CKA 2018 Trophy Presentation

To win a CKA tournament is no small feat, and to win one of the year round prizes or events is even harder – the competition is fierce, the season is long and the pressure is high. CKA anglers have gone on to national prominence in the sport and it all begins with a record of sustained dominance in competition within our series.

And so to honor the 2018 anglers who won the major seasonal awards, CKA worked with artist Ross Myers at Bass Trophies Online to present the anglers with trophies to commemorate their wins. Ross has dozens of trophy designs and styles to choose from, including trophies specific to kayak fishing. Look him up if you need a nice trophy for your club!

And so: to the Rookie of the Year Keith McGee, the angler of the Year P.C. Hawj, and the winner of the Tournament of Champions, Joey Sullivan – your day has come. We will present the trophies today at the post-event check-in, at around 3:45 pm, after the Burlington Bash. Tune in, everyone, because we will broadcast it live on Facebook!

Thanks again to Ross for the beautiful trophies, and congratulations again to our 2018 winners!


CKA Anglers in 2017 KBF Challenge Events

CKA Anglers in 2017 KBF Online Events

Dozens of CKA anglers are KBF members, and as members they can compete in select online tournament events. For them, 2017 was a landmark year, as CKA anglers competed at a high level in nearly every one of the season’s KBF “Challenge” events. This post recognizes their hard work and celebrates their achievements.

Kayak Bass Fishing holds two categories of “Challenge” events every season. First, there are the popular KBF Monthly Challenges, which are organized by state. Second, there are the nationwide “Special Challenges” that generally run Friday – Sunday. Special Challenges are divided into Night Fishing Events (“One Night Stands”) and Special Challenges that mark important calendar dates like Father’s Day, etc.

KBF held 15 Special Challenges in 2017, and the best finishes by CKA anglers were as follows:

o        Joey Sullivan 1st place     (Black Bass Friday, 98 anglers)
o        Rick Rowland 1st place     (April One night Stand, 78 anglers)
o        Jamie Denison 2nd place    (Veteran’s Day Challenge, 120 anglers)
o        Rick Rowland 2nd place   (Father’s Day Challenge, 106 anglers)
o        Dewayne Houser 2nd place   (July One night Stand, 135 anglers)
o        Matthew Dunn 3rd place   (Mother’s Day Challenge, 73 anglers)
o        Henry Veggian 3rd place   (Dog Days Challenge, 131 anglers)
o        Brian Falbe 6th place   (May One Night Stand, 85 anglers)
o        Brandon Jessup 6th place   (July One Night Stand, 135 anglers)
o        Matt Dunn 10th Place   (Columbus Day Challenge, 104 anglers)
o        Cory Dreyer 11th Place   (100 Challenge, 100 anglers)
o        Henry Veggian 11th Place   (Columbus Day Challenge, 104 anglers)


Other notable finishes include the “Freedom to Fish” Challenge in which Rick Rowland, Henry Veggian, Jamie Denison and Ralph Nolan rounded out the top 25 with 16th, 17th, 19th and 21st place finishes, respectively.

In the other category, the North Carolina Monthly Challenges, CKA anglers earned the following notable finishes:

o        Joey Sullivan 1st place o        (April, July, September)
o        Henry Veggian 1st place o         (May)
o        Matthew Dunn 1st place o        (October)
o        Adam Share 1st place o        (August)
o        Jamie Denison 2nd place o        (September)
o        Rick Rowland 2nd place o        (July, June)
o        Bob Dainton 2nd place o        (May)
o        Arlie Minton 3rd place o        (October)
o        Larry Anderson 4th place o        (June)