Tournament Summary: The 2019 Burlington Bash

Former CKA director Larry Anderson left us a real gift last year when he came up with the idea for this event: 4 lakes, 5 launches, all within a few miles of each other and 3 of them new to the series. If you look at a map, all four lakes release water into the Haw River within only a few miles of one another. Geographically, it was the ideal watershed for a CKA event.

The 1st CKA event of the season surpassed last year’s numbers at Hyco, and while fewer fish were caught, the bag numbers and biggest fish were impressive to say the least. Once again, CKA anglers showed up despite the weather, competed hard and delivered impressive results.

The Top 10 were as follows:

  1. Melvin Yang  59.25”
  2. Jason Leach  58.50”
  3. Teng Vue 56.75”
  4. Rick Rowland 55”
  5. Bobby Bowers 54.75”
  6. Justin Freeman 54.25”
  7. Ryan Freeman 53.75”
  8. Brooks Lanier 53.25”
  9. Mike Wimmer  51.75”
  10. Derrick Hood 51.75”

Zee Bait Co. Lunker Length Big Bass: Joey Sullivan 24”

Congratulations to Melvin on the victory and all those who placed. With his win, Melvin qualified for the Tournament of Champions at the end of the season, too.

We want to thank everyone who turned out. Thank you also to our great sponsors CalCoast, Boonedox, Bending Branches, Zee Bait Co, Yak Attack and On the Water Innovations. And special thanks to Get: Outdoors for hosting us our check in – nearly 50 anglers registered as members to keep their AOY/ROY points. Use your membership for your discount at the shop!

Looking ahead, we are working on a special meeting place for the Captains Meeting and check in for Jordan Lake. We’ll see you there!

CKA 2018 Trophy Presentation

To win a CKA tournament is no small feat, and to win one of the year round prizes or events is even harder – the competition is fierce, the season is long and the pressure is high. CKA anglers have gone on to national prominence in the sport and it all begins with a record of sustained dominance in competition within our series.

And so to honor the 2018 anglers who won the major seasonal awards, CKA worked with artist Ross Myers at Bass Trophies Online to present the anglers with trophies to commemorate their wins. Ross has dozens of trophy designs and styles to choose from, including trophies specific to kayak fishing. Look him up if you need a nice trophy for your club!

And so: to the Rookie of the Year Keith McGee, the angler of the Year P.C. Hawj, and the winner of the Tournament of Champions, Joey Sullivan – your day has come. We will present the trophies today at the post-event check-in, at around 3:45 pm, after the Burlington Bash. Tune in, everyone, because we will broadcast it live on Facebook!

Thanks again to Ross for the beautiful trophies, and congratulations again to our 2018 winners!