CKA-VKBC-CCKF Battle on the Border 2020


Kerr Lake (Bugg’s Island), NC/VA

The 2020 Battle on the Border


In 2019, CKA paired up with Virginia Kayak Bass Challenge for a friendly border war.  We called it the Battle on the Border, and nearly 100 kayak anglers fished the event. On a beautiful sunny day, Tim Sabella (SC) lifted the 1st place trophy. Who will win it this year?

The 2020 Battle on the Border will take place at Kerr Lake. This year, a new club joins the event – the Central Carolina Kayak Fishing Club (CCKF).

CKA Tournament of Champions anglers can double dip and register for both events, and we are treating this event as an “Open,” which is to say it is not restricted to members of the two host trails.

This post contains

  • Lake information
  • Boundaries, Rules, launches
  • Registration links
  • Identifier Info
  • Captains Meetings time and location info
  • Payouts and KBF Qualifying Opportunities
  • Tournament Start/End Times
  • Post-Event Check-In info

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Lake Info

Kerr Lake is a massive reservoir located on the Roanoke River on the North Carolina/Virginia border. It is northeast of Falls Lake, just off I-85.  The lake was built shortly after WWII and it is one of the region’s premier Largemouth Bass, Catfish and Striped Bass fisheries. It covers more than 77 surface miles of water; for contrast, Lake Norman covers fewer than 50 surface miles. In sum, Kerr is one of the largest impoundments on the Southeast, and will challenge anglers to break down big water. Want to test your skills against a massive lake? This is it.

The lake has dozens of public boat ramps and marinas, as well as affordable camping. If you camp at the lake, be sure your campsite is open to the public and that it allows 24 hour access, so you can get out in the morning to fish. 

Boundaries, Launches and Rules

The event boundaries are as follows:

  • The Western boundary on the Dan River is the 360 bridge in South Boston.
  • The Northern boundary on the Staunton River is the 360 bridge, too.
  • The Eastern boundary is the Kerr dam. No fishing below the dam.

The tournament is a multi-launch event and all public launches are available to anglers.

For a list of park managed launches and NC Wildlife launches, see this link:

Please be sure to obtain a valid N.C. fishing license. North Carolina has a license reciprocity agreement with Virginia for Kerr Lake, so you can fish the Virginia side with your N.C. license.

Please follow parking regulations practice good ramp etiquette at the lake’s public launches.

Registration Links

Register here:

Please remember that launch fees at certain launches are not included in registration fees.


Anglers must use either CKA identifiers, CCKF or VKBC identifiers from the 2020 season OR the identifier made for this event.

CKA identifiers will be available on your TourneyX dashboard starting Monday, October 12. The event ID code will be released in the Captains meeting, on FB, Instagram and Twitter Friday evening.

Do not use the code that is automatically generated by TourneyX. write only the code released on Friday night on your ID.

Payouts and Qualifying Opportunities

Payouts will be 100% of the remaining entry fees after TourneyX and Paypal costs are deducted. Those costs are listed in this file (2020-Battle-Payourts-15-percent), together with the payouts, based on number of registered anglers.

Kayak Bass Fishing has confirmed it will award qualifying spots to the 2021 KBF National Championship to anglers who are KBF members in the top 10% of the final standings. To be eligible, you must be a KBF member prior to the start of competition. To obtain KBF membership, click here:

Captains Meetings

There will be no live Captains Meeting for the event. CKA will host a virtual Captains Meeting on Friday, October 16th on Facebook. Additionally, there will be no post-event check in. However, CKA directors will be at Henderson Point after the event in case of need:

Address: 1395 Reverend Henderson Rd. Henderson, NC 27537, Henderson, NC 27537

This event will use the check in/check out function on Tourneyx.

Tournament Start/End Times

Launch: 6:30 am

Lines In: 7:00 a.m.

Lines out: 3:00 p.m. (photo cut-off: 4:00 pm)

If you have a weak signal or no signal, be sure to leave the water early to find a signal so as to avoid delaying the judging of photos. We will not make exceptions for anglers who try to upload photos  after 4 pm.

