CKA Tournament #3 Tuckertown Reservoir

CKA Tournament #3

Tuckertown Reservoir

May 2, 2020


Welcome anglers to Event #3 of the CKA tournament season. The tournament will be held on Tuckertown Reservoir. We did not fish Tuckertown since 2015 and returned to the lake last year with low expectations. It turned out to be an amazing event.

Tuckertown is a Yadkin chain lake, but with a unique profile for a water body, the upper half being a tailrace and river and the lower half being a lake that grows wide and deep as it approaches Badin Lake. It sets up well for both river and lake fishing, and the coves, banks and islands are filled with vegetation, too, making it a dynamic fishery.

We will use a multi-launch format (see the list of 4 allowed ramps at the bottom of the post) for this single lake event. That means everyone must practice distancing at ramps. As with previous events this season, there will not be a physical check in. Anglers will use the check in/ check out function on TourneyX. Any public ramps that have been closed are also off-limits. For example, if an NCWRC ramp is not open on the lake then anglers may not launch there. Last we checked, all of the ramps were available. Please check the NCWRC website for ramp updates and closures.

As always, print your ID early and fill in the code when it is released Friday night before the event. You can also re-use your ID card from the last event – just be sure to put the code in any remaining blank box.

We will hold a brief online Captains Meeting and release the identifier code across our social media (FB, Twitter, IG) on Friday, May 1st at 8:30 pm. 

For questions and updates, follow CKA on Facebook:

This post contains

  1. Registration Links and Event Identifier
  2. Format and Rules (and links to complete rules)
  3. Tournament Start/End Times
  4. Prizes
  5. Lake and Launch Information


  1. Registration

In order to register for the event, sign up using TourneyX. Create an angler account for event registration and CPR submissions if you have not done so – the basic account is free!

Tournament Fee: $50, includes TourneyX fee, judging and Paypal fees. Optional Fees: Big bass ($5) and H.O.W. ($5)    

Sign up here:


The blank CKA identifier card will be posted prior to the tournament. Be sure to print spares. Do not use the automatically generated code on TourneyX.

2. Format and Rules

Format: 5 longest fish (8” minimum length), submitted on approved measuring device (Fish Stik, Hawg Trough or Ketch Board only), entire fish and correct ID entirely in photo.

This event will largely follow KBF rules. Therefore, anglers must be familiar with and follow KBF rules as well as all CKA exceptions and North Carolina fishing laws and local regulations as they apply. Rules can be found at the link below:

 LINK TO CKA RULES PAGE:                    

Please be sure to obtain a valid N.C. license. CKA asks for proof of a valid license for anglers who win prizes.

Follow parking regulations at launches. Be respectful and follow good ramp etiquette.  

Remember: All CKA Tournaments are 2020 KBF National Championship Qualifying Events, but you must be a KBF member prior to the CKA event.

3. Event Schedule

Anglers must remain within 100 yards of the ramps prior to 6:30 am. Please be sure to stay away from boat lanes and remember to have 360 degree visible lights on your kayak.

6:00 a.m.: anglers may leave launch areas.

6:30 am: Lines in, fishing begins.

2:30 pm: Lines out, fishing ends.

3:30 pm: photo upload ends.

Check in: Use the TourneyX check out function located in your TourneyX dashboard.  

Note: Be sure to update your phone so that browsers and apps run well. CKA Directors cannot be expected to solve technical problems with phones. If you are using the TourneyX app, download the TourneyX Pro app to replace the older app, which is now obsolete. Be sure also that all phone settings are set to allow TourneyX access to picture data. If you use a web browser to upload to TourneyX, make sure the browser settings in your phone’s privacy features allow the site to access your location as well as the browser app. Any and all photos submitted with missing or incorrect GPS data will be denied.

Try to upload your first photo submission early from the water so that CKA directors can contact you if there is a question or problem with your submissions. CKA judges will email and/or text or call. Please be responsive to avoid or correct submission errors.


4. Anglers compete for cash and sponsor prizes. Additionally, each registered angler this season will receive one entry per event for a prize drawing: a custom trailer by On the Water Innovations & texas 2 Step! 

CKA follows a 24 hour waiting period prior to announcing and distributing prizes. Results are not finalized until that period has passed.

Additionally, the 1st place winner qualifies for the end of season Tournament of Champions.


5. anglers may launch from any public access. The following ramps are the most commonly used launch areas:

a. Bringle Ferry

3301 N. Bringle Ferry Rd.

Denton N.C.


b. Highway 49 Boat Ramp

New London, N.C.


c. Flat Creek Boat Launch

Off of SR 2152 (River Road).

Link to NC Wildlife directions


d. Stokes Ferry Road

(Limited Roadside Parking/Primitive Launch)



Bigguns for the Dunns Update

When we asked everyone to step up and catch some bigguns, we were thinking as much in terms of big moral support as well as actual fish. You all crushed the moral support angle, raising $2600 to date through this event and then you went out and crushed some real bigguns. Have a look at the top 3 bags on the Tourneyx Leaderboard – they are impressive, to say the least!

We are happy to see everyone having fun and being safe on the water. Submissions have gone smoothly, too, with only a few minor open mouth deductions and the new Tourneyx app is working smoothly.

Sign up remains open, too, so keep spreading the word. Thank you so much for helping out and supporting the Dunns, and thanks again to the event sponsors – please visit their websites and buy their products!

Swagger Tungsten

Tournament Summary: The 2019 Burlington Bash

Former CKA director Larry Anderson left us a real gift last year when he came up with the idea for this event: 4 lakes, 5 launches, all within a few miles of each other and 3 of them new to the series. If you look at a map, all four lakes release water into the Haw River within only a few miles of one another. Geographically, it was the ideal watershed for a CKA event.

The 1st CKA event of the season surpassed last year’s numbers at Hyco, and while fewer fish were caught, the bag numbers and biggest fish were impressive to say the least. Once again, CKA anglers showed up despite the weather, competed hard and delivered impressive results.

The Top 10 were as follows:

  1. Melvin Yang  59.25”
  2. Jason Leach  58.50”
  3. Teng Vue 56.75”
  4. Rick Rowland 55”
  5. Bobby Bowers 54.75”
  6. Justin Freeman 54.25”
  7. Ryan Freeman 53.75”
  8. Brooks Lanier 53.25”
  9. Mike Wimmer  51.75”
  10. Derrick Hood 51.75”

Zee Bait Co. Lunker Length Big Bass: Joey Sullivan 24”

Congratulations to Melvin on the victory and all those who placed. With his win, Melvin qualified for the Tournament of Champions at the end of the season, too.

We want to thank everyone who turned out. Thank you also to our great sponsors CalCoast, Boonedox, Bending Branches, Zee Bait Co, Yak Attack and On the Water Innovations. And special thanks to Get: Outdoors for hosting us our check in – nearly 50 anglers registered as members to keep their AOY/ROY points. Use your membership for your discount at the shop!

Looking ahead, we are working on a special meeting place for the Captains Meeting and check in for Jordan Lake. We’ll see you there!

CKA Sponsor Announcement: YakAttack Returns!

Carolina Kayak Anglers welcome the return of YakAttack for the 2017 tournament season! YakAttack has provided CKA with a range of great raffle items for the whole season.These kayak accessories will be raffled at every event, so be sure to stay until the end to listen to hear if your number is called!

CKA thanks YakAttack for its generosity and continued support of our tournament series. Please visit their website and support the company!