CKA & KBF Recap 2020

Beginning with Marcus Smith’s win at Santee-Cooper and ending with Cory Dreyer’s top 10 finish at Guntersville Lake in the KBF National Championship, the 2020 season produced many highlights for CKA anglers in KBF competition, including an RAOY title and yet another State Challenge Series points champion.

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CKA & KBF February On-Line Tournaments


As large tournaments begin in Florida this week, the 2020 can be said to finally be underway!

We will have several exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks as we welcome new sponsors and roll out a new, improved payout format and other previews of the 2020 CKA season. But first we want to encourage anglers to sign up for CKA and KBF on line tournaments in February.

Here is why:

  1. CKA will be running occasional on-line events, and not all of them will be month long tournaments. We will run charity events and also weekend style events, and we want to be sure that everyone is comfortable with the new TourneyX app. The events are low-stakes with low entry fees, and the focus is on fun and practice.


  1. We encourage new kayak anglers to practice. Every season, new anglers join us and have to learn the TourneyX app and also catch-photo-release (CPR) fishing. This is an ideal way to do so.


  1. KBF State Challenge: KBF recently added a February monthly for North Carolina. It is a 2021 National Championship Qualifying event. State Challenges allow anglers to compile points toward the State Challenge Championship and to qualify for other events like the KBF Partner Club Championship. Renew your membership and sign up to compete!


  1. Anglers can post fish to both events. Additionally, fish caught in the CKA event can also be posted to the KBF Trail at Santee Cooper, if caught on that day and lake.

Here are the links for the February Monthly online events:

CKA Carolina Shootout Sponsored by Texas 2 Step ($30):

KBF February North Carolina State Challenge ($35):


We look forward to a great season and good luck to everyone fishing in Florida!

Garrett, Ron, Hank, Wayne & Cory