Event Info

Sign up Tourneyx ($5)
Fee $50.00 Entry (Big bass Optional)
Event Date Oct 17, 2020
Format 5 fish (12” minimum).
Captains Meeting/Sign up TourneyX/Facebook
Earliest Launch 6:30 am
Lines in 7:00 am
Lines out/Photo Cut-off 3:00 pm/4:00 pm
Results CKA Facebook, Saturday 8:30 pm

Tournament Recap: Battle at the Border

Tournament Recap: Battle at the Border

Kerr Lake/Buggs Island

CKA and VKBC collaborated with support from Kayak Bass Fishing to organize the 2019 Battle at the Border, the first of what both clubs hope will be an annual event. We held the tournament on beautiful Kerr Lake, a massive body of water that straddles the VA-NC border. Approximately 70 anglers from three states signed up for the concurrent tournaments.

Three states – while the majority of anglers were from VA or  NC, a handful from South Carolina attended to compete, and one of them – Tim Sabella – won the day. Kayak Fishing is a sport of surprises and this was one of those. Tim is an accomplished angler who has placed high at the KBF National Championship, so there is no surprise regarding his skill or that he could win. The surprise was that the trophy VKBC or CKA hoped to bring to their home state went to a third state. This can only mean one thing – we will have to do it again and settle it next year.

Kerr Lake fished well, and while there weren’t any giant limits posted, the top CKA anglers in the standings all posted solid limits. Here are the top 10:

  1. Tim Sabella
  2. Brooks Lanier
  3. Will Lambert
  4. Drew Blair
  5. Ricky Rowland
  6. Shelly Efird
  7. Henry Veggian
  8. Nathan Green
  9. Dustin Good
  10. Chris Linville

Zee Bait Co. Lunker Length Program winner: Jacob Novak

For complete standings, click here:

Thank you to everyone at CKA, VKBC and KBF who put in the hard work to make this event possible. Thank you to our sponsors, and particularly to Denny Romero and On the Water Innovations for bringing extra giveaways.  The hospitality of NC Wildlife Commission and NC State Parks were also essential to the event’s success. Most of all, thank you to the anglers who traveled, competed and had a good time.



KBF Prizes for the 2019 Battle at the Border

Kayak Bass Fishing has generously donated additional cash prizes and 2020 National Championship Qualifying spots for the CKA-VKBC Battle at the Border at Kerr Lake, this coming Saturday, July 13th. This additional tournament support is to promote the sport among KBF members and non-members alike. There are two award categories.

  1. $1,000 cash

At the end of the event, the tournament directors will merge the two event leaderboards, and the top 3 limits overall will each be awarded a cash prize. Anglers do not have to be KBF members to receive these prizes and the prizes are guaranteed. They are as follows:

          1st Place: $500

          2nd Place: $300

          3rd place: $200

An angler cannot win two of these KBF cash prizes. For example, if Larry Anderson has a 91” limit on the CKA leaderboard for 2nd place, and 91” also on the VKBC leaderboard for 3rd place, he would not win both 2nd and 3rd place. If the two largest bags on the VKBC board took 1st and 2nd overall on the merged leaderboards, Larry would win the 3rd place money, assuming of course that one of the top two VKBC bags was also 1st on the CKA board. If 1st and 2nd on VKBC had 95” and 94.5” each, and a separate angler had 93” on the CKA board for 1st place, then Larry would fall to 4th place. In sum, the top 3 bags overall win the money.

This money is awarded in addition to any other tournament prizes from either event.

  1. National Championship qualifying spots

We will award 15 spots to KBF members at this event. Anglers must be members prior to the start of the event. The spots will roll down through the top 35% of the field (normally, these spots do not roll down). Non-KBF members and previously qualified members will be skipped. And so, in a combined field of 100 anglers, spots 1-35 would be eligible, but spot 36 would not. In a field of 75 anglers, spot 27 would be the cutoff, and so forth (fractions would be rounded up).  To sign up for KBF membership, click here.