AOY & ROY Standings update

Hey everyone! With prize updates out of the way, the most recent standings are ready!

Links to the ROY and AOY standings after Jordan Lake are posted below. With 6 events in the bag, AOY competitors will begin to shed low scores. The same is true of ROY, but that process began after the 4th event (Harris). Remember that tight races are decided by mere points, and this year’s races are tight at the top – anything can happen!

Additionally, anglers who are not yet in the top 25 can still qualify for the Tournament of Champions by improving scores over the last 2 events or also by winning an overall event.

CKA 2018 AOY ROY Update 07222018

CKA 2018 AOY ROY Update 07222018


2 thoughts on “AOY & ROY Standings update

  1. Looking forward to fishing the upcoming season.Spending next few months to try and get everything set up on my kayak and try and kinda get familiar with how everything is set up. The question I have is about the tournyX site it states that we use this site to register for a tournament there and also pay using a PayPal account well I created the account easy enough but how do I create a PayPal account or can you pay with a debit card that’s my question look forward to here from you.

    1. Hi Nathaniel, Thanks for the note, bud. Taking time to get used to the sport is a good idea. You might also do a test run and fish a smaller event in the area before jumping in with us. Or just jump into the fire and fish one of our last 2 events – after all, it’s just fishing! Regardless, you are welcome to join us any time.

      As for your question, you can pay with a debit card on Tourneyx. When it sends you to the “register for tournament” page, you will see an option there to use a card. Note however that many tournaments also pay out prizes using tourneyx. If you see a “free tournament” option at sign up, that means you pay cash at the launch on the morning of the event. We hope this helps!

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