KBF Southeast Region Trail at Santee Cooper

Every season, dozens of CKA anglers divide their efforts between our  series and the national KBF trail and major tournaments. The results have often been spectacular –Rick Rowland simultaneously won the KBF Open on Kentucky Lake and also placed 3rd at the 2017 KBF National Championship, Jamie Denison won the 2018 AOY and the 2019 events at Toledo Bend, Cory Dreyer won the “Ten” at Bienville and extended his legendary streak of placing in the money at consecutive Open and National Championship events. In these examples and others, CKA anglers have performed at a high level at KBF events from the start.  

KBF has reconfigured its 2019 Trail schedule, dividing states into regions and reducing the number of Trail events. Lakes are big and the stakes are bigger, with Regional Championships, National Championship qualifying and the new Pro Series category all in play.

And it all begins nearby for the Southeast region, on February 23rd at Santee-Cooper.

Renew or begin your KBF membership. Book your rooms, load your gear and step up your game to become the next CKA angler to gain national recognition this season.

Sign up and tournament details here: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/201902-kbf-trail-santee-cooper-sc

KBF Trail at the Gate City Classic

Who wants to win a trophy?

A guaranteed $1,000 Payout?

A Trail Champion Coffee Mug?

Then register today before the Thursday cutoff – you can pay the entry fee later!

What’s on the line?

Carolina Kayak Anglers is a Legacy Partner of Kayak Bass Fishing. As such, KBF provides material support for Trail events hosted by CKA, including the opportunity to win large cash prizes, AOY points, prize giveaways and National Championship qualifying spots. All of those are on the line when we co-host our 2nd KBF Trail event of the season at the Gate City Classic on October 6th!

Sign up here: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/2018-kbf-trail-38-gate-city-classic-nc

CKA at the 2018 KBF National Championship: Review and Photos

Every year, CKA anglers write a new chapter in the book that has become the KBF National Championship. The characters change, but the plot does not: we compete hard and represent our series well.

Weather conditions at the 2018 edition of the world largest kayak bass fishing tournament also provided the usual twists: this time it was snow and wind, followed by post-cold front conditions during the event. The lake had been drawn down, too, and active fish were hard to find. Roughly 20 of our anglers made the trip and figured out the bite with varying degrees of success.

In the end, 3 anglers finished in the top 10% of the field. They were Matt Hawj (16th place), Cory Dreyer (25th place) and Aaron Miller ( 46th place). Arlie Minton made the top 100 (at 79th place) and Joey Sullivan gets honorable mention for being just outside that cut. In a field of over 750 anglers, with a tough bite on a huge lake, these anglers performed extraordinarily well.

We have posted some of our favorite photos from the 2018 KBF National Championship to the CKA website. To see them, click here.

Now, the long grind of qualifying for next year’s event begins. Remember that the top 5 in the CKA standings at the end of the season get a ticket, and there will be 3 KBF Trail events in North Carolina this year, too. The first one is the Boonedox event at High Rock on April 21st! Advance registration links are posted at the bottom of our KBF/CKA 2018 gallery page.

We’ll see everyone at Hickory this Saturday!

CKA at the 2018 KBF National Championship

Every year for the past three seasons, CKA anglers compete to be invited to the KBF National Championship. Some qualify by finishing in the top 5 of CKA’s AOY standings while others battle on-line, at KBF Trail events  and at regional KBF Open tournaments.

We take many roads but we have one destination: Kentucky Lake.

And so it is that in March of every year our qualified anglers begin a new kayak fishing season by fishing for two days against a large field of nation’s top kayak anglers. The stakes are high, the days are long, but the rewards are many. Two CKA anglers (Cory Dreyer and Rick Rowland), came within inches of bringing the trophy to North Carolina in 2017, placing 5th and 3rd, respectively, and Shelly Efird and Jim Lor nearly did the same in 2016 (placing 5th and 7th). In sum, CKA has had two anglers in the top 10 every year. Will this be the breakthrough event we are all waiting for?

As anglers begin the journey to Tennessee, the CKA tournament staff, our sponsors friends and fellow anglers wish this season’s competitors the best of luck!

Looking ahead, remember also that CKA will host 2 KBF Trail events in 2018 (Harris in early June and Gate City Classic in September), and we will also help Boonedox with their Trail event at High Rock in April. A KBF Open is scheduled for Santee Cooper in early May – all are National Championship qualifier events.

