CKA 2020 Tournament of Champions update

The Gate City Classic is the last points-awarding event of the season, so it is the last chance to win a spot in the Tournament of Champions. You can do that by winning the Classic or by finishing in the top 25 to earn a spot in this exclusive, entry-free event.

After 7 events, the following anglers have qualified for the Tournament of Champions:

  • Larry Moua (1st place, Shearon Harris)
  • Sammy Wilson (1st Place, Wild Waters)
  • Charles Crews (1st Place, Tuckertown, AOY & ROY)
  • James Wevers (1st Place, High Rock/Randleman)
  • Teng Vue (1st Place, Hickory)
  • Rick Rowland (1st Place, Cape Fear, Reese/Lucas)
  • 2019 AOY Will Lambert

Additionally, the 1st place winner at the Gate City Classic will also become eligible. Also, double qualifier spots will roll down in the AOY Standings list (that makes 3 roll downs so far, because Charles is triple qualified and Rick is double qualified).

Current AOY standings can be viewed at

Register here for the Gate City Classic, this coming Saturday, September 19th:


Additional details

Date: Oct 17th

Cost: Free Entry (Optional Big Bass $10.00)

Where: Announced at Gate City Classic

Format: 5 fish, single day event

No Tourneyx Sign up required: Old school check in style (photos checked on location by TD, posted to FB later.



AOY & ROY Updates!

Hi everyone,

Last year, young anglers swept CKA’s top spots, winning AOY (Will Lambert), ROY (Sammy Wilson) and the Tournament of Champions (Keith McGee, 2018 ROY). That trend, of the young sticks battling it out with veteran anglers to the last event, continues this year. With 5 events down and 3 to go, anything can yet happen as anglers cull low results and compete for AOY, ROY and the top 25.

We have posted the updated standings on the 2020 AOY page. Click here for the file.

And FYI: notice that many anglers in the top 50contention for the Tournament of Champions have not paid their dues. If you don’t pay them, you lose your AOY points at the end of the season, your spot in the TOC and a chance at KBF at-large qualifications. We’ll be collecting dues after the Cape Fear event so please pay up soon.





Carolina Kayak Anglers Welcomes Native Watercraft Back for the 2020 Season

North Carolina’s very own Native Watercraft has been a perennial sponsor of CKA events, donating a new kayak to our AOY race nearly every season and providing assorted gear to our anglers. Using CKA membership discounts, anglers also have the opportunity to save on Native boats and gear at Get:Outdoors in Greensboro N.C.

 And since Native has teamed with Kayak Bass Fishing to sponsor the new Mid-Atlantic KBF Trail events for 2020, anglers have even more opportunities to win Native gear through KBF Trail events!

We are proud to welcome Native’s return for the 2020 season. They have generously donated a Slayer 10 to our AOY race, and we will have more details about that prize package soon!

Support the sponsors that support our sport and club, and visit Native Watercraft