CKA 2020 Tournament #6 The Cape Fear River

Cape Fear – from Jordan Dam through Fayeteville, to Wilmington and out to the Atlantic Ocean, the river echoes with American history and culture. After successfully scouting the river in 2019, CKA tournament directors decided it was time for a river event. And now the time has come. “Counselor!!!!”

The Cape Fear River begins in Chatham County where the Deep River and haw River meet at Mermaid’s Point. From there, it flows to the Atlantic Ocean, passing state parks, military bases and historic towns along the way. Loaded with many different species of fishes, it receives little pressure from anglers along its northern reaches, and with old dams, countless lay downs and backwater sloughs, it provides year-round habitat for big largemouth bass.

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AOY & ROY Updates!

Hi everyone,

Last year, young anglers swept CKA’s top spots, winning AOY (Will Lambert), ROY (Sammy Wilson) and the Tournament of Champions (Keith McGee, 2018 ROY). That trend, of the young sticks battling it out with veteran anglers to the last event, continues this year. With 5 events down and 3 to go, anything can yet happen as anglers cull low results and compete for AOY, ROY and the top 25.

We have posted the updated standings on the 2020 AOY page. Click here for the file.

And FYI: notice that many anglers in the top 50contention for the Tournament of Champions have not paid their dues. If you don’t pay them, you lose your AOY points at the end of the season, your spot in the TOC and a chance at KBF at-large qualifications. We’ll be collecting dues after the Cape Fear event so please pay up soon.





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