CKA Event preview: Lake Mackintosh

July 22, 2023

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There is before and after. Before 2020, CKA had a three-fish limit. After 2020, CKA adopted a five fish limit. A new kayak fishing club (CCKF) that was founded that year did the same.

Since those two North Carolina kayak fishing clubs adopted five fish limits, no lake in the state has produced more 100” limits than Lake Mackintosh. And it isn’t even close.

  • From a total of 22 CCKF tournaments since 2020, Mackintosh has produced two of the three 100” limits landed by CCKF anglers (Jordan produced the other).
  • In a total of 30 CKA tournaments since 2020, Mackintosh has produced one of the two 100” limits landed by CKA anglers.

Three of the five 100” limits caught since 2020 have come from Mackintosh. That means that while the lake accounts for roughly 6% of the tournaments (around 1-% if we include the multi-lake Gate City Classic in 2020/2021), Mack nonetheless accounts for 60% of the 100″ limits.

Additionally, the lake has produced the only ten pound bass landed in a CKA tournament (Joey Sullivan, 2019) and it produced multiple bags over 100” in 2022 for the now-defunct KFL.

In 56 kayak fishing tournaments held in central North Carolina since 2020, no other lake produced more than one five-fish limit of 100” or more. Mack has produced three.

It’s fair to say that Mackintosh is the best Largemouth Bass fishery of this decade in North Carolina’s kayak tournament fishing scene.

And it’s the next lake on our schedule…..

Captains Meeting

The Captains Meeting will be held on Thursday evening (July 20) at 8 pm prior to the event on CKA’s Facebook page:

The unique event code will be released on Friday evening on Fishing Chaos.

Launches and Rules

Mack has only two launches (the Lake Mackintosh Marina and the Guilford-Mackintosh marina). They are the only eligible locations to launch on the lake. Keep in mind that the launches have limited space and driving access, so there will be lines. Be sure to arrive early, respect fellow boaters and be careful and helpful at the launches.

For addresses and more info, see the event details on Fishing Chaos.

There may be additional launch fees for early opening. We will update on these as we learn more. In the meantime, bring some cash to chip in for the early opening. Please keep in mind that CKA does not control access to the ramps and if a gate is closed or it opens late, there is nothing we can do.

Post- Tournament Check-In

Anglers who wish to retain their points must attend post-event awards in person.

The check in location for the Mackintosh event is the Lager Haus and Biergarten at Red Oak Brewery, which is up the street from the Guilford County boat ramp. Anglers who are under the age of 21 may not enter the brewery. However, we ask them to text the tournament director to determine if they placed and, if so, to meet him in the lot for a photograph with their prize check. If their name is called for a raffle prize, we will hold it until the next tournament.

With the exception of anglers who are under 21, anglers must be present at the post-tournament check-in to retain points and collect prizes.  If you win a prize or place in the money, you will be asked to remain for post-event photographs. In the absence of submitted written dispute, prizes will be distributed via PayPal within 24 hours.

Remember: All CKA Tournaments are 2024 KBF National Championship Qualifying Events, but you must be a KBF member prior to the CKA event. To become a KBF member, click here:

Don’t forget the Str8-Up Mounts BIG BASS pot! The Biggest Bass of the 2023 season will receive a $500 reward as well as a custom Ketch trophy. Both will be awarded after the Gate City Classic in September!

Please be sure to obtain a valid N.C. license. CKA asks for proof of a valid license for anglers who win prizes.


For complete event info, and to register, click here:

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