, on February 23rd at Santee-Cooper.

Renew or begin your KBF membership. Book your rooms, load your gear and step up your game to become the next CKA angler to gain national recognition this season.

Sign up and tournament details here: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/201902-kbf-trail-santee-cooper-sc

Big Bass Brawl at KBF Trail (Gate City Classic)

Hi everyone,

As we gear up to compete in the Gate City Classic  this coming Saturday, we want to remind anglers who signed up for the KBF Trail of the option to compete for additional prize money. KBF runs a Big Bass Brawl at every major Trail and Open event. Here is how it works:

  • Sign up at the KBF store for the Gate City Trail Big Bass Brawl (see link below)
  • The biggest bass posted every hour wins $50 for the event (your bass can rollover from one hour to the next – it has to be knocked down by a longer fish).
  • $500 goes to the angler with the biggest bass in the tournament.
  • Up to $950 in Big bass money may be paid out over the course of the event

The cost to sign up is only $25. If you do not sign up, you are not eligible. Register at this link: https://kbfstore.com/products/kbf-big-bass-brawl?variant=7485562978340

Remember that you can also sign up for the CKA event (3 fish format) that runs parallel to the Trail!

To register for the CKA event, click here: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/cka-event-8-2018-gate-city-kayak-classic

To pay the registration for the CKA event, click here: https://shopgetoutdoors.com/products/cka-gate-city-classic-kayak-fishing-tournament

Postponement Announcement: Gate City Classic

Hi everyone,

Well, Hurricane Florence saved her worst for last so far as central North Carolina is concerned. We were hit with catastrophic flooding caused by torrential rains that swamped the area over the past 36 hours. The CKA tournament directors discussed the matter extensively among themselves and also with KBF and Get: Outdoors. Our final determination was that damaged roads, closed launches and flooded lakes made the event impossible to hold this coming weekend.

As a result, the Gate City Classic/KBF Trail is postponed to October 6th.

If you already paid for the CKA event and would like a refund, email Will Seely at Get:Outdoors at this address: will@shopgetoutdoors.com

If you already paid for the KBF Trail event and cannot make the re-scheduled date, contact Richard Penny.

We appreciate your patience, and we hope everyone continues to stay safe.


Larry, Henry, Ron, Ralph and Wayne