The TourneyX profiles of qualified CKA anglers headed to Nationals are listed below. And don’t forget to follow live tournament results at this link on March 23-24: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/2018-kbf-national-championship

Drew Blair  Bob Dainton  Jamie Denison  Cory Dreyer  Shelly Efird  Brian Falbe  Matt Hawj

Brandon Jessup  Calvin Keller  Jim Lor  Shoua Lor  Jacob Miles  Joshua Miles  Aaron Miller

Arlie Minton  Nathan Naturile  Eric Nelson  Ralph Nolan  Ed Parrish  Ricky Rowland

Marcus Smith Joey Sullivan  Austin Vang  Henry Veggian  Tommy Xiong  Melvin Yang




CKA Anglers in 2017 KBF Open & Trail Events

CKA Anglers in 2017 KBF Open& Trail Events

This is the last of three posts reviewing CKA anglers in national competition. The first post reviewed CKA results at the National Championship, while the second reviewed on line Challenge tournaments. Where the National Championship is currently the largest and potentially most lucrative tournament event in the country, and the on-line events are longer yet pay out less, the Open and Trail events are intermediate between them: they pay out more, tend to be large regional events and also earn more AOY points for KBF Members.

CKA anglers represented North Carolina at a high level in Trail and Open events in 2017.  Two of our regular anglers – Jamie Denison and Rick Rowland – spent the entire season in the top 5 of the KBF AOY race, with Rick Rowland holding the number 1 spot for the majority of the season. This was largely due to their participation and performance in Open and Trail events. Additionally, many other CKA regulars traveled to Trail and Open events. This post lists the most notable results of the season.

Before proceeding, CKA staff thanks everyone who represented North Carolina in these events. It was a great year for CKA anglers on the national competition circuit, and it was fun to follow events and see the results.
First, the Open events. With a guaranteed payout of $10,000, both KBF members and non-members may compete in these events. Held on large, well-known lakes, there are only a handful of Open events every season (there were only 2 in 2017, but there will be 6 in 2018), but they are very well attended, with hundreds of anglers participating for prizes and points. 

The best finishes by CKA anglers were as follows:

o        Rick Rowland 1st place o        KBF Open, Kentucky Lake
o        Cory Dreyer 3rd place o        KBF Open, Kentucky Lake
o        Austin Vang 13th place o        KBF Open, Kentucky Lake
o        Cory Dreyer 13th Place o        KBF Open, Toledo Bend
o        Shelly Efird 16th place o        KBF Open, Kentucky Lake


In the other category, the KBF Trail Events, CKA anglers fished often, traveling long distances to compete on a regular basis. We only included top 10 finishes in the list below due to the large attendance of CKA anglers in Trail events. Note that the Chickamauga and New River events listed below reflect results for two separate Trail events that were held at each of those water bodies at different times.


o        Rick Rowland 1st place o        Falls Lake
o        Rick Rowland 1st place o        Smith Mountain
o        PC Hawj 1st place o        Lake Randleman
o        Buster Swisher 2nd place o        Lake Randleman
o        PC Hawj 2nd place o        Falls Lake
o        Calvin Keller 3rd place o        Lake Randleman
o        Matt Hawj 3rd place o        Falls Lake
o        Marcus Smith 4th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Rick Rowland 4th Place o        Santee Cooper
o        Jamie Denison 4th place o        Chickamauga
o        Austin Vang 4th place o        Falls Lake
o        Austin Vang 5th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Shelly Efird 5th Place o        Falls Lake
o        Aaron Trexler  6th place o        New River
o        Matt Hawj 6th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Tony Uselman 6th place o        Falls Lake
o        Matt Dunn 7th place o        Falls Lake
o        Melvin Yang 7th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Mitch Rhodes 8th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Jamie Denison 9th Place o        Lake Randleman
o        Brandon Jessup 9th Place o        Smith Mountain
o        Brandon Jessup 9th Place o        Falls Lake
o        Rick Rowland 9th place o        New River
o        Rick Rowland 10th place o        Chickamauga
o        Shaun Applegate 10th place o        Lake Randleman
o        Bob Dainton 10th place o        Falls Lake