CKA Event #1 2020 Shearon Harris

Shearon Harris Lake, NC

March 21, 2020

(updated 3.20.20)


6 years have passed since CKA kicked off a tournament season at legendary Shearon Harris Reservoir. 2014 was the first full season of CKA events, and we have fished the lake once every season since then – except for last season. Now we return.

Shearon Harris is a small lake that fishes big. Many of you know it well and fish it hard, and year round. But it is an unforgiving lake and one that changes dramatically from day to day. But during the spring it can deliver the limit of a lifetime.

Which lake will show up this season – the one that only produced 5 limits in 2018, or the lake that produced more than ten 3-fish limits over 60” in 2016? Let’s find out as we begin our season on the best big bass fishery in the region!

Of course, we will fish the lake during a difficult time. CKA will follow CDC recommendations to make gatherings /sporting events “virtual” until the current crisis passes. As such, the standard meet-up check in is modified as follows, as well as other elements of the event:

  1. All of the announced times and ramps remain the same. Anglers will launch, fish and upload catches as usual.
  2. The post event check in at Harris County Park is cancelled because the park has retracted all permits. We will still hold the tournament but without post-event check in.
  3. Anglers must use the “check in/out” function on your TourneyX dashboard.
  4. We will hold the awards ceremony, with trophy presentations, at the next event when check-in will be less of a concern. Door prizes will also be withheld until the next event.
  5. We will make an announcement about member fee collection later on. Our primary concern now is to manage logistics and get everyone out fishing safely.

In other words, the situation requires that the event will be run like an on-line event. Given our experience running those we don’t see any problems. We will miss the camaraderie of the check in scene but we all need to get out and fish. The pre-spawn bite is on, Harris is putting up giant bags, so let’s adapt and have fun.

A few reminders:

  • CKA has streamlined sign up and payment system for the 2020 season. All tournament fees are now through TourneyX.
  • CKA has expanded to a 5 fish limit per event (8” minimum length).
  • CKA will again collect member fees for the 2020 season ($20). We will post an update about virtual payment soon, and anglers will retain points when they pay. No points will be deleted so as to provide time to anglers to pay.
  • CKA has a new payout structure. See website for details.

If you are new to the Trail, welcome aboard and good luck in the Rookie of the Year race. If you are a CKA regular then you know the battle for Angler of the Year will be long and fun as you fish against some of the best competition in the entire country.

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Carver Covers returns as a CKA 2020 Sponsor

Carver Covers and CKA have once again reunited to provide CKA anglers with exceptional prizes. Carver has boosted its prize package for 2020: the winner of each CKA event will receive a styled to fit Sunbrella® kayak cover (with a tie-down kit).

Carver has been an excellent sponsor and supportive of kayak anglers. Carver Covers generously donated custom covers during the fundraiser for Matthew Dunn and Family. Remember to patronize their covers and boat accessories when shopping for gear!

Visit their website here: Carver Covers

Bigguns for the Dunns Update

When we asked everyone to step up and catch some bigguns, we were thinking as much in terms of big moral support as well as actual fish. You all crushed the moral support angle, raising $2600 to date through this event and then you went out and crushed some real bigguns. Have a look at the top 3 bags on the Tourneyx Leaderboard – they are impressive, to say the least!

We are happy to see everyone having fun and being safe on the water. Submissions have gone smoothly, too, with only a few minor open mouth deductions and the new Tourneyx app is working smoothly.

Sign up remains open, too, so keep spreading the word. Thank you so much for helping out and supporting the Dunns, and thanks again to the event sponsors – please visit their websites and buy their products!

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