CKA 2020 Tournament #6 The Cape Fear River

Cape Fear – from Jordan Dam through Fayeteville, to Wilmington and out to the Atlantic Ocean, the river echoes with American history and culture. After successfully scouting the river in 2019, CKA tournament directors decided it was time for a river event. And now the time has come. “Counselor!!!!”

The Cape Fear River begins in Chatham County where the Deep River and haw River meet at Mermaid’s Point. From there, it flows to the Atlantic Ocean, passing state parks, military bases and historic towns along the way. Loaded with many different species of fishes, it receives little pressure from anglers along its northern reaches, and with old dams, countless lay downs and backwater sloughs, it provides year-round habitat for big largemouth bass.

This event will be a multi-launch event with strict northern and southern boundaries.  We extended the southern boundary to welcome more anglers from down east who want to fish CKA events.

CKA staff will use the Avent Ferry launch near Route 1 after the tournament should anyone have a question or want to pay member dues.

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This post contains

  1. Registration Links
  2. Tournament Identifier 
  3. C. Format and Rules (and links to complete rules)
  4. Tournament Start/End Times
  5. Post-Event Check-In info
  6. Boundaries, Lake and Launch Information
  7. Registration

In order to register for the event, sign up using TourneyX. Create an angler account for event registration and CPR submissions if you have not done so – the basic account is free!

Tournament Fee: $50, includes TourneyX fee and Paypal fees.

Optional Fees: Big bass ($5) and H.O.W. ($5)    

Register for CKA event 6 here:

  1. Tournament Identifier

The blank CKA identifier card will be posted 4-5 days prior to the tournament. It can be found in your TourneyX dashboard as a printable pdf file. Be sure to print spares. It can also be found on the “Tournaments” page of the CKA website.

The CKA event code will be released on CKA social media and the Captains Meeting prior to the tournament at 8:30 pm on Friday, July 24th, 2020.

Do NOT use the TourneyX generated code or a KBF ID card.

2. Format and Rules

Format: 5 longest fish (8” minimum length), submitted on approved measuring device (Fish Stik, Hawg Trough or Ketch Board only), entire fish and correct ID entirely in photo.

This is a river event. Safety is of paramount importance. Be mindful of dams and locks, currents and strainers along the river. If you have a doubt about safety at a launch area, do not use that lunch. If you have a question, please ask a CKA director. As always, wear your PFD at all times. In a river, it is best to bank the kayak if changing layers of clothing.

The CKA event will largely follow KBF rules. Therefore, anglers must be familiar with and follow KBF rules as well as all North Carolina fishing laws and local regulations as they apply. Rules can be found at the link below:

CKA RULES PAGE:                

Please be sure to obtain a valid N.C. license. CKA asks for proof of a valid license for anglers who win prizes.

Follow parking regulations at launches. Be respectful and follow good ramp etiquette.  

Remember: All CKA Tournaments are 2020 KBF National Championship Qualifying Events, but you must be a KBF member prior to the CKA event. To become a KBF member, click here:

3. Event Schedule

Anglers must remain within 30 yards of the ramps prior to 5:30 am. Please be sure to stay away from boat lanes and remember to have 360 degree visible lights on your kayak.

4. Event Info

Event Date: July 25, 2020

Format: 5 fish (8” minimum).

Leave Ramp Area: 5:30 am

Lines in: 6:00 am

Lines out/Photo Cut-off: 2:00 pm/3:00 pm

Check in/out: use TourneyX

The tournament standings will be unavailable for public view beginning at around 1 pm but you can still post fish until the cutoff. We strongly encourage anglers to post fish throughout the day, especially their first fish.

Note: Be sure to update your phone so that browsers and apps run well. CKA Directors cannot be expected to solve technical problems with phones. If you are using the TourneyX app, be sure to download the TourneyX Pro app to replace the older app, which is now obsolete. Be sure also that all phone settings are set to allow TourneyX access to picture data. If you use a web browser to upload to TourneyX, make sure the browser settings in your phone’s privacy features allow the site to access your location. Any and all photos submitted without GPS catch data will be denied.

Upload photos early from the water so that CKA directors can contact you if there is a question or problem with your submissions.

5. Check in/Check Out

CKA will use the Check In/ Check Out function on TourneyX for this event. All anglers MUST Check in and Check out virtually. In the interest of public health during the pandemic, there is no required live meeting or check in or check out.

6. Boundaries, Ramps and Launches


The Northern boundaries for the event are the Lockville Hydropower Dam just above Route 1 on the Deep River and the Jordan Lake Dam on the Haw River. Be mindful of regulations and safety when launching near or fishing around the dams. No angler may fish above either dam.

The Southern Boundary for the event is Tar Heel ferry Road (rt. 1316) in Tar Heel, NC. Anglers may not fish south of that bridge.

Reminder: This is a river event. Safety is of paramount importance. Be mindful of dams and locks, currents and strainers along the river. If you have a doubt about safety at a launch area, do not use that lunch. If you have a question, please ask a CKA director.

As stated before, anglers may launch from any publicly accessible ramp on the river. Any angler caught launching from or uploading fish from private land on the river will be disqualified.

The river banks have primitive, unmarked launches on public land. We ask that anglers use caution at such places. We cannot list them all. If you have a question, ask a CKA TD.

Several public ramps are available. We recommend certain ramps for event use. They are as follows, from north to south:

  • NC Wildlife Ramp at Avent Ferry Road. CKA staff will be present after the end of the event. However, social distancing rules remain in effect and we cannot have people bunching up at the ramp. Do not go to the ramp unless it is necessary or you plan to launch there. Be patient and keep a safe distance while launching.
  • Primitive launch at Buckhorn Dam (not all vehicles fare well on this dirt launch).
  • Paddle-in camping sites at Raven Rock State Park north of Lillington, NC.
  • State Wildlife ramp at 24-402 Wildlife Rd, Lillington, NC 27546.
  • Fayetteville Boating Access Cape Fear, 2487 Wilmington Hwy, Fayetteville, NC 28306

(Note: this ramp may have limited hours, and reviews are not always good for it).

  • The southernmost public ramp for the event is at Wildlife Landing Drive, adjacent to the southern boundary on Tar Heel Ferry road. Anglers launching there may only fish north of the bridge.